Tips On Keeping A Healthy Heart

Learn a few ways to keep your heart healthy with natural medicine by Dr Masha Naturopathic Doctor in Orange County CA.

How to Keep Your Heart Healthy - Dr. Masha, ND

Human adult heart pumps 7600 liters of blood per day. Heart, and its components (heart arteries, valves, chambers), blood vessels, veins, capillaries are part of the cardiovascular system. There are m

Cardiovascular Disease - Herbal Medicine - NCBI Bookshelf

The cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) considered in this chapter have been the major cause of morbidity and mortality in developed countries over the last several decades, and developing countries are ra

These five habits can save your heart — heres how - Harvard Health

According to hard data, five harmful habits herald the coming of heart disease. These five are smoking, being inactive, carrying too many pounds, eating poorly, and drinking too much alcohol. Alone an

Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease: An Evidence-Based Review

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) plays a significant role in many aspects of healthcare worldwide, including cardiovascular disease (CVD). This review describes some of the challenges of C

Fatigue and Sleep Masterclass

In this free online Masterclass, Naturopath, author and podcast host Katherine Maslen will talk about all things fatigue and sleep!

Healthy Foods for Cold and Flu Season

Many plants contain properties that may help support your immune system. Adding these to your daily diet could help you stay well. The post Healthy Foods for Cold and Flu Season appeared first on Na

How to talk to a loved one about the dangers of naturopathy

Talking to someone about naturopathic medicine is hard. I hope this guide will help make it easier. The post How to talk to a loved one about the dangers of naturopathy appeared first on Naturopathi

Can You Change the World by Eating Beet Greens?

What if, simply by eating certain foods, you could change the world for the better? The post Can You Change the World by Eating Beet Greens? appeared first on Natural Healers.

Does the Cosmic Crisp’s Nutritional Profile Make It Worth Its Astronomical Price Tag?

The Cosmic Crisp apple mostly earns ink for blending great flavor with an easy-growing attitude. Is it worth the price? The post Does the Cosmic Crisp’s Nutritional Profile Make It Worth Its Astron

What’s the Difference Between a Nutritionist and Dietitian?

If you've been considering a career in nutrition, it's likely that you've come across two similar but different titles—nutritionist and registered dietitian (RD). It's important to understand the d

Is the Impossible Burger Really Healthy?

Don't want to eat meat, but can't give up burgers? There is a solution for you. But just because that new meatless burger is plant-based, is it really healthy? The post Is the Impossible Burger Rea

Justice prevails! Cancer quack Colleen Huber loses her defamation suit against me

On May 24, 2019, the District Court (Landgericht) of Kiel, Germany ruled against naturopathic cancer quack Colleen Huber in a defamation lawsuit she brought against me. Huber filed suit in... The pos

Is Massage Therapy a Good Career?

A massage therapy career is an appealing option for many people. Massage school is often more affordable and much quicker to complete than a traditional college degree. The post Is Massage Therapy a

Legal defense fund update: we raised €50k

Earlier today, the international fundraising campaign organized on my behalf by Australian Skeptics Inc. (ASI) reached its initial goal of €50,000 in just over one week! I am humbled by the generos

Legal defense fund: week one update

More than €44,000 (A$70,000) in donations have come in from around the world. We are very close to reaching our target of €50,000 (A$80k), which is likely the amount needed to cover my legal expe

Legal defense fund update

The fundraising campaign is going strong, but I still need your help. The post Legal defense fund update appeared first on Naturopathic Diaries.

I need your help: naturopath Colleen Huber is suing me

A crusader for natural cancer treatments is suing me in Germany for defamation over my criticism about her practice and research. There is an international fundraiser to help with my legal defense. T

Don’t let a naturopath near your vagina: “black salve” for cervical dysplasia

Naturopathic organizations are pushing unproven and dangerous treatments on women with cervical dysplasia. One of these is black salve, which will indiscriminately destroy tissue and can cause severe

A naturopath-midwife, homeopathy, and a dead newborn

A naturopath recommends homeopathy to a laboring mother in distress leading to a devastating outcome. As expected, the Arizona Naturopathic Physicians Board rules the naturopath did nothing wrong. T

Is Colleen Huber a cancer quack? And more legal thuggery

Colleen Huber, self-proclaimed cancer researcher, sent me a cease and desist letter. She's offended by my opinion that she's a quack and doesn't know it. The post Is Colleen Huber a cancer quack? And

Bastyr University sent me a cease and desist letter

My naturopathic alma mater, Bastyr University, claims I have committed defamation. The post Bastyr University sent me a cease and desist letter appeared first on Naturopathic Diaries.

Explore Essential Oils: Download Our Free eBooks

Whether you want to alleviate anxiety or find a natural first aid remedy, there's an essential oil to suit your needs. Download our Essential Oils eBooks. The post Explore Essential Oils: Download Ou

The Relativity of Reiki and Massage

Both Reiki and massage are systems of natural healing that focus on body energy. Today Reiki massage is a common and effective treatment. The post The Relativity of Reiki and Massage appeared first o

Sports Massage Training and Careers

From flexibility to rehabilitation, sports massage training teaches students how to treat a wide range of muscle and performance issues. The post Sports Massage Training and Careers appeared first on

Shiatsu Training, Schools, and Careers

Shiatsu training teaches practitioners how to use finger and palm pressure to stimulate energetic pathways or meridians on the body. The post Shiatsu Training, Schools, and Careers appeared first on


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