Tucson Metal Roof Repair

Learn how Tucson Roof Repair Pros can help with roof repair, roof replacement, roof installation along with tile roof repair, flat roof repair, shingle roof repair and metal roof repair in Tucson, Arizona.

Box Gutter Liners and the 4 Must Have Components

Make the most of your investment to have your box gutters lined by ensuring your contractor is using the right materials in the right places. 

Benefits of a New England Metal Roof

Metal roofing companies often share the benefits of their products. However, depending on where you are in the country, the benefits vary slightly. As a homeowner in New England, a metal roof will ha

How Do You Find the Best Metal Roofing Contractor?

There are many roofing companies in the area. Some may even list metal roofing as a service they provide. However, finding metal roofing contractors who are experienced in metal roofing products can

New England Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing Seam Metal Roofing One of the most classic of metal roofs is standing seam metal roofing products. If you’re considering a metal roof for your home but aren’t sold on standing seam roofi

Metal Roof Cost vs. Asphalt

If you ask any roofer about metal roof cost vs. asphalt they’ll tell you that the metal roof is going to cost more than the asphalt roofing. However, if they don’t follow up by explaining that th

How To Successfully Navigate Roofing Supply Inflation and Supply Chain Disruptions

So how should a building owner navigate this turbulent environment? It is not a matter of if someone will be impacted by these market conditions, but when. Here are a few tips that may help the savvy

How Green is an Aluminum Metal Roof?

If you’re building a new home or renovating yours and want to make it as green as possible. Everyone wants a clean environment! One area to look at is your roofing. Of course, you should make sure

Metal Roofing Types and Profiles

What Are the Various Metal Roofing Types or Profiles? There are many types of metal roofing for homes. Of the different types of metal roofing, not all of them are necessarily right for your home. De

Just Released: Must-See Metal Roofing Video

Your Metal Roofing Questions, Answered By YouTube Sensation and Building Expert Matt Risinger Austin builder and YouTube sensation Matt Risinger is a huge fan of metal roofs. As his hundreds of thous

Why Choose a Residential Metal Roofing Contractor?

Instead of searching “metal roofing contractors near me” and clicking on the first result, understand that not all metal roofers are residential metal roofing companies. Not all residential roofe

What Colors Do Metal Roofs Come In?

Metal roofs last for a long time and come in a variety of types and styles that can suit just about any home. But when choosing a roof, you may be asking yourself, what colors do metal roofs come in?

What Are My Metal Roof Options?

Whether you’re putting a new roof on your home, you may wonder about the styles and options. From homes in Manchester, NH to residences in Acton, Massachusettes to Guilford, CT, and throughout sout

How Long Do Metal Roofs Last?

Whether you’re looking to buy a new roof or make repairs to your existing roof, it’s important to consider the roofing materials and quality. If you currently have an asphalt shingle roof or a til

Is a Metal or Asphalt Roof Better?

As a metal roofing company, we know that a metal roof is superior to an asphalt roof in many ways. However, you likely have already discovered that information as you weigh your options. It’s alway

The 4 Different Types of Metal Roofs Available

Metal roofs are advantageous for homeowners. They are less costly to maintain and built to last a long time while being entirely functional. When looking for a new roof, there are many types of metal

When Do I Coat My Roof System?

A roof coating is a cost effective way to extend the life of your roof. But first you must determine if and when to coat your roof? The post When Do I Coat My Roof System? appeared first on Jurin Roo

Why You Need Snow Guards for Your Metal Roof

Michigan is no stranger to heavy snow accumulation. Preparing your house for the brutal snowstorms that often batter the state is essential if you want the structure to retain its integrity throughout

5 Ways To Safely Remove Ice Dams From Your Roof

During the awkward period between winter and spring, persistent blocks of ice may refuse to melt off your roof. The beautiful spring sunshine may make the ice melt slightly, but once night arrives the

The Most Common Causes of Roof Damage

Weather Damage Sometimes, roof damage is out of anyone’s control. You can have a perfect roof installation and perform maintenance on the roof but still face the wrath of Mother Nature. After a seve

Benefits of a Metal Roof During the Winter

Roofs are a part of the house that people rarely consider. However, they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer—in turn saving you money on monthly gas and electric bills. Your roof’s

How To Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

How to Update Curb Appeal A successful home design draws attention even before people step foot inside. Curb appeal is an essential part of creating a home you can be proud of. A good eye for exterior

Considerations When Choosing a New Roof

Picking out a brand-new roof for your home is a huge investment that should last for decades to come. As you go through all the different choices for a new roof, it’s important to remember the dutie

How To Prepare for Your New Roof Installation

rest A new metal roof installation should be a hands-off experience for you and your family. Once you’ve decided on a roof, you’ll put the rest of the work into your contractor’s hands. There’

Roof Repair or Roof Replacement: What Is Your Best Option?

