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Outdoor landscape lighting can be a huge improvement to your Dallas home or garden. Not only is landscape lighting visually appealing but it can also help make your home safer. Well-lit homes can intimidate potential criminals and stop them from targeting your home.


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Landscape Lighting: Design & LED Technology | Rutgers NJAES Office of Continuing Professional Education | Formerly Cook College

Landscape Lighting is a class full of bright ideas that will increase your value to customers. Learn how to design outdoor landscape lighting solutions through hands-on exercises.

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Outdoor & Landscaping Lighting for your Dallas home or garden, Berkeys electrical services can install, supply fixtur...

Why Do Outdoor Rated Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Fixtures Break?

Not all outdoor rated landscape lighting fixtures are created equal. Why? Not all outdoor rated  fixtures are built to withstand the outdoor environment. Let us try and answer the questi

Tree Accent Lighting Ideas for Beautiful Landscape Lighting

In the real world, no two trees are identical (even if they are the same species). In the world of landscape lighting, it follows that no two trees should be illuminated in exactly the sa

Backyard Entertaining with Outdoor Bistro String Lights

These warmer months are wonderful for hosting backyard BBQs, wine nights with the gals, and other outdoor events. But, once it gets dark you are left with two options -- either move insid

Spring Cleaning Time, DFW

It’s that time of year again – Spring Cleaning Time! We need to get ready for the warmer weather by opening the windows and getting busy with ridding our homes of the dusty musty winter air. Some

Pendant Lights: Beautiful Landscape Lighting Fixtures to Accent Your Outdoor Living

Are you looking for something unique and different for your landscape lighting project? Pendant lights are beautiful landscape lighting fixtures that help accent and elevate your outdoor

Garage Lighting for Curb Appeal & Security

When properly done, landscape lighting can boost the nighttime curb appeal and increase the security of your home and property. Sometimes lighting the garage might not seem like a high

How To Light Small Spaces

A small space can present a number of puzzling problems, but poor lighting doesn’t need to be one of them. Clever placement of pendants, flush mounts, and sconces makes all the difference in a tigh

Path Light Designs and Styles for Traditional, Modern and Commercial Outdoor Lighting

With so many options available, choosing the right path light can be challenging. Considering the style, material, and construction of a path light can help make this decision a simple pr

Safe Driving In Wet Weather

North Texas has been a bit soggy lately. It means roads are wet, flooded, or even severely damaged by all that water draining into the storm drains. To stay safe, you don’t have to remain at home. T

Exclusive: Tom Dixon Talks Milan Design Week, His Latest Innovations and the YLighting Exclusive SPRING Pendant in Brass

The name Tom Dixon has become synonymous with modern, cutting-edge lighting design. You might not always know what you’re looking at on first glance, but you know it’s a Tom Dixon. His latest inn

Beautiful Patio String Lights: Bistro Lighting Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining

String lights are a popular solution for patio lighting dilemmas. Cafe bistro lights offer functional light well suited for outdoor entertaining. This combination of functional light and

Beautifully Accent the Trees in Your Yard with Landscape Lighting

In honor of Arbor Day, we wanted to feature some different ways you can beautifully accent the trees in your yard with landscape lighting. Trees provide numerous benefits to the envi

DFW Out And About

Before the rains begin again, it looks like DFW is going to be enjoying some nice weather. It’s time to begin getting the kids out of the house for some fun on the weekend before the rain ends and s

5 Things I've Learned about LED Security Lighting as a Designer

Security lighting can be challenging for a lighting designer. The reason isn't because security lighting is difficult to do.

Why is My Landscape Lighting Not Working? Water and Tripped GFCI

Is your landscape lighting not working after heavy rainfall? The solution to fixing your lights might be simpler than you'd think. When there is water, check your GFCI.

Going Solar in Your Apartment: 5 Ways to Get Started

If you own a home, going solar is a no-brainer. Upon installation of a solar system you immediately begin to reduce your energy bills. As an investment, solar can provide an amazing return every month

Meet the Makers: Lee Broom

Lee Broom is working at the speed of light. While the design world descends upon Milan this week to unveil their latest grandiose creations for the world to see for the first time, Lee Broom is alrea

Inspiring Spaces: LZF’s Most Stunning Installations

LZF is renowned for producing lighting that makes a statement in a range of settings. A giant koi in a José Andrés restaurant. A natural, warm suspension light in a Miami hospital. Just a super-coo

