Splashtastic Water Activities

We are always looking for ways to avoid the sizzling heat in the summer, and anything involving water is a huge hit! Here are some splashtastic water activities to enjoy under the summer sun! Water Balloon Letter Smash: This is a great activity to help with letter recognition. Get outdoors and be active under the summer sun. Fill up at least 26 balloons with water, each marked with a letter of the alphabet. Use your chalk and write out the alphabet on the sidewalk. Pick a balloon; find the matching letter on the sidewalk and smaaaash that balloon. You can also use this activity to help with capitalization and lower case letters, or even spelling! Water Cup Races Grab those water guns and head outdoors to have the race of the summer! Using some plastic cups and a few very long strings, punch a hole in the bottom of the cup, and slide the string through the hole. Then tie both ends of the string to something sturdy (like 2 chairs of similar height). This will give you a track of string, with the cup as a target to move across the track. On your marks, get set, GO! Squirt your water gun into the cup to get it moving along the string. The first cup to reach the finish line wins! If your kids are younger, this is a great way to practice hand-eye coordination. If they are older, make it more of a challenge, and have each child answer a trivia or math question in order to squirt into their cup! Sponge Water Bombs If you don’t have access to water balloons, these sponges are a great alternative. They are super easy to make, cheap, and there are no little balloon pieces to pick up. All you need are kitchen sponges (in various colors if possible), string and scissors. Cut up the sponges into little strips and tie them together in the center with the string. Blogger, Our Family of Seven, wrote a great article on how to make these Sponge Bombs! Don’t let that summer heat keep you from getting outdoors. With these splashtastic ideas, you can keep cool under the hot sun all summer long.

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Scalding Hot Tea May Boost Esophageal Cancer Risk

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Staying Safe Under the Sun

With summer here, everyone is spending more time together in the sunshine. Before you head outside, make sure you’re aware of the potential threats the summer rays can pose to you and your family.


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