Zovargo - Zoo San Diego Animal Program

Zovargo Intern from 2016 shares her experience about being an intern with Zovargo.

Car plows into Carmel Valley home

The crash happened about 5:25 p.m., police said. No one was reported injured.

Person killed after motorcycle, vehicle collide on I-15

The crash happened on northbound Interstate 15 in Rancho Bernardo on Friday.

Fire near Tecate 60 percent contained, Cal Fire crew returns to U.S.

Decision as to whether team will need to return to help address the fire near the U.S.-Mexico border will be made Saturday morning, Cal Fire says.

Which presidential candidates have the most San Diego support?

Federal Election Commission data show who's received the most money from San Diego County donors since the end of 2018.

Full containment reached in 80-acre fire near Dulzura

The fire was reported about 2:35 p.m. Thursday near Marron Valley Road and Tecate Creek.

Secretary of State Alex Padilla, local leaders, promote census at workshop in San Diego

California's Secretary of State joined local assembly members and senate leaders for a census workshop.

December 10-13, 2019

cardiac-arrest-survival-summit.jpg Website URL:  /sites/default/files/cardiac-arrest-survival-summit.pdf

Ex-La Jolla real estate agent to get 25 to life in prison for child molest, porn

Donald Edward Hickey pleaded guilty to five felony counts out of 14 originally charged last fall.

How stress can curb the desire to eat in an animal model

Eating disorder researchers have discovered a neurocircuit in mice that, when activated, increased their stress levels while decreasing their desire to eat.

Humans migrated to Mongolia much earlier than previously believed

Stone tools uncovered in Mongolia by an international team of archaeologists indicate that modern humans traveled across the Eurasian steppe about 45,000 years ago.

Nylon as a building block for transparent electronic devices?

Scientists have solved a four decade long challenge of producing very thin nylon films that can be used for instance in electronic memory components. The thin nylon films are several 100 times thinner

Physiological mechanisms leading to enterovirus opening revealed

Enteroviruses are one of the most common human pathogens leading to high number of acute and chronic infections worldwide. The physiological events leading to successful enterovirus infection are stil

Discovery of anti-opioid pathway offers new route to designing safer pain medications

A team has discovered a biological system that manages cells' response to opioid drug exposure. The unexpected discovery offers new ideas for improving the safety of the one of the most effective, and

From the tiny testes of flies, new insight into how genes arise

A common birthplace of new genes, the male testes are a hotspot for biological innovation. Within these organs, scientists have found a trove of virgin genetic sequences -- and a better understanding

Children with mild asthma can use inhalers as needed, study suggests

A new study supports evidence that children with mild asthma can effectively manage the condition by using their two inhalers -- one a steroid and the other a bronchodilator -- when symptoms occur. Th

Researchers refine guidelines for pediatric brain injuries

There are no guidelines on whether a noninvasive method of measuring carbon dioxide from patients' exhalations, known as end-tidal capnography, is as effective as drawing blood through a child's arter

Police: Armed trolley officer stabs man who went for his gun

When he was ambushed at Old Town station Friday afternoon, the MTS officer stabbed the assailant, who was unable to get the officer's gun, police said. The suspect was found nearby, with a stab wound

Man accused in San Diego date rape series ordered to stand trial

Juan Carlos Cordero, 36, is charged with raping three women he met on dating sites or in person at various locations in and around the Gaslamp Quarter between 2015 and March 17, 2019. He has pleaded n

Gas leak prompts evacuations in Midtown area

The rupture of the 1/2-inch diameter gas line was reported shortly before 9:15 a.m. at a home on Union Street.

Jeffrey Epstein autopsy results show he hanged himself in suicide

The New York City's chief medical examiner determination refutes conspiracy theories that he may have been murdered.

San Diego gun owners sue to overturn California's ban on assault weapons

An earlier court victory that overturned a ban on ownership of high-capacity gun magazines paves the way for this lawsuit, filed Thursday in San Diego federal court.

