It is often said that a good education will set you up for life. The reason that it keeps being said is because it is true. Exams are an important part of assessing your child’s learning and knowledge throughout their education and it is vital that they are as successful as they can be when undertaking them.

KS2 results show widening gulf between strongest and weakest primary schools

Performance improved overall but substantial variations remain between local authorities The gulf between the strongest- and weakest-performing primary schools in England widened this year, according

Student Portal - Exams and results

Completing your University studies.

Tree of Knowledge Mental Health & Wellbeing Survey

The Tree Of Knowledge Mental Health & Wellbeing Survey has opened via the link below. We have previously issued details regarding the survey and many people were keen to participate. The survey is

S1 Parents Evening Booking

The Parents’ Evening Booking System for all classes from S1 is now live. Go to http://www.parents-booking.co.uk/CNHS Log in to see which appointments are available and select one that is convenient

Why are exams so important?

It is often said that a good education will set you up for life. The reason that it keeps being said is because it is true. Exams are an important part of assessing your child’s learning and knowled

Applying for Catholic Primary Teaching

For those interested in applying for Catholic Primary Teaching at the University of Glasgow: The association of Catholic Primary Head Teachers are hosting a recruitment even to support applicants. In

Labour plans to remove incentive for teachers to 'off-roll' students

Party says ‘unintended rewards’ need to be revoked for excluding students on basis of predicted GCSE results Labour has revealed plans to tackle the problem of “off-rolling” in schools, when

Scottish Apprenticeship Show

Glasgow Science Centre Sunday 7th October, 10:30am-4pm Monday 8th October, 9am-3pm Investing in the future of our young people. This autumn the Daily Record are bringing the nation’s top employers u

The rise in school exclusions is a result of the education market | Letters

Readers look at the causes of children being ‘off-rolled’ in a system where exams are the main measure of achievementThe exclusion rates in state schools are indeed “deeply concerning”, if no

2018-19 School Events Calendar

Our most up to date School Events Calendar for Session 2018-19 has been updated to the site. A PDF copy can be viewed here  

Dozens of secondary schools exclude at least 20% of pupils

Call for government to act after Guardian investigation reveals high suspension rates in England The government has been urged to address “deeply concerning” rates of exclusion in England’s sec

Is abolishing the private school system the answer to inequality? | Letters

Clive Stafford Smith and Michael Moszynski respond to Melissa Benn’s long readMelissa Benn’s piece on the pernicious impact of private schools, while excellent, still underestimates the problem (

Cut-throat A-level season ‘pushing some universities towards insolvency’

A feverish clearing process has seen universities taking desperate measures, including fake phone calls to their rivalsSome universities may be pushed to the brink of insolvency after the most cut-thr

The Guardian view on GCSEs: there is more to school than exams | Editorial

Success deserves applause, but the reformed qualifications are a missed opportunityLast week more than half a million children in England, Wales and Northern Ireland opened their GCSE results; this we

The GCSE system is bottom of the class | Letters

The new grading system will confuse employers, says Merv Lebor – while Frank Newhofer argues that it’s time to abandon ‘terminal’ examinations at age 16A 9 in 2018 is now the top GCSE grade if

GCSE results day 2018: students get their grades – as it happened

Rolling coverage as youngsters find out how they did under new grading system introduced for most subjects in England Share your reaction and experiences 2.45pm BST We’re wrapping up our GCSE l

Free School Meals

As session 2018/19 begins, it is important to determine if your child is entitled to a Free School Meal and an application is made ASAP. Forms available in the school and also here If you require ass

Non-Uniform Day

Tomorrow – Friday June 21 is a non-uniform day. Children should come appropriately dressed with no football colours or inappropriate slogans.  This venture will help boost our School Fund which is

Free School Meal Entitlement

Details on Free School Meal entitlement and clothing and the application process can be found here:    Application Form can be downloaded here

S6 Graduation video – June 2018

This video is of our lovely S6 pupils who graduated from Cardinal Newman High School, Bellshill, UK in June 2018

Prom 2018 – Photobooth Pic Selection

The photobooth was queued out the door with our young people enjoying the experience, cramming as many turns as they could out of the 2 hours available.

Slow Writers and Hard-to-Read Handwriting: Tips for your Teen

Slow Writers and Hard-to-Read Handwriting: Tips for your Teen When it comes to written subjects, a couple of common concerns might seem tricky to change. One is watching your child write slowly and y

My child has fallen behind: can they catch up?

My child has fallen behind: can they catch up? For whatever reason, a teen may fall behind when it comes to revision. As a parent, you might be left wondering whether you should step in and help- and

Crunch Time: Revision After Easter

Crunch Time: Revision After Easter Now the Easter holiday has passed, the exams are around the corner it’s crunch time for your child, as they spend their last few weeks- maybe even days- getting r

Getting the Top Grades: Tips

Getting the Top Grades: Tips When it comes to achieving the top grades, there are certain things students can do to give themselves the best chances. Here we explore some tips and tricks for things w

Bringing Work Home

It goes without saying that there is a renowned expectation for teens to be taking revision materials and work home with them. Revision is an important time for your teen to be independent and take o

Avoiding Silly Exam Mistakes

Avoiding Silly Exam Mistakes It’s a very unfortunate thing, when a teenager comes out of an exam and realises they’ve made a mistake. They’ve worked their whole school life to reach the pinnacl

Making the Most of Revision Sessions

Making the Most of Revision Sessions Revision classes or sessions are a great way for your exam-sitting teenager to scrub up on that all-important skill and knowledge. Whether your child attends afte

Things to do during British Science Week in Glasgow

Things to do during British Science Week in Glasgow Firstly, does anyone know why it’s called science week when it’s over 10 days? No, me either, but this just means more chance to get out and ab

Revision: what should my teen be doing?

Revision: what should my teen be doing? Revision is a vitally important part of the examination process. It offers the chance to revisit subjects and topics, as well as identify areas where there mig

Revision: Help your Child Make It Count

Help your Child Make It Count Firstly, you can help your teen by encouraging revision which has purpose. What are some of their outcomes, both in the immediate and also as a long term goal? What are


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