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Looking for new & used office furniture for your new office in Orlando, FL.? Visit Vision Office Interiors for all your furniture requirements.

What’s Involved with Office Space Decommission? – Vision Office Interiors

Is your lease ending soon? Decommissioning the facility for turnover to the landlord/owner can involve a multitude of services. Office space decommissioning is a significant factor in your budget, som

Join our international survey on happiness at work

We want to know what makes people happy at work in different countries and you can help by participating in our international survey. The questionnaire only has 11 questions and just takes 3-4 minutes

Join the International Week of Happiness at Work on September 24-28

Our awesome partners from Happy Office in The Netherlands have announced the first ever International Week of Happiness at Work on September 24-28. it’s a great opportunity to spread awareness and

Brilliant study: Chimps would rather cooperate than compete

A BRILLIANT study found that: When given a choice between cooperating or competing, chimpanzees choose to cooperate five times more frequently. And also that: The chimpanzees used a variety of enforce

This IT company is helping the world (and its employees) by sharing its skills

I have previously written about Vega IT Sourcing, a very happy tech company in Serbia whose vision is to “Create a successful and happy business and use its success and power to create a better worl

The meaning of life is happiness – just not your own

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to give a speech about a brand new (for me) topic: Why are we here, alive, in this universe? What’s the meaning of life? What is a good life and how do you get

How WD-40 built a billion-dollar business with happiness

In this AMAZING speech from our International Conference on Happiness at Work, CEO Garry Ridge gives you a look “under the hood” of one of the world’s most recognized brands, WD-40 Company,  wh

Aaron Sorkin: “When you feel good you do the best writing.”

I’m currently taking an online masterclass where Aaron Sorkin, the legendary writer behind The West Wing, A Few Good Men, The Social Network and many others, teaches screen writing. In one lesson, h

Hiring For Happiness at Lykki

How do you hire the right people? And maybe more importantly: How do you avoid hiring the wrong people? Calvin Johnson, the founder of Lykki, an e-commerce retailer based in Vancouver, shares some fun

Hiring For Happiness at Menlo Innovations

Tech company Menlo Innovations in Ann Arbor, Michigan have a VERY different way of hiring and interviewing new employees. They call it Extreme Interviewing, and it is not only much more efficient than

Even dogs want fairness

Watch what happens in this experiment where some researchers in Vienna made two dogs complete the same task but only “paid” one of them. It’s pretty hilarious :)

5 Emerging Trends In Cloud Accounting Software That You Need To Know

Cloud Accounting Software - A well-managed accounting system is necessary for any business, any day. To make the accounting process smoother...

How America Does Payroll Differently

Payroll - The way Americans do payroll differs a fair amount from the rest of the world. I have my own complaints about how I’m paid and I’m sure you do...

Guide to Choose Office Furniture: What To Consider When Choosing

Tried, exhausted, eyes gritty from no sleep. After several days of looking at office spaces and browsing the net for the ideal office that suits your needs and budget, you found the perfect one. You a

Build Your Own Custom Ergonomic Chair

We spend a significant portion of our life in our office sitting on chairs. This sedentary lifestyle can sometimes take a toll on your health. The unfriendly workspace can cause a risk for various ser

Modern Office Furniture for A Classy Yet Professional Reflection

Space crunch is one of the biggest problem everywhere and so, to make better use of the space, modern office furniture is the one stop solution. People can easily set up such furniture for their offic

Livening Up the Workspace: Modern Office Design

The modern office furniture is constantly changing and shifting to enable better workflows. It acts as the face of a business and sets the tone for both employees and customers. It is important that w

Tips for Choosing Contemporary Office Furniture

Contemporary Office Furniture Selecting perfect Contemporary office furniture is not something that one should take lightly because this furniture demands a lot of thinking time along with heavy expen

The Value of Bookkeeping – Why You Need Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping services: With the financial world in a volatile state, handling money has become more difficult over the course of years. Bookkeeping is a....

5 Unbelievable Money Saving Tools Your Business Needs Now

Small business bookkeeping services: As an entrepreneur, the focus of your day will revolve around your business. How can you optimize certain areas or...

Useful Tips for a More Organized Office

Office is the second home of your employees. On a typical working day, your staffs spend most of the time within the walls of your organization. This calls for more organized and well-paced office tha


We are children of evolution and with our ever-changing technology, the way we work must keep changing as well. Modern workplaces need to incorporate seamless change – the ability to evolve with our

5 Wonderful Accounting Tips For eCommerce That You Need To Know

Accounting is an important component of any successful business. However, when it comes to accounting, eCommerce businesses don't use the same terms and...

Organize Your Workspace, Be More Productive

Not enough time is spent cleaning up the clutter that is your workspace. You never seem to find that one document that you urgently need or the keys to the file cabinet or your phone charger. And yet,

Understanding Executive Leadership

Every team needs a leader that understands how to channel the energies of each team member and balance the motivation. But is it more important to be able to admit mistakes? Does true success lie in t

After Collaborative Workspaces: Taking the Next Step in Office Design

Workplaces are evolving fast. For long, open office layouts have dominated new and old businesses. But just like the high-walled cubicles of the 1980s, this trend too will have to evolve or be replace

73 Hottest Startups In Chicago

Chicago has some of the greatest startups in the world because they build companies that have a quick path to revenue. Startups in major tech hubs tend to focus on growth first and foremost regardle

Interview With Amish Tolia, Founder & Chief of Strategy at Pear

Amish Tolia is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Apparel Media Group, a digital media company headquartered in Chicago, IL. Amish has now raised over $2 million in venture funding from leading VC firms, has

Interview With Chris Campbell, CEO at ReviewTrackers

ReviewTrackers is the rapidly-growing customer feedback platform trusted by tens of thousands of businesses. Using data, insights, and technology, they partner with brands to ensure customer success

Interview With Rob Royer, Founder, and CEO at Interior Define

Furniture often passes through several sets of hands before arriving in your living room. Retailers that do source directly from manufacturers mark up prices to support top-heavy retail operations.

Interview With TJ Sassani, Founder & CEO at ZOZI

After quitting a job with long hours TJ spent a  year traveling the world. While traveling he found it difficult to book local excursions, so he decided to create a company that would enable travel


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