Driver backs into National City sports bar, causes heavy damage

City officials "red-tagged" N City Sports Lounge on Sweetwater Road as unsafe until it's fully inspected.

Border Fire near Tecate now 30 percent contained

Cal Fire crews were preparing Friday to help on fire lines in Mexico.

A novel cellular process to engulf nano-sized materials

Researchers have discovered a cellular process that allows nanomaterial entry into cells.

Cannabis-related poison control calls for Massachusetts kids doubled after medical pot legalized

After medical marijuana became legal in Massachusetts, cannabis-related poison control calls involving the commonwealth's children and teenagers doubled, according to a public health investigation.

Sorrento Valley optometry shop hit by thieves

The early morning break-in follows a pattern of similar burglaries in Escondido, La Mesa, Chula Vista and San Diego.

Neuronal mechanism that is central to human free recall identified

Recently Weizmann Institute scientists succeeded in recording these rapid bursts of activity -- called 'hippocampal ripples' -- in the human brain, and they were able to demonstrate their importance a

Researcher decodes the brain to help patients with mental illnesses

Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the United States experience mental illness in a given year. Severe mental illnesses cause the brain to have trouble dealing with cognitively effortful states, like focu

Researchers demonstrate three-dimensional quantum hall effect for the first time

The quantum Hall effect (QHE), which was previously known for two-dimensional (2D) systems, was predicted to be possible for three-dimensional (3D) systems by Bertrand Halperin in 1987: Now it has bee

Tiny GPS backpacks uncover the secret life of desert bats

A new study using miniaturized satellite-based tags revealed that during drier periods desert bats must fly further and longer to fulfill their nightly needs. According to researchers this signals the

How E. coli knows how to cause the worst possible infection

The discovery could one day let doctors prevent the infection by allowing E. coli to pass harmlessly through the body.

Organic dye in zinc oxide interlayer stabilizes and boosts the performance of organic solar cells

Organic solar cells are made of cheap and abundant materials, but their efficiency and stability still lag behind those of silicon-based solar cells. A team of scientists has found a way to enhance th

Best of both worlds: Asteroids and massive mergers

Researchers are using the Catalina Sky Survey's near-Earth object telescopes to locate the optical counterparts to gravitational waves triggered by massive mergers.

Wireless sensors that stick to the skin to track our health

Engineers have developed experimental stickers that pick up physiological signals emanating from the skin, then wirelessly beam these health readings to a receiver clipped onto clothing. It's all part

Numbers count in the genetics of moles and melanomas

Scientists have identified a way to help dermatologists determine a patient's risk of developing melanoma.

'Invisible ink' on antique Nile papyrus revealed by multiple methods

Researchers studied a small piece of papyrus that was excavated on the island of Elephantine on the River Nile a little over 100 years ago. The team used serval methods including non-destructive techn

From the Archives: All Shook Up

Elvis Presley died at 42 in Memphis; a fan mourns

San Diego residents allege wrongdoing by campaign for Assemblyman Todd Gloria

Assemblyman Todd Gloria, D-San Diego, is running for San Diego mayor in 2020, but he also is raising and spending money through a campaign committee called "Todd Gloria for Assembly 2020."

One injured in Campo fire that destroyed structure, spread to brush

A building was completely destroyed Thursday by a blaze reported to Cal Fire San Diego officials about 4:50 p.m. off state Route 94 near La Posta Road.

SDPD, FBI investigating robbery at bank near College Area

The robbery occurred around 10:10 a.m. at the U.S. Bank branch inside the Vons grocery store in Rolando, at the Campus Plaza shopping center south of San Diego State University's campus.

How voting becomes a habit

When you think of habits, you probably think of nail biting, tooth brushing and coffee drinking. USC's Wendy Wood and a colleague are in an op-ed that voting seems habitual, too: Whether you voted in

Why Amnesty International’s travel warning about the U.S. is a mistake

In an op-ed, USC doctoral candidate Suzie Mulesky says the human rights group mischaracterized the nature of gun violence here, and that its advisory could be counterproductive.

