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Understand the art of delivering the most suitable psychometric testing solutions so you can confidently and cost effectively select the most suitable people for your organisation and culture.

Psychometric Testing - Career Development From

It can be difficult to assess personality, attitude, and values. Find out how psychometric testing can help you measure these "hidden" attributes.

Why Bosch HR head is a 'glocal' agent of change

Rosa Lee has crossed continents to carry on her commitment to culture and people transformation. She shares her journey with HRD

'This is how to get a seat at the table'

Gillian Davie, chief people officer, NetComm Wireless, talks to HRD about the importance of data integrity

'Employees don't want feedback, they want attention'

As the workplace transforms, employees have a whole new set of expectations from their managers and HR departments

Why does HR struggle to link people initiatives with commercial performance?

Despite the recent trend towards business focused HR, a new report indicates that many HR directors still have some way to go

Psychometric Assessment, Psychometric Testing Perth - People Solutions

Psychometric assessment adapted to unique organisational criteria. Psychometric and emotional intelligence testing are proven methods for identifying talent.

Table bookings now open for HR event of the year

Be sure to secure a place at the upcoming Australian HR Awards

Fair Work finds 72% of audited businesses breached workplace laws

The most common breaches related to underpayment of workers base hourly rates

How can HR move beyond outdated performance reviews?

HRD talks to a chief people officer about the future of the performance review

Psychometric tests |

Read all about what to expect from a psychometric test, how to prepare and the best places to find practice tests.

This is what matters most to your employees

Clue - it's not what you may immediately imagine

Male surname gender bias hampers women in the workplace

Nicknames are super common – but how many women do you know with one?

'I did what I needed to do to get us through the chaos'

For Nada George, VP HR Amex, it's not about having the answers, it's about being able to problem-solve until you find them

Completing assessments – what to expect and what to prepare

Getting an invitation to complete assessments can bring with it all kinds of questions and nerves, so to help alleviate this we created a video to show our candidates what to expect and how to best pr

Can Organisational Psychologists Save Performance Reviews?

Last week’s fantastic webcast, where Revelian’s Organisational Psychologists  Matthew Neale and Craig Gilles attempted some last minute CPR on the performance review process, is now available to

Our top learnings from SIOP 2018 in Chicago

It’s pretty amazing when a group of people whose head office is in  Stafford, Queensland, next to Bunnings Warehouse, are invited to the biggest Industrial/Organisational Psychology conference in t

We need to think about the future of work differently

Almost every day, we’re hearing about the impact of various megatrends on the future of work. Globalisation, automation, digitisation and technology are all reshaping the work we do, how we do it, a

What’s the real, tangible impact of a good (or poor) candidate experience?

It may seem like a no-brainer: as employers, we need to be providing potential employees with a journey that’s on a par with the experience we offer our most prized customers. The process should be

New case study: Professional services firm improves recruitment metrics

Key objectives A professional services firm wanted to ensure that they were hiring graduates who had the right skills and were a good ‘fit’ with the organisation, to be able to grow it into the fu

Using psychometric testing? Here are five new year’s resolutions you’ll want to keep

I’ve taken my cue for New Year’s Resolutions from the Japanese this year and focused on implementing small, manageable changes to help me achieve my 2018 goals. Rather than embarking on a complete

Assessing candidates for the top 10 skills of the future

The World Economic Forum Future of Jobs report lists 10 critical skills required to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There’s no doubt these skills are important – but how can you object

How can we identify whether candidates have future-critical soft skills?

PWC’s 2017 CEO Survey found that 77% of CEOs struggle to find the creativity and innovation skills they need to be successful in an ever-changing, increasingly fast-paced and boundary-less business

How HR Can Help Build a Human Firewall

    Tony Barnes, MBA, MIS (Security), CISSP, is CEO of ANZ cyber security specialists Cyber Research. In this guest blog, Tony discusses new Australian research on the most common form of cyber-atta

Achieving Results Through People

Managers Wear Multiple Hats If you manage people, you may sometimes struggle with the very tough job of getting top performance from the people you manage. Since you need to get results through others

Creative Grit

There has been a lot of buzz about the value of grit recently including a best seller named Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. The book explores the value of cultivating

Assessing Culture-Fit: Is This Even Possible?

High performing organizations can be quite obsessive about their CULTURE as both a market differentiator and as a guiding force for decision-making. These organizations tend to be extremely careful to

Assessment Centres Designed Specifically for Diversity

The importance of a diverse workforce continues to be a key driver for all Employers. Whilst ensuring inclusion, diversity of thought, creativity and strong decision-making is at the forefront of thei

Part Three: Psychometric Testing – Sample Return on Investment (ROI) Case Study

Part Two of our Return on Investment (ROI) of psychometric testing series provided you with a formula you can use to work out whether the use of psychometric testing would be beneficial for your organ

Deliberately Developing Organizations and the Harrison Assessment: Soul-mates

I recently read, “An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization,” by Robert Kegan and Lisa Kaskow Lahey (2016) and I went crazy highlighting passages. This work is so imp

Manager-Employee Fit: A Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

Think back to the first manager you had in your own career… was this person a good match for you? Did he/she take time to get to know you as an individual and then train, mentor, and support you? Di

Entrepreneurship: What Makes for Success and Can We Assess for It?

What is Entrepreneurship and What’s the Hype? Entrepreneurship is defined as “the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which typically begins as a small business, such as a

What Physical Injury taught me About Paradox Theory

I broke my left wrist recently. Fortunately I am right-handed and since I am not a bricklayer, I thought, no big deal, right? My right hand can carry the load while my left hand recovers; hardly a rec

When Stress Turns Normally Stable Employees into Raving Lunatics

Everyone has their limits, however, some people reach them much more quickly than others. When employees are stressed, they often behave in ways that are quite unlike them under normal circumstances.

Looking for the 100%-Fit Candidate? Dream on…

Don’t hold your breath. Practically no job candidate has exactly what is needed for the highest level of success on the job. As a hiring manager or HR professional, you are always compromising. Hir


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