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Autumn is generally the season that everyone associates with cleaning and organization, but the right furniture can help you stay organized all year round. Use our guide to filing cabinets before you decide what to buy to ensure that you get the best possible solution for your space.

Laminate Furniture: Tips on Cleaning – Vision Office Interiors

One of the most popular choices of office furniture is laminate furniture. Laminates have many advantages over real wood and veneers – they are more durable, don’t get damaged easily and are easy

Architectural Art Installation Celebrates the Significance of the Magna Carta

An architectural artwork called “Writ in Water,” inspired by a historical event which took place at the site it was built  has opened at Runnymede in the English County of Surrey. Several centuri

Environmentally Sustainable Aqualagon Aquatic Park in France

The Aqualagon Water Park in Marne-la-Vallée, France, resembles an origami sculpture with an unfolding landscape. The massive waterpark is like an indoor village where visitors step into a new landsca

Organic Canopy Outdoor Pavilion

The natural pavilion located in Lingang, now Nanhui New City is located at the southeastern tip of the Shanghai peninsula. The concept for this idea was inspired when a major portion of the land on w

Environments with 3D Textile Artwork Improve Acoustic & Sound Quality

Dutch based art studio Samira Boon specialize in textiles, called textile architects, they incorporate their  artworks into their open office space encouraging creativity, innovation and cross-disci

Dutch Designer Creates 3D-Printed Porcelain Vases

The “Blue and White” series is a collection of 3D-printed porcelain vases designed by Olivier Van Herpt. The collection contains 3 blue and white vases varying in shape and pattern each roughly 27

Artist Creates Intricately Layered Reclaimed Fabric & Tree Stump Textile Sculptures

Intricately layered strips fabric create unique sculptures designed to resemble tree stumps by textile artist Tamara Kostianovsky. The strips are reclaimed from her late father’s clothing fabric to

Vibrant Petrol & Bold Brass Accents for this Jewelry Store in Athens

Urban Soul Project combines natural materials, brass and bronze colored accents with a vibrant petrol color for Kakuru, a small, double-story jewelry store in the historical center of Athens. The desi

Amazing Architecture: Morpheus Hotel Uses Fluid Forms to Create an Eclectic Design

Morpheus, a fitting name for a new hotel with 3 gaping and misshapen holes right down the center of the buildings design. Built in Macau’s city of dreams resort in China, the hotels appearance looks

The Complete Instapage Reviews: How To Use It to Build Landing Page

Product Name: InstapageProduct Type: Landing Page BuilderContent: Instapage Review and TutorialsPrice: Free Trial, Starts at $99/month Functionality Ease to use Price Price Get your Instapage FREE tr

Dormitory Design in Thailand Stimulates “Creative Thinking & Energetic Living”

Creating excitement and inspiring innovative thinking in the layout and design of two 8 story conventional buildings was the goal of Silp Architects in Thailand. The buildings are comprised of 77 unit

Kinsta Review: Premium WordPress Hosting Service

Product Name: KinstaProduct Type: WordPress HostingContent: Kinsta Review and TutorialsPrice: Starts at $30/month Functionality Ease to use Price Price Premium WordPress Hosting? Get Kinsta! What We L

Beach Resort in Thailand Makes Impressive Use of Round Shapes

A newly designed and luxurious beach resort, Sala Samui Chaweng, is located on Thailand’s third largest island with a gorgeous surrounding view of Chaweng beach. Each of the 138 guest rooms are desi

Samcart Review: How to Use it Step-By-Step for Ecommerce

Product Name: SamCartProduct Type: EcommerceContent: SamCart Review and TutorialsPrice: Free Trial, Starts at $99/month Functionality Ease to use Price Price Boost your online business with SamCart.

Seva Reviews: How to Use Seva Email Marketing Automation Tool

Product Name: SevaProduct Type: Email Marketing Automation ToolContent: Seva Review and TutorialsPrice: Free trial, Starts at $29/month Functionality Ease to use Price Price Get you Seva FREE trial!

