What Is a Heat Pump

What Is a Heat Pump, How Does It Work and the Benefit of Using It?

Alligator Gar: 100 Million Years Old and Still Kicking

A Texas man caught an alligator gar estimated to be over 300 pounds in May 2022. The alligator gar is sometimes referred to as a "living fossil" and, while it may look threatening,

7 Great Online Jobs for Teens

Summer's coming — do you have your job plans figured out yet? Check out our list of online jobs for teens, some of which you may never have thought of.

5 Great Ways to Clean Grease

Nobody wants a greasy kitchen. But nobody wants to clean a greasy kitchen either. These five tips will at least make a bad job a little bit easier.

Going Nowhere Fast? Smart Traffic Lights Can Help Ease Gridlock

Smart traffic lights monitor traffic and continuously adjust their timing to improve flow, and can even help disabled or elderly pedestrians navigate crosswalks. Could they be a solution to the probl

Hot Wheels Debuts Wheelchair Toy With Paralympian Aaron "Wheelz"

Mattel's very first remote-controlled wheelchair action figure was designed with Paralympian Aaron Wheelz. And yes, it can totally do a backflip!

The Zoo Hypothesis: Are Aliens Watching Us Like Animals in a Zoo?

Is it possible that we are not alone in the universe, but are just like animals in a zoo to the aliens who are watching us?

How Voodoo (Vodou) Works

If asked to describe Voodoo, many people would mention pin-filled dolls, zombies, and spirit possessions. But most of this doesn't have anything to do with real Voodoo (aka Voudou).

5 of the Loudest Animals on Earth

Your dog barking at the mailman? Loud. But he's got nothing on these five. They're some of the loudest animals on the planet, and they're probably not the ones you&#039

Drought, Climate Change Threaten the Future of U.S. Hydropower

Hydropower is essential to the U.S. power grid, but it only creates energy when there's water to move. How many hydroelectric plants could be in jeopardy as lakes and rivers dry up?

Kidney Stones Are Excruciating, But the Source of Pain Is Surprising

Having kidney stones can feel like you've been stabbed in the back. But is it the stones causing the searing pain or is it something else?

The most popular solar systems on EnergySage in 2022

Before going solar, one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is which equipment to install. But there are many different solar panels, inverters, and batteries (if you’re looking to instal

Amana air conditioner troubleshooting 

AC not doing its job? Check out our Amana air conditioner troubleshooting suggestions. We’ve listed common issues and their fixes to help you potentially avoid an expensive service call. But if you

Goodman AC troubleshooting

Having Goodman air conditioner problems? Before you call in a pro, give these tips a try. You may be able to solve the issue with some Goodman AC troubleshooting. Goodman air conditioner isn’t turn

How many watts does a phone charger use?

While not as power-hungry as appliances like air conditioners or washing machines, it’s important to know how much electricity a phone charger uses when you’re looking at your whole home’s energ

Lead acid vs lithium-ion battery comparison

If you’re considering home energy storage, there are several types of batteries to choose from. In this article, we’ll compare two of the most common battery options paired with solar installation

Solar panel maintenance

Worried about solar panels and hail? Fret not! Solar panel systems are incredibly durable and require little to no maintenance over their productive lifetime, which can span 25 years or more. In the e

400-watt solar panels: What you need to know

When comparing solar panel options, one important metric to consider is a panel’s power rating, referred to as wattage. 400-watt (W) solar panels are above the average wattage of solar panels availa

What to know about Hawaii’s clean energy transition

If you’ve ever lived in or visited Hawaii, you know it’s a special place. One of the most biologically diverse areas in the world, with a number of endemic species, Hawaii is a key place that need

Goodman thermostat troubleshooting

Problems with your Goodman thermostat can impact your whole HVAC system. Goodman thermostat troubleshooting may help you find a solution without calling a pro. Goodman thermostat temperature doesn’

Goodman furnace troubleshooting

Got Goodman furnace problems? Check out these DIY Goodman furnace troubleshooting tips. They may save you the trouble and expense of calling a repair technician. Goodman furnace isn’t turning on If

Lennox mini splits review

Lennox mini splits are efficient heating and cooling systems for powerful and energy-efficient comfort. Our unit reviews below highlight the features of Lennox ductless air conditioners. After readin

Can you go solar with low credit?

