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New tools to create more engaging ads

Today's consumer has much higher expectations for the platforms they engage with online. They expect content that's rich, visual, and allows for quick access to what they're looking for – and that

Our commitment on using AI to accelerate progress on global development goals

I joined Google earlier this year to lead a new function: Technology & Society. Our aim is to help connect research, people and ideas across Google to shape the future of our technology innovatio

Meet three Asia-Pacific schools evolving digital education

Access to education is one of the most important enablers for a child’s future success. School resources can often be limited, especially with the sudden shift to remote learning during COVID. Our

The New Firefox is Here: Firefox Quantum (US)

Mozilla Firefox Upgrade Quantum

Live Video Strategy: How to Create a Show That Engages

Live Video Strategy: How to Create a Show That Engages Make Your Video Marketing Better

Is Your Local Marketing Agency Employing Solid Security Practices On Your Website?

We have a story here that should make every local business owner call their Local Marketing agency. How hack on 10,000 WordPress sites was used to launch an epic malvertising campaign Security resea

New ways to make vertical video ads on YouTube

People are streaming across different screens, video lengths and channels, and they’re coming to YouTube to watch it all. Today, Gen Z viewers watch an almost even mix of long and short-form video

Photos gets a new look for Memories and a collage editor

When Google Photos launched Memories three years ago (almost to the day), it was the beginning of an ongoing evolution from an app where you store photos and videos to a place where you can reflect

Why WordPress 5.5 Is Breaking The Internet

We often forget... the internet is connected by a lot of software. New bugs have a way of reminding us. Why WordPress 5.5 is Breaking Sites "Thousands of WordPress sites have become broken since upda

Facebook Ads: Creative Ways to Attract Prospects and Customers

Facebook Ads: Creative Ways to Attract Prospects and Customers Video Marketing Tutorial

Google Diversity Memo Roundup 2 — Steemit

Why Google was wrong: Did James Damore really deserve to be fired for what he wrote? "Pichai did not specify which… by rainmakerrep

10 ways students can make the most of Chrome

Whether you’re getting back into the swing of schoolwork or already in the middle of the school year, you can use Chrome to help you study. Here are 10 ways Chrome can help students get their work

Firefox Quantum (Beta) vs Chrome

Mozilla Firefox Browser Upgrade

Adelante: Progress for Latino communities across the U.S.

Ver abajo versión en español I grew up in Argentina and came to this country 20 years ago. Like many fellow Latinos, I was looking for better opportunities — in pursuit of my American dream — w

The Court’s decision to dismiss much of the Texas AG’s antitrust case

Today, a United States District Court struck down large parts of Texas Attorney General Paxton’s case as being "not plausible." Importantly, the Court dismissed the allegations about our Open Biddi

Firefox upgrades it’s browser… it’s called Quantum

Probably the main tool every Search Engine Marketer, Engineer, and Specialist uses the most is the browser.  Seemingly, the leader is Google Chrome, as it's integrated with Google, and of late most


Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Why Reputation Management Matters To Google And How That Affects You

In early August of 18', Google had another core update to it's algorithm.  Google likes to keep the specifics and intricacies to it's algorithm, one if it's key intellectual properties, shrouded in

What is an SEO expert? | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google Developers

Many SEO experts, agencies, and consultants provide useful services for website owners. Check out our guide to hiring an SEO.

Digitizing artwork to share Puerto Rican culture around the globe

Today, for the first time, Puerto Rican art and culture is accessible on a new scale to audiences around the world. 10 museums and archives in Puerto Rico have come together through a partnership wit

Marketing Agency Releases Blog Post About WordPress 5.5 Update Conflicting with Plugins

Rainmaker Reputation, a company based in Austin, TX, has announced that they have recently published a blog post about how the WordPress 5.5 update has been conflicting with plugins and how to fix it

I asked Gmail experts to rewrite my emails

You may think that, as a writer at Google, I would be an accomplished emailer — but the truth is that my emailing skills and inbox management could use some help. I often feel like I’m sending e

Google Maps Marketing | Rainmