Luxury Jobs Agency London

Bespoke Luxury Recruitment Agency offering services that covers a wide spectrum of roles including retail staff, retail managers & Directors, events staff, eCommerce and New Media personnel.

MSc in Luxury Management - International University of Monaco

Get your Business Degree in Luxury at the International University of Monaco. Learn about our Master of Science Programs in Luxury Management and do not hesitate to apply directly.

West Hartford - Business Associations

The Center and The Square

| Georgia Department of Economic Development

Georgia economic development resources for international businesses, small businesses, and growing companies. Find tax incentives, workforce profiles, and more.

Why Your Prospecting Emails Should Be 2 Sentences or Shorter

According to HubSpot’s 2018 State of Inbound report, 40% of salespeople report getting a response from prospects is more difficult now than it was two-to-three years ago.

6 Rookie Sales Call Mistakes That Make Prospects Hang Up ASAP

As a sales rep, you’re no stranger to rejection. You’ve made hundreds if not thousands of prospecting calls in your career, and regardless of how well you prepared or how perfect the prospect was

A Flying Visit: London to Nice by Private Jet with PrivateFly

Leaning back in my plush leather seat, I gaze out of my large window at the airport runway as a chilled glass of champagne is pressed into my hand…I’ve just boarded the aeroplane after arriving at

Call or Email? 4 Tips to Determine When to Use Which in Sales

The method of outreach sales reps use for a first connect makes a significant difference in response rates. Rather than deciding whether to call a new prospect or send an email based on personal prefe

My Trick For Writing Emails 8x Faster That 99% Of People Haven't Tried

What if I told you it's possible to write emails at 8x the speed?

The Ultimate List of Sales Discovery Call Questions

Closing calls are sexy. They’re the calls where a deal gets moved across the line, contracts get signed, and you earn your commission checks.

Laurent-Perrier’s Midsummer Terrace at Mondrian London

When I think of summer in London, I immediately think of gorgeous restaurants with terraces or rooftops… long lunches with a glass (or two) of something cold and the great British sunshine on my ski

The 4 Email Templates That Earned Us $100,000 in 30 Days

Like most small businesses, we used to get 90% of new clients from referrals.

5 Spammy Sales Tactics Salespeople Need to Stop Using on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become an amazing sales tool -- so much so that declared, "Cold Calling is Dead, Thanks to LinkedIn." Unfortunately, salespeople have also moved many of their bad habits o

An Amalfi Coast Boat Trip and a Day on Capri

There’s nothing quite like seeing a beautiful coast line then seeing it by boat… well I’ve come to learn this ever since meet Mr S who is passionate about boats after spending his childhood arou

Il San Pietro di Positano, A Hotel Carved into the Cliff Side on the Amalfi Coast

Have you ever looked at so many pictures of a place that you’ve feel like you’ve been there? Well that’s how I felt about the Amalfi Coast, a place I’d dreamt of visiting for so long and a pla

Belgravia in Bloom

You only need to look at my Instagram profile to see how much I love flowers…so hearing about Belgravia in Bloom was something that got me very excited. Belgravia is local to me and somewhere I ofte

Michelin-Starred Cuisine and Vesuvius Views at Hotel Romeo, Naples

Art and stylish design are two things synonymous with Italy and the beautiful hotels are no exception. Due to our late flight time, we decided to do a one one night stop over in Naples…now I’ll be

Awasi Patagonia: A Luxury Hotel at The End of World

A 14 hour international flight, a three and a half hour domestic flight and a five hour drive; that’s how long it takes to get from my home in London to the end of the world. Well that sounds a litt

10 Moments in May

As an alternative to my usual monthly round up, I’ve put together ten moments that defined the month of May for me. Thank you to Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons for the post inspiration. 1. My Four Ye

My Top Ten Luxury Hotel Features

With the topic of this months travel link up being luxury I thought I’d compile a ‘best of the best’ hotel features that I’ve experienced so far. 1. Best Ever Room Three years ago Mr S and I w

Eight Things To Do in the Atacama Desert

The driest desert in the world and the driest non-polar place on earth, almost totally rainless and with soil like that on Mars, the Atacama desert is as enigmatic as it is beautiful. Though mostly ba


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