Festival Makeup for Your First Rave

Makeup tutorial for your first rave festival.

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Makeup | FDA

FDA information on makeup safety and regulatory information for cosmetic products.

60 Best Stocking Stuffers and Christmas Gifts for Kids Under 5

The holiday season is finally here! Christmas is a magical time for kids, especially the youngest ones. They need toys that are not only fun and encourage creativity, but that also help them learn and

12 Grounding Techniques for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Your heart races. You’re breathing so hard you feel like you’re choking. Your body starts to tremble, and all the while, panic consumes your mind creating an uncontrollable replay of intrusive tho

EDM Festival Makeup: Tutorial & Tips

How to stand out with splendid EDM festival makeup this season? See some tips, get some ideas, and watch a step-by-step glittery makeup tutorial!

Exercise and Menstruation: 8 Full Body Cycle Synching Workouts

Did you know you can workout for your menstrual cycle? Cycle syncing is all about making lifestyle choices, from the food you eat to the exercises you do, according to your menstrual cycle. This can b

43 Best Non-Toy Christmas Gifts for Girls 6-8

Give kids something besides the traditional toys under the tree or in their stocking. For a child who seems to already have it all, finding a gift that is new and also meaningful can seem like a chall

9 Everyday Habits That Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is your immune system’s response to an irritant, whether it be bacteria, a foreign object, or toxins. It’s a natural process in the body, however it can become dangerous when your bod

How to Help a Child with Anxiety: 6 Tips for Parents

First-day school jitters, battling scary monsters at night, or losing a favorite toy are all situations that cause anxiety in children. And while anxiety is a healthy part of human development, too mu

Fairy Costume

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 109.99 Bring ‘em myths and tell ‘em fables in this enchanting pixie costume,

Yin Yang Skeleton Costume

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 119.99 Be a nocturnal sunbeam and a shade in the daybreak in this contrasting sk

Xenomorph Costume

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 119.99 Leave no soul unwretched in this luxury Halloween & cosplay costume m

Women Multiverse Traveler Costume

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 119.99 Lock 'em up in the blue funk with this hypnotizing women's costume that s

Women Multichrome Skin Costume

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 119.99 Burst your crux out with this dazzling printed costume, spattered with pe

Twilight Bats Shortalls

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 89.99 Dash into the bogey twilight with these bat-printed women's shortalls desig

Twilight Bats One Shoulder Top

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 14.99 - 34.99 (12 variants) Stay ill-omened in this cheekily sinist

Twilight Bats Bell Bottoms Set

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 14.99 - 114.97 (24 variants) Bring ur lament and noir to the party w

Twilight Bats Bell Bottoms

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 64.99 Walk on the ceiling in these hot pink bell bottom pants, printed with bl

Titanium Men Costume

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 114.99 Break away from the pack in this next-level men's costume that evolves you

The Best Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes

To understand how to compliment blue eyes, let’s first review some color theory.  In the color wheel, you’ll see that blue is across from yellow and orange. This is why our blue eye babes lov

Wearable Pop of Color

Pick your favorite bright shade and combine it with neutrals to create a wearable, colorful look. Featuring Staycation, In The Spotlight, Whimsical and Give Me The Dirt.

Strategic Eyeshadow Placement 101

Our most common question is how to wear colorful eyeshadows in a subtle way. The best way to achieve this is by using the modern trend of "Strategic Eyeshadow Placement." This is a technique where yo

Easter Inspiration

This palette's Foiled and Signature Eyeshadows will add a pop of pastel color to your Easter look!  Palette features: Whimsical - Foiled Eyeshadow  Day Dreamer - Foiled Eyeshadow Code Blue - Si

Neutral Tones Inspiration

  Bringing you warmth and everything you need to create your go-to everyday eye look! This palette combines warm mattes and foils. Featuring: Banana Split - warm, cream with a slight yellow under

St Patrick's Day Inspiration

  We have what you need to complete a green glow for your festivities! Enjoy St Patrick's Day with this inspired green palette!   Palette features: Power Pigment White Lies Foiled Eyeshadow Il

10 Best Eye and Lip Color Combinations

Makeup Geeks, here is a little color inspiration! From neutrals to vibrant pops of color, these combinations have a little something for everyone! Each is made up of four eyeshadows and a lip for a

How to Wear Power Pigment - Dynamic

Step 1 Sweep Peach Smoothie into the crease as a transition shade using the soft dome brush. Step 2 With a defined crease brush, blend the Power Pigment in Dynamic into the crease. Step 3 Pat Gran

How to Wear Power Pigment - Dedicated

Step 1 Sweep Cocoa Bear (now Cheetah Bear) into the crease using the soft dome brush. Step 2 With a defined crease brush, blend the Power Pigment in Dedicated into the crease. Step 3 Add dimens

How to Wear Power Pigment - Courageous

Step 1 Sweep Faux Fur (closest Rebrand Shade - Bedrock)  into the crease as a transition shade using the soft dome brush, concentrating on the outer crease.  Step 2 Apply the Power Pigment in C


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