Carpet Cleaning Sittingbourne

If you need your carpets cleaned then look no further as we have a dry carpet cleaning system that will leave your carpets ready to walk on.

Carpet Cleaning Sittingbourne & surrounding areas

Looking for Carpet cleaning Sittingbourne? Keeping Your Carpets Clean For Kent Homes, Contact us today for a competitive quote and professional service.

Christmas-Proof Your Home with HSS

With the holiday season just around the corner, homes up and down the country are going to be on the receiving end of the traditional Christmas makeover. You’ve probably thought about the decoration

Finish jobs more efficiently with quality tools from HSS

With Christmas fast approaching you may be thinking you haven’t got enough time to complete all the work and contracts you’ve got lined up. At HSS we’re here to help! We have long-standing, trus

Top Tips for Efficient Heating

As the nights get shorter and the days get colder, you’re probably turning your heating on for the first time or wondering why it’s not as warm in the house as you think it should be. If you’ve

Youth Football Teams WIN £350 Worth of Training Equipment

Last month HSS Hire launched a competition to give four lucky youth football teams the chance to win £350 worth of training equipment (nets, footballs, cones, bibs and flags) so they are fully equipp

Be prepared for ‘Storm’ Ophelia

The Met Office has warned that high winds (80mph (130km/h)) are expected across the UK as the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia head for the UK. An amber weather warning has been issued for Northern Irela

The HSS Guide to Lighting

Lighting is essential for the health and safety of everyone in the workplace. HSS offers a large selection of portable lighting solutions to ensure that your chosen location is always fully illuminate

The HSS Guide to Power

Comprehensive Power Solutions Whether you work in utilities, construction, manufacturing, data centres or events or if you’re working on a site without mains power, HSS can get you up and running wi

The HSS Guide to Heating

Heating is an imperative component to any workplace or project. At HSS, we provide a vast range of heaters to ensure your designated area is heated in the most effective way. Which heater do you need

Win £100 If You Find The Golden Brace!

In partnership with BoSS, we have £1000 worth of vouchers to give away – £100 each for 10 lucky winners! All you need to do is find the golden brace! There will be golden braces randomly added to

Getting Your Home Ready for Autumn

As autumn quickly approaches and summer draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your home for the forthcoming cooler months. So, we’ve put together some top tips to help you

Your Questions About Carpets Cleaned Pregnant

Mark asks… cleaning causes temporary contractions???? 30 weeks will I go into pre term labor? I am 30 weeks pregnant and I am in general pretty lazy i work at a job where i sit in cube all day and i

Your Questions About Carpets Cleaned Pregnant

Donna asks… Should I call my insurance or let the roofer try and repair the H20 damage from the rain? The licensed roofer tore off half my roof before the rain set in. He tarped it well, but not wel

Your Questions About Carpets Cleaned Pregnant

Paul asks… When did you start nesting? I don’t know where this sudden burst of energy has come from but for the last three days I can’t stop cleaning my house. I am taking on projects that proba

Your Questions About Carpets Cleaned Pregnant

Ruth asks… Please let me know which of the following are safe to use? Hello I am 29 weeks and 2 days pregnant and I really need to clean house! My husband works on a boat so he is not here to do it.

Your Questions About Carpets Cleaned Pregnant

Steven asks… How to prepare for my pregnant mouse? Hi I am fifteen and i haven’t had a pet since i was seven. I reeeeeally wanted one so i went to a store in my town and bought feeder mice without

Your Questions About Carpets Cleaned Pregnant

Robert asks… 20 weeks pregnant and seriously sick? Ok, so i am 20 weeks pregnant with twins, and woke up early this morning feeling a little sick. i have not had much morning sickness throughout the

Your Questions About Carpets Cleaned Pregnant

Mary asks… Help! Boyfriend & puppy problem.? I’m 31 weeks pregnant with twins. Me & my boyfriend bought a pitbull mix 2 months ago (biggest mistake ever) & I’m miserable. We live in

Your Questions About Carpets Cleaned Pregnant

Laura asks… Smell/fragrance in our master bedroom – please help!? I’m 3 months pregnant. Since becoming pregnant, I’ve developed an intense sense of smell – it’s very annoying and will thr

Your Questions About Carpets Cleaned Pregnant

Nancy asks… Is it required that a landlord replace pet damaged carpet? Last week we moved into a three bedroom rental home. Before we actually moved in the owner had the carpets cleaned. Well, once

Your Questions About Carpets Cleaned Pregnant

Daniel asks… Apartment Carpet Cleaning, do it yourself, is it legal? Can you use a steam cleaner when ever you like on an Apartment carpet, with out asking the office or lease agency? I am caring fo


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