Outdoor Kitchen & Grill Lighting Ideas

If you've ever tried cooking in an outdoor kitchen at night, you know how difficult it can be. Having the proper lighting is essential to safe grilling and making sure your food gets cook

Summertime with Safety in Mind: Security LED Landscape Lighting

It's summer. What a perfect time to host a barbecue, wedding or birthday party, and what better way to show off your home than to install landscape security lighting. It's also the time w

Making your Outdoor Living Beautiful through Pond Lighting

Adding a splash of beauty to your outdoor living space can be as simple as lighting your pond. Weather it’s the therapeutic sound of running water, or observing fish in their natural el

How to Reset & Reprogram Your Landscape Lighting Timer [Video]

Lets face it, the instructions that come with your intermatic timer require a technical writing degree to decipher. You just want an easy way to quickly reset & reprogram your low vo

Congratulations, DFW!

When you live in DFW, you realize it’s a huge place, made up of individual cities. Sometimes that idea can be overwhelming. And sometimes, having our own little city is comforting with so much going

Landscape Lighting Spring Maintenance Checklist

Landscape lighting is an important aspect of the home. It provides beauty, security, safety, and, as warmer weather arrives, continued enjoyment of your outdoor living areas.  After Neb

What’s New? Find Out At Dallas Startup Week!

Every one, both old and young, are constantly dreaming of new ideas or new ways to do things. People create fascinating new products and great new concepts just sitting around a coffee table. However,

Video: How to Adjust Your Analog Landscape Lighting Timer for Spring

For homeowners with a low-voltage landscape lighting system, it is a good time of the year to adjust your outdoor lighting timer as it will start getting darker later in the evenings. Pho

Meet the Makers: Amelie du Passage of Petite Friture

Parisian brand Petite Friture was founded in 2009 by Amelie du Passage with the intent to “make good things happen.” And from the looks of it, she has indeed made many good things happen. From th

Backyard Outdoor Gate Entrance Lighting

Many homeowners have a gate or fence surrounding their backyard or pool area. It can be difficult to enter or navigate your gate entrance in the dark of night. A little extra light can

Better Products When Companies Work Together

Most homeowners make a big mistake while planning their kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. They think that products found in their local home improvements stores or on a few websites are their on

Residential Outdoor Wall Lighting

Everyone wants their home to be safe and secure. Outdoor wall lighting can help make your backyard safer while providing a stronger sense of security.  Lighting a few prominent column

Landscape Lighting Design: Modern Mountain Home

Tucked into a secluded development outside of Omaha, Nebraska you’ll find this stylish modern mountain home. The landscape lighting design elegantly enhances the grand architectural fea

Going Green: 7 Tips to Create a More Eco-Friendly Home or Apartment

The quest for eco-friendly apartments and homes is spreading fast, and we have seven great ideas to quickly and constructively join the green movement. Check these out: Outside If you are in an arid c

Berkeys Earns 2018 Angies List Super Service Award

BERKEYS® Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical Earns Their Seventh Consecutive Angie’s List Super Service Award DALLAS, TX, Friday, February 8, 2019 – BERKEYS® Air Conditioning, Plumbing &

Home Front Entrance Path Lighting Ideas

When adding landscape lighting to your home, there are many areas to consider. Illuminating the walkway leading to the front entrance is one of the most popular areas. There are several

The Essentials of Scandinavian Design

From its beginnings in the early 20th century, Scandinavian design’s streamlined style of modern furniture and decor has become even more popular today. The Scandinavian nations of Sweden, Finland,

Best Places To Find A Job

Congratulations, Plano – You’ve Made The Top Ten! Finding a job can be difficult. Especially, in a big city like DFW area. It’s not easy to set yourself in the spotlight among many applicants. B

Meet the Makers: Christophe Mathieu

Christophe Mathieu, a veteran designer for Marset, first had the idea for the Discocó Pendant in 1997—but the design wouldn’t come to fruition until 2008. It was an instant hit, and today, it ha

Bath Lighting for Every Style

Just like the rest of your house, your bathroom should reflect your personal style. And bath lighting plays a critical role in creating said style. From Scandinavian sconces to Art Deco chandeliers,

How to Select Sideboards, Consoles, and Credenzas

Expert advice from San Francisco interior designer, Eugene Nahemow, known for his warm residential spaces, on which modern sideboard, console, or credenza is right for your needs. Eugene Nahemow

How to Install a Shower Curtain Rod

Functional and decorative, the shower curtain rod is an integral part to the common bathroom. When installing a new rod, you’ll have to decide on which type is best for your situation, and then ta


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