Mayor’s Latest “Housing SD” Reform Receives Unanimous Council Approval

Monday, August 12, 2019 - NEWS RELEASE San Diego – Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer won unanimous City Council approval last week for the latest “Housing SD” reform aimed at removing the barriers to b

October 2019 Archives Month Calendar

archives-month-card.jpg Website URL:  /sites/default/files/archives-month-2019-flyer.pdf

Updates regarding college admissions investigation

Released Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 7:22 p.m.

The Pride of Our Zoo — Big Cat Edition

“Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.” – Mufasa In

Let’s Talk Animal Enrichment

Animal enrichment plays a huge role around the Zoo. In order to keep the animals physically and mentally stimulated, zookeepers provide them with a variety of enrichment – cognitive, behavioral, foo

How to talk with kids about violent attacks in the news

Advice from USC's David Schonfeld, director of the National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement: "The last thing you want is for your children to find out about this from someone else, and for th

August/September 2019 Newsletter

newsletter-card.jpg newsletters Website URL:  http://www.sandiego.gov/sites/default/files/august_2019_newsletter_english_final_fo

Sea of Shirts

During the summer, the Houston Zoo becomes a sea of various colored T-shirts that make up almost every color of the rainbow. The sea of shirts not only consists of guests from different…

Houston Zoo’s Elderly Female Tiger Dies

Satu, the Houston Zoo’s 18-year-old Malayan tiger, was humanely euthanized last night after a long life. Due to the tremendous care provided to her by the Houston Zoo keepers and veterinary team, Sa

Updates to Policy to Create More Affordable Housing Approved by Council

city-seal-gold.png Website URL:  http://www.sandiego.gov/sites/default/files/2019_07_30_updates_to_policy_to_create_more_affordab

Heroes in Training (HIT)

Heroes in Training (HIT) Website URL:  /sites/default/files/hit-flyer-2019.pdf

Moto Swap-N-Shop, September 2, 2019

swap-and-shop-card.jpg Website URL:  https://www.sandiego.gov/event/moto-swap-n-shop-car-show-0?field_event_date=2019-09-02%2007:

Swap Shop Trader is Tackling Plastics Reduction and Recycling One Toothbrush at a Time

Two summers ago, staff at the Houston Zoo began recycling their toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, floss containers, and toothbrush packaging here at the Zoo as part of the “Plastic Free July Challenge

Updates to Policy to Create More Affordable Housing Coming to Council

city-seal-gold.png Website URL:  http://www.sandiego.gov/sites/default/files/2019_07_26_updates_to_policy_to_create_more_affordab

Carnival & Festival, August 17, 2019

sd-carnival-card.jpg Website URL:  https://www.sandiego.gov/event/west-coast-international-carnival-festival?field_event_date=201

Architectural & Engineering (A&E) and Other Consultant Contracts FY2019

Architectural & Engineering (A&E) and Other Consultant Contracts FY2019 FY2020: A&E and Other Consultant Contracts Awarded FY2019:   A&E and Other Consultant Contracts Awarded fo

Lemur Researcher Dr. Jonah Ratsimbazafy Trains the Next Generation of Wildlife Saving Heroes

Each year, 10 students from universities around the US are selected to spend a summer at the Houston Zoo in order to train, learn, and work alongside Zoo staff and regional conservation partners…

I Am A Pollinator Pal

The Houston Zoo is well known for its efforts in saving wildlife.  Sea turtles, Houston Toads, Attwater’s Prairie Chickens and even butterflies!  Yearly, staff and volunteers participate in Monarc

July’s Featured Member: Catrena Hodge

We love our Members. Their incredible support allows us to make a difference to animals both locally and all over the world. This month, we’re spotlighting a Zoo Member: Catrena Hodge. We asked…

Meet Angelica, Senior Zovargo Educator!

Angelica is a Senior Educator at Zovargo. Watch and discover what her passions are and how she grew into her important role at Zovargo!