If your credit score isn’t the highest, it can sometimes feel challenging to get larger purchases covered. Going solar is a big purchase, so many homeowners look to finance their solar system. While

Solar news: May 6th, 2022

In this week’s new round up, we discuss a new commitment by the Biden administration to support domestic electric vehicle (EV) production and an important update in solar incentives in Florida.  Bi

Tesla charging station guide: what to know about charging away from home

Tesla continues leading EV market sales: their two best-selling electric vehicles (EVs) in the U.S., the Model 3 and the Model Y, make up nearly 70 percent of all EV sales according to Kelly Blue Book

York mini split models: compare units

The catalog of York mini split models has an option for almost any living space. Whether you’re heating and cooling a single room or a whole home, a York split system can make your space feel more

York mini splits review

York mini splits could be your ticket to lower utility bills this summer. The brand is considered economy to mid-tier with a wide range of air conditioner and heat pump options for your home. Mini sp

Goodman heat pump troubleshooting

Heat pump giving you trouble? If it’s a Goodman, check out our troubleshooting tips below. They may save you the hassle of calling a repair person for help, but we’ll also tell you when it’s ti

Goodman air handler troubleshooting

Need a fix for your Goodman air handler? Our tips below should give you some ideas on what to check before calling a repair technician. Save yourself time and money by giving these Goodman air handle

2022 Tesla facts and statistics

Since releasing its first electric car in 2008, Tesla has become a leader in the rapidly growing space of electric vehicles (EVs) – many even consider Tesla responsible for the rise in consumer pur

AC repair in Orlando: DIY tips 

When your air conditioner breaks down, the hours spent waiting for an HVAC technician can feel like days. Before scheduling an AC repair in Orlando, try these basic DIY steps for a potentially simple

Why You Need Regular Duct Cleaning For Your Home

Get ready for spring! Why should I clean my Air Ducts?

AZ-TV 7 Maintain Your Plumbing, Heating and Cooling with A.P.E.S.

The cost of taking care of a house is going up. A.P.E.S. Plumbing, HVAC & Appliances can help you take care of your house and properly maintain your equipment. A.P.E.S. trains their staff to make

Become Part of the Team at A.P.E.S. Plumbing, HVAC, & Appliance AZTV 7

A.P.E.S. Plumbing, HVAC & Appliance is hiring! A locally-owned company that’s been serving valley-wide customers with top-notch, price-friendly services since 2016!

What Is a Heat Pump, How Does It Work and the Benefit of Using It?

Plumbing issues? Washer or dryer breakdowns? Air and heating system repair? There's only one contractor that will take care of you. Arizona Plumbing Expert Services!

What Is a Heat Pump, How Does It Work and the Benefit of Using It?

It Can Cool and Heat Your Home Whеn уоu build, renovate оr replace HVAC equipment, thеrе аrе mоrе wауѕ tо

A.P.E.S. Takes Care Of All Your Home & Business Maintenance Issues

Don't Go Crazy...Go 4  A.P.E.S.! You've got AC or Heating problems? Plumbing issues? Appliances not cooperating?!

Meet A.P.E.S.' Trusted Air Filter Partner

Tired Of Changing Your Nasty, Dirty Air Filters? Did you know that replacing your HVAC unit's air filter regular

A.P.E.S. Supports West Valley Charities

We love our Phoenix Valley community! A.P.E.S. joined the Mavericks Foundation this month to support West Valley

A.P.E.S. Great Ape Employee Spotlight

Joe Contreras with the Golden Ape award! A.P.E.S. is grateful and excited to celebrate one of

Get Your Pipes And AC Working Great! Go 4 A.P.E.S.!

Has this ever happened to you?!  This is the Thomas Family.  


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