LeadPages Review: The Ultimate Software to Building Landing Pages and Email Lists

Product Name: LeadPagesProduct Type: Landing Page and Lead Box BuilderContent: LeadPages Review and TutorialsPrice: Free Trial, Starts at $25/month Functionality Ease to use Price Price Get your Lead

The 10 Best Fluid Head Tripod in 2018

Professional filmmakers need a lot of options. Different situations and environments call for bespoke filming methods. One of the ways you can tailor your shoots to rise to the occasion […]

Bonita Bay II

We were contracted by Brookwood Financial Partners, LLC to design a full renovation to all common areas, both interior and exterior, for the Bonita Bay II office building in Bonita Springs, Florida. T

SEMRush Review: The Best SEO and Competitor Research Tool for Website Owners

Product Name: SEMRushProduct Type: Search Engine Optimization | Competitor Research ToolContent: SEMRush Review and TutorialsPrice: Free Trial, Starts at $99 FunctionalitySay something here. Your T

The 10 Best Outdoor TV Antennas in 2018

If you happen to be in a rush, we encourage you to go straight to our Editor’s Pick, the RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna with 70 Mile Range. With […]

The 8 Best Indoor TV Antennas in 2018

Looking to cut cords and save money on your monthly utility bills? For under $100, you can purchase an indoor TV antenna that allows you to watch free over the […]

Top 10 Best Standing (Sit-Stand) Desks 2018 + Editors Pick

Sitting too much does not only increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other health problems such as diabetes but also study say it may cause us death even if […]

Sarasota Office Furniture Showroom Officially Opens

SARASOTA, Florida – Office Furniture & Design Concepts officially opened its Sarasota office on January 11, 2018 during a grand opening ceremony. The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce joined

Sarasota Office Furniture Showroom Grand Opening

SARASOTA, Florida – Office Furniture & Design Concepts announces the grand opening of its new Sarasota office furniture showroom on January 11, 2018. The new showroom is the second location for

OFDC Wins 2017 Silver Aurora Award

Office Furniture & Design Concepts was awarded the 2017 Silver Aurora Award for Best Commercial Project 20,000 Square Feet and Over.

FGCU Alico Arena

Florida Gulf Coast University asked us to provide furniture for their new Alico Arena addition in Fort Myers. We furnished 19 offices, 8 private study areas, a large group study room and a conference

Florida Cancer Specialists

Florida Cancer Specialists asked us to provide furniture for their new facility in North Fort Myers. We planned and installed seating for the lobby, providers, and nurses, as well as furniture for wai

Fort Myers Hospice House

Hope HealthCare Services asked us to furnish a children’s room at their Fort Myers Hospice House location. We worked with a donor who wanted to provide updated and fun furniture for the kids. Hope H

Meridian Financial Group

Meridian Financial Group asked us to provide complete interior design services for their Fort Myers office. We furnished the owner’s office with CNN furniture and the conference room with Krug. Meri

Moorings Park Office

Moorings Park asked us to provide new furniture and flooring for their finance offices. We installed Steelcase Kick panel systems, Steelcase EE6 furniture including an executive height-adjustable desk

ASG Technologies, Rye

ASG Technologies asked us to provide full-service interior design, space planning, and furniture for their new office in Rye, New York. Our design included carpeting, paint selections, and accent piec

Guide to Choose Office Furniture: What To Consider When Choosing

Tried, exhausted, eyes gritty from no sleep. After several days of looking at office spaces and browsing the net for the ideal office that suits your needs and budget, you found the perfect one. You a

Build Your Own Custom Ergonomic Chair

We spend a significant portion of our life in our office sitting on chairs. This sedentary lifestyle can sometimes take a toll on your health. The unfriendly workspace can cause a risk for various ser

Modern Office Furniture for A Classy Yet Professional Reflection

Space crunch is one of the biggest problem everywhere and so, to make better use of the space, modern office furniture is the one stop solution. People can easily set up such furniture for their offic

Livening Up the Workspace: Modern Office Design

The modern office furniture is constantly changing and shifting to enable better workflows. It acts as the face of a business and sets the tone for both employees and customers. It is important that w

Tips for Choosing Contemporary Office Furniture

Contemporary Office Furniture Selecting perfect Contemporary office furniture is not something that one should take lightly because this furniture demands a lot of thinking time along with heavy expen

Useful Tips for a More Organized Office

Office is the second home of your employees. On a typical working day, your staffs spend most of the time within the walls of your organization. This calls for more organized and well-paced office tha


We are children of evolution and with our ever-changing technology, the way we work must keep changing as well. Modern workplaces need to incorporate seamless change – the ability to evolve with our

Organize Your Workspace, Be More Productive

Not enough time is spent cleaning up the clutter that is your workspace. You never seem to find that one document that you urgently need or the keys to the file cabinet or your phone charger. And yet,

Understanding Executive Leadership

Every team needs a leader that understands how to channel the energies of each team member and balance the motivation. But is it more important to be able to admit mistakes? Does true success lie in t

After Collaborative Workspaces: Taking the Next Step in Office Design

Workplaces are evolving fast. For long, open office layouts have dominated new and old businesses. But just like the high-walled cubicles of the 1980s, this trend too will have to evolve or be replace


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