There are several options when it comes to the care of your roof. But once it’s suffered through years of weather and, possibly, lack of maintenance there comes a point when you have to decide –

238 T Standing Seam Solves Common Metal Roof  Leak Problems

The 238 T standing seam is a versatile metal roofing panel designed for commercial and industrial roofing applications.  It can be used in new construction over open purlins or a solid deck

Best Sealant For Metal Roof Leak

In most cases, the best metal roof repair product isn't a product at all, it’s the knowledge and skill to identify what’s leaking and to determine if and how the metal roof can be repair

Metal Roof Coatings Vs Metal Roof overlays systems - What's the difference?

For many building owners, a metal roof coating seems like the logical next step to take when trying to stop leaks on a metal roof, especially if  other targeted repair attempts i

Snap Lock Metal Roofing vs. 138 T Standing Seam

If you find yourself in the research and information gathering  phase of your up and coming metal roofing project, you may have already have learned about  snap lock metal roofi

Compare 138 T Standing Seam Metal Roofing Vs Traditional Standing Seam Metal

#1 Traditional standing seam metal roofing can last a lifetime but it's nearly impossible to repair or replace metal panels should they become damaged or if the building is added on to.

138 T Standing Seam Metal Roofing : Simple Design = Predictable Quality Installations

The 138 T standing seam metal roofing  performs in ways that other types of standing seam metal can not  even come close to. But it's not because the 138 T has many bells and whistles that

Learn the Common Metal Roof Profiles

With metal roofing there are different types of metal, gauges, profiles, and looks.  In this post you will see the most common roof profiles used today.

Jurin Roofing Services Adopts Two Ronald McDonald Houses

Jurin Roofing Services has adopted two Ronald McDonald houses in Northern Pennsylvania. Since 1974, Ronald McDonald House has been helping families who need to travel for medical care, have a comfort

Home Repair Assistance - Pima County

Qualifying low income home owners can get assistance with home repairs.

Facilities Management - University of Arizona

The mission of Facilities Management at the University of Arizona is to effectively and efficiently provide maintenance, operational services and utilities services that support the faculty, staff and

Pennsylvania Adopts New Building Codes After Nearly a Decade

Pennsylvania has recently adopted new building codes after nearly a decade of no change. Learn more about the changes and what they mean for your upcoming roofing projects. The post Pennsylvania Adop

Jurin Roofing Services Receives Carlisle SynTec ESP Excellence in Single-Ply Award for 2018

Jurin Roofing Services once again receives one of the most prestigious and coveted awards in the commercial roofing industry, Carlisle SynTec's Excellence in Single-Ply award. Jurin Roofing is recogn

Top 3 Benefits of Completing a Drone Roof Inspection

A drone roof inspection can provide different services and benefits to customers. As drones are continued to be developed and deployed, the opportunities for new services continues to grow as well. D

Metal Roof Repair Solutions: How to Solve Your Leaking Metal Roof Problems

If you are responsible for a metal roof system you most likely have had to deal with metal roof repair and roof leaks at some point. Metal roofs can experience issues unique to these systems and the

Jurin Roofing Services Receives Beacon Roofing Supply Lighthouse Award for 2016

Jurin Roofing Services, Inc. is proud to be the recipient of Beacon Roofing Supply’s Lighthouse Award for 2016 from their Allentown, PA location. Jurin Roofing Services received this award for bein

Jurin Roofing Services Receives Carlisle SynTec ESP Excellence in Single-Ply Award for 2017

For the 15th year, Jurin Roofing Services once again receives one of the most prestigious and coveted awards in the commercial roofing industry, Carlisle SynTec's Excellence in Single-Ply award. Juri


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