Zovargo earns GS Friendship Award

At the 2018 Girl Scouts San Diego Conference, Zovargo was awarded the Friendship Award. Through several letters and nominations, we proudly earned this award. We are honored to have earned this speci

Say NO to Palm Oil

Girl Scout Cadette Troop 2856 in San Diego, Ca - with help from GSSD community partner, Zovargo - took on the problem with palm on as their Take Action Project. Watch this video to see what they disc

WILD LIFE: A Moonlight Masquerade KNSD TV 10 9 18 web content

Zovargo is the special guest for the San Diego Museum of Man's event WILD LIFE! Bringing along lots of crawling insects and arachnids for educational encounters, Zovargo is proud to partner with this

Zovargo on Fox 5 San Diego!

Zovargo provided an interactive Reptile Show for the Shoppes at Carlsbad in September 2018. To help promote our special Creature Encounter, we visited Fox 5 to spread the word and preview some of our

Meet Zovargo Educator, Vanessa!

Meet Zovargo Educator, Vanessa! Learn about her background and what her experience has been like as a Zovargo Educator. Everyone on our team has a different story and different experiences - enjoy! S

What is Conservation?

Conservation means many different things to everyone. Hear from our Zovargo partners and friends what conservation means to them and how we can all make a difference to help our world. Schools, Scout

Thank You Doyle Elementary HD

This year was our third time coming out to Doyle Elementary! We had a great time with the whole school and really appreciate these letters! Schools, Scout Meetings, Classroom Programs, and Birthday P

Zovargo on San Diego Fox 5 News!

In support of the 10th annual STEM Expo in San Diego, Zovargo provided a preview on live morning TV of all the neat "teacher creatures" that they will have during the Expo Day at Petco Park

Zovargo on San Diego's KUSI Morning Show

In support of the 10th annual STEM Expo in San Diego, Zovargo provided a preview on live morning TV of all the neat "teacher creatures" that they will have during the Expo Day at Petco Park

Zovargo Gives Back

In January of 2018, Zovargo provided a free animal show for our military community in San Diego, Ca. Nearly 200 people attended and it was an awesome show!

Zovargo in the Community

Zovargo collaborates with many organizations in the San Diego Community to help spread the message about conserving our natural resources and supporting the animals that live on our planet. Working c

STEAM Maker Summer Festival 2017

STEAM Makers across San Diego join together for this festival that occurs at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Zovargo is one STEAM Maker at this festival! Check out all the fun. Zovargo: Inspiring, Conservat

Meet Zovargo's Animal Amassadors

Here's a look at some of our Zovargo Animal Ambassadors that are a super important part of our education programs!Schools, Scout Meetings, Classroom Programs, and Birthday Parties are all perfect set

Camp Zovargo Preview!

See some highlights from Camp Zovargo San Diego 2017!Schools, Scout Meetings, Classroom Programs, and Birthday Parties are all perfect settings for a Zovargo animal program. Zovargo: Inspiring, Conse

Samantha Smith - Zovargo Intern - YouTube

Zovargo Intern from 2016 shares her experience about being an intern with Zovargo.

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation - University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences - UF/IFAS

University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension outreach is a partnership between state, federal, and county governments to provide scientific knowledge and expertise to t

Discover: Aberdeen

Among the artifacts displayed at The Gordon Highlanders Museum in Aberdeen, Scotland is a flag from Hitler's staff car. (Don't ask how they got it.)

Discover: Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, you can try authentic apple-flavored Budweiser. (Non-alcoholic, of course.)

Discover: Graz

UPC Arena in Graz, Austria was renamed in 1997 to honor native son Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the old name was restored in 2005 over the governor's support of the death penalty.

Discover: Havana

For an "authentic" experience in getting around Havana via public transportation, try El Camello, a split-level bus pulled by a semi-truck, and resembling a 2-humped camel.

Discover: Santa Fe

In the celebrated art colony of Santa Fe, New Mexico, you can of course get paintings of the scenery of the southwestern United States, but did you know you can also get original paintings of Daffy


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