The Experts in Transmission Repairs in Albuquerque

Tranco Transmission Repair in Albuquerque are the experts when it comes to car and truck transmission repairs. With over 40 year's experience, they can provide a free 21-point diagnostic check, with reliable and affordable service for most makes/models of trucks and cars. Tranco offers free local pick up and delivery, AAA discounts, Military discounts and much more. When it comes to your car or truck, trust the professionals at Tranco to resolve all your transmission issues

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Transmission Repair Shops Albuquerque NM | Auto Transmission Repair

Looking for Auto Transmission Repair in Albuquerque, NM? Call (505) 298-0000 at Tranco Transmission Repair, One of the best transmission repair Shop in Albuquerque.

Auto Repair Basics | Consumer Information

Take the scare out of auto repair with these tips about how your vehicle works, how to identify common problems, and how to select a good mechanic.

Surprising my Mom with Her Dream Car!!!

Buying my Mom her dream car and surprising her with it out of nowhere was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I have been saving up since high school to do something like this and I a

What Does It Mean if My Transmission Light Is On?

Your car communicates with you in many ways, and if you know what signs to look for, you can understand quite a bit about a given problem. Car transmission repair in San Jose should be taken car

How to Repair Rust on Your Car Without Welding (No Special Tools Needed)

Rust removal and repair. Repairing rust on your car is something that should be done quickly to prevent it from spreading. It can be easily done without welding, by using strong but inexpensive body

Learn How to Drive a Manual Transmission with This Easy Tutorial

If you have never driven a manual transmission in San Jose before, it’s normal to feel slightly intimidated. Fortunately, handling a car with a manual transmission is simple once you get the ha

Don't Ignore That Burning Smell!

People tend to have a natural inclination to stop what they’re doing and investigate when they smell something burning. Usually the smell of burning indicates that something is going wrong, an

When to Consider Clutch Replacement

A clutch is a third pedal that lets you operate a manual transmission in San Jose. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to switch gears or even get your car started. Since it’s so important for

How to Get Your Car to Make Sharper Turns (Steering Angle Mod)

Learn how to get more steering angle so your car can make sharper turns by removing rack limiters in the steering rack. That way you can make a U turn instead of a K turn. This works for cars that ha

Would Your Car Benefit from a Transmission Rebuild?

You can fix certain transmission problems with simple repairs, but others require a full transmission rebuild in San Jose. A faulty transmission can put you in serious danger if it malfunctions

Does a Performance Exhaust Increase Horsepower? (How to Install an Exhaust System)

Want a LOUD exhaust? Does an Exhaust System make more Horsepower and Torque? Learn all the tips and tricks on how to install a performance cat back exhaust system with high flow cats, an X pipe, and

How to Install Carbon Fiber Clutches (Rebuild Limited Slip Differential)

Rebuild a limited slip differential with new carbon clutches so you can get more traction. Replacing the clutch pack in an LSD is really simple and anyone can do it at home after watching this video!

10 Tips to Master Summer Road Trip

Here are some tips for your family and best summer road trip. This can be so much fun for everyone. Take the time to check out the tips we gave you.

5 Car Books Every Weekend Mechanic Must Read This Year

Are you a weekend mechanic? Or do you love to work on cars on the weekends? Is your free time spent on learning about the latest repair jobs or taking apart an old engine just to rebuild it again? If

Pikes Peak Race Won By 1368BHP Electric Car

2017 Pikes Peak car race is won by an electric car with almost 1400 BHP. Just amazing.

Manual vs Automatic Transmission Myths Debunked

The myths of manual and automatic transmission debunked. Which is better automatic or manual transmission, you decide.

10-Speed Automatic Transmission Future of Trucking

New Ford 10 speed transmission is the future in trucking and will become a standard in the years to come.


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