discount buying with divvee social

Divvee social actually saves you up to 40% on things you already buy so it actually pays you for buying what you will already purchase such as your cell phone using your same carrier and thats just a small glimpse of whats available

Discount Buying Clubs

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Need Cash for College? Apply for a $2,500 Comcast Scholarship by Dec. 7

If you live in a Comcast service area and have a high school senior in the house, you may want to pay attention. The telecommunications conglomerate plans to award over 800 scholarships worth $2,5

Not Another Success Story: These Entrepreneurs Share Some Business Failures

Everyone loves a good success story, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. You know how the narrative usually goes: Man overcomes hardship to open a bakery and business is booming, or woma

Go Hands-Free with the Safe and Handy Layze Car Mount

Stay safe while driving and avoid the huge cost of built-in car navigation systems with the Layze 2-in-1 car mount for your smartphone. Works great in your kitchen, too!

Freelancers, Boost Your Business With These New E-Courses From Fiverr

The online freelance marketplace Fiverr has decided to get into the e-learning game. The company announced the launch of Learn from Fiverr, an e-learning program built directly into the Fiverr plat

Could You Weather a Financial Emergency? 6 Ways to Save $2,000 This Year

Life hits. It’s an emergency. You need $2,000. Can you tap into your savings? Emergency funds, also known as rainy day funds, are essential. You never know when you’ll face an unexpected medica

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Win Up to $50K in Burger King’s Annual No-Essay Scholarship Contest

Burger King co-founder James McLamore placed value on education, entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, high standards and good citizenship. Those values defined him and now carry on his legacy in the

Snag a UPS Seasonal Job at a Nationwide On-Site Hiring Event on Oct. 19

UPS is calling it Brown Friday. That’s the term the company is using to describe its hiring bonanza prior to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday shopping sprees. The shipping company says

Discount Purchase Program | UMass Lowell

Looking to buy a Dell or Apple computer for campus or home use? 

How to Search the Web Anonymously

The best ways to hide your searches from employers and family members, and keep Google and other advertisers from targeting ads based on your search history.

How This Texas Couple Earned $3,585 After Purchasing Their First Home

When Travis and Miryea Ayala Cormier showed up for the final walk-through before signing papers to own their first home, they stumbled into a disaster. The recently renovated midcentury modern home

Think Outside the Box to Reduce Child Care Costs: Here Are 3 Options

It’s no secret that having children is expensive. But what shocks many parents is just how costly it is right at the start. Families with young kids often find child care to be the highest recurr

Waze Carpool Is Now Available Nationwide to Save Commuters Money and Misery

Until teleporting becomes a thing, miserable commutes will remain a way of life. You can make driving to work more bearable, however, by sharing the ride. At least when you carpool, everybody chips

College Students and Grads: Don’t Miss This Virtual Career Fair on Oct. 17

College students and grads, this Wednesday, Oct. 17, you can browse 35 big-name employers offering jobs to fit any schedule — all without having to leave the house. CareerEco, a virtual career ev

How to Prevent Spam Callers From Leaving Voicemail

Nobody wants to waste time deleting messages from unwanted callers. Here's how to stop spam callers from reaching your voicemail inbox.

14 Fun Google Search Easter Eggs

Google search is packed with hidden games and jokes. Here are 14 Easter Eggs you should give a try.

Google Introduces New Pixel Phones, Pixel Slate Tablet & Home Hub Smart Display

See how Google's artificial intelligence technology is delivering innovative new features in the Pixel 3, Home Hub smart speaker and Pixel Slate tablet.

11 Steps To Easily Set Up Your New iPhone XS, XS Max & XR

Follow these simple 11 steps for the easiest (and best) way get your new iPhone XS, XS Max or XR up and running quickly and smoothly.

Facebook's New Portal Smart Display Is Perfect for Video Calls

Facebook's voice-controlled Portal and Portal+ may look like an Amazon Echo Show or Google Home Hub, but they are purpose-built for video calling.

Where to Buy Cheap Name-Brand Clothes Online

These six reputable discount retailers provide the best access to high-quality clothing at a deep discount

Microsoft Upgrades Surface Pro, Laptop and Studio PCs, Unveils New BT Headphones

In what it called its largest-ever product introduction, Microsoft today unveiled four new devices: three next-generation Surface PCs and new active noise canceling headphones.

Hackers Gained Full Access to as Many as 90 Million Facebook Accounts

The latest Facebook data breach not only gave hackers access to users' Facebook accounts, but also the accounts of services users logged into with Facebook. 


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