How Beginners Can Build Their Credit Fast

When you want to borrow money, rent a property or get a job, the person responsible for making the decision will consider your credit score. But what if you do not have one? You should not miss out on opportunities, but focus on building your credit fast.

Podcast: Charged Up! with Jenny Hoff

Charged Up! with Jenny Hoff is a personal finance podcast where we talk to experts and answer your questions about credit, debt, small business and more

Video: Tips when applying for a new card

Make applying for a new card a painless and successful process by following these tips

3 strategies for reducing debt on multiple cards

When paying off credit card debt, set up your priorities first: keeping score high, minimizing interest expenses or paying smallest balances first.

How to Get a New Credit Card with Bad Credit

You desperately need a credit card to pay some bills and make important purchases, but your credit score is far from perfect. Is there a way out of this situation? Can you finally get control over you

How to Assess Your Credit Card Needs After Divorce

Of all the things that need your attention after a separation or divorce, credit cards are probably low on your list. But making the right moves early on can set you…

What to Buy (and Skip) in July

July is nearly here, and as temperatures rise, you can expect prices to drop on popular products. Make the most of midsummer sales with our guide to what you should…

Experian’s Financial Screening Tools Are Helping Patients Get Hospital Bills Paid  #ExperianStories

Health care can be expensive and unaffordable for many Americans. By developing a financial assistance screening tool and raising hospital donations through local charities, Experian makes sure those

Essential Oils That Do Wonders For Your Hair

Every girl, and even a man want to have that shiny, silky and healthy hair. Well, the life of your hair actually depends on the way you take care of it. If you’re using chemical-based shampoos a

Volunteering to Illuminate Local Communities with Credit Education

Five years ago, I began volunteering as an Experian Ambassador, teaching personal finance to local high school students. It is so rewarding to share my credit knowledge with young people, and to see t

Helping People Understand How to Improve Their Credit Scores in Italy #ExperianStories

In Italy, some people believe that a credit report is just a list of bad people who haven’t paid what they owe. In addition to a poor understanding of how credit works, some Italians also have l

Some foodstuff You should NEVER Eat

Eat to live, not live to eat. Strangely enough that's not always the case. And all of us find ourselves helplessly engaging in consumption of foods regardless of their effects on us. But have we all n

How Beginners Can Build Their Credit Fast - WanderBy

How Beginners Can Build Their Credit Fast When you want to borrow money, rent a property or get a job, the person responsible for making the decision will consider your credit score. But what if you d

Mortgage Rates Friday, June 23: Only a Notch Higher

Mortgage rates for 30- and 15-year fixed loans ticked higher, while 5/1 ARMs were unchanged, according to a NerdWallet survey of current mortgage rates published by national lenders Friday mornin

Data Accuracy is Helping Police in the U.K. Keep People Safe #ExperianStories

“If you’re taking an emergency call (999 in the U.K.), it’s easy to spell a name wrong. And sometimes people reporting a crime won’t give you their name at all. So, after 13 ye

Top Mistakes to Avoid If You Want to Look Ever Young

Keep an Eye on Your Deteriorating looks resulting from a few Mistakes Looking younger is something everyone loves no matter what age group they belong to. No one wants to be classified as an old man o

Making a Will Online: 3 DIY Options

A will ensures your possessions go to the right people after your death. You must compose yours carefully, but if your personal situation and estate aren’t complicated, you might be…

Five Food Items To Avoid That Are Toxic For Your Health

If you want to live longer, you need to eat and live healthy. Healthy and the right diet plus exercise will surely get you going, and you don’t need to worry about the diseases that will weaken

‘Gen Z’ Off to Strong Start With Credit, Analysis Shows

The oldest members of “Generation Z” have barely crossed the threshold into legal adulthood, but they’re already demonstrating financial prowess, according to an analysis r

Experian’s Role in Mapping Innovation

For any company to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, innovation must play an integral role in its business model. Industry’s greatest innovators are successful no


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