Basement Mold Remedy and Water Damage Cleanups

One of the areas in the home that gets more moisture normally, than any other area of the home, is the basement. Basements also typically have the worst ventilation of the entire house, so moisture usually has no way to escape, leading to mold contamination. Thus, basement mold in your house in Wilmette, can be caused by a few of the following issues:

Mold remediation - Kentucky Attorney General

An Official Website of the Commonwealth of Kentucky

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Coffee And Crawlspaces (At Einstein Bagel on Cedar Bluff)

https://CrawlSpaceNinja.comJust enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee and talking crawlspaces on a random saturday morning!Also be sure to check out our DIY store ( where

Can I Control Crawl Space Humidity Using My Air Conditioner?

https://CrawlSpaceNinja.comI recently got a question asking whether it's possible to use one's AC unit to somehow control the humidity levels in the crawl space. This is a great question. Watch the v

How Much Money Could You Save By Doing The Crawl Space Work Yourself?

Visit our DIY store to see all the supplies you'll need to de your crawl space encapsulation yourself! Church, Crawl Space Ninjahttps://CrawlSpaceNinja.comhttp

How Much Crawl Space Tape Do You Need? | How to Calculate Seam and Butyl Tape"How much seam tape do I need?" "How much butyl tape do I need?" "What is the difference between seam tape and butyl tape?" These are question

Are Your HardWood Floors Cupping? (And is that OK?)

https://CrawlSpaceNinja.comDo you know what's going on when your hard wood floor boards start warping inward? That's called cupping. In this video I speak about this issue and how it can be a sign of

Repairing a 3000 Square Foot Crawl Space | Looks Like New! (Recent Jobs)

https://CrawlSpaceNinja.comRecently, we had a crawl space repair job in which we helped a homeowner turn their damp dusty crawl space into a cool, dry and pleasant space to be. This crawl space was a

How To Properly Address Mold (Do THIS Before Removing Mold)

https://CrawlSpaceNinja.comThere are more contractors in the industry than you might think who don't deal with mold correctly. Some of them mean well, but they are only setting themselves up for prob

Does Vapor Barrier Insulate Your Crawl Space? | Answering Your Questions | Q&A

https://CrawlSpaceNinja.comOne thing I've (surprisingly) heard multiple times from customers is that some of our competitors actually claim that vapor barrier adds insulation value to your crawl spac

Work Examples | Custom Basement Wall Build (Basement + Crawl Space Hybrid)

https://CrawlSpaceNinja.comWe recently had a unique yet challenging job. A customer called us with a problem. The wall dividing their basement and crawl space was old and beginning to show signs of w

Should I Seal My Crawl Space Vents or Install an Exhaust Fan? | Answering Your Questions | Q&A

https://CrawlSpaceNinja.comWe got a question the other day: "Should I seal my crawl space vents, or install exhaust fans?". It's a great question. In the video I elaborate on the answer --

Basement Mold Removal

The toxic kind of mold can cause serious health problems Children are usually more prone to these health problems since their immune systems are not as developed as those of adults. However, individua

Asbestos and mold removal needs to be done by an expert, not an amateur

Asbestos and mold are very serious and may be lurking in your household. If and when you need mold and asbestos removed, you should call an expert and professional with years of experience.

Budgeting Black Mold Removal Costs

Black mold, scientifically known as Strachybotrys atra or Strachybotrys chartarum, is what is most commonly referred to as “toxic mold”. This genus of mold is an asexually reproducing fun

How To Repair Seepage`

Basement seepage problems and foundation cracks can cause a lot of damage to your home. This is when water enters your home through small cracks a little bit at a time. It can go unnoticed for quite a

Black Mold - Stachybotrys

Molds are very common in buildings and homes and will grow anywhere indoors where there is moisture and cellulose, the preferred food source for mold.

Mold Remediation: Black Mold Removal

Black mold is a thin, black fungal growth, scientifically known as Stachybotrys chartarum or Stachybotrys atra, which is usually found in places with high humidity or too much dampness or poor ventila

How to Decode Egg Cartons

How to Decode Egg Cartons

6 Natural Remedies to 'Cure' a Cold

Article written by:By Chris Kilham Published December 29, 2010 |

GPS Safety Warning

If you have a GPS unit in your car, keep it hidden when your vehicle is unoccupied, especially if you pre-programmed addresses in it. GPS units are a popular target of thieves. Having it in plain sigh

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by Paul William

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Meridian Magazine :: Emergency Preparedness: Back to the Future – A World without Electricity

Meridian Magazine :: Emergency Preparedness: Back to the Future – A World without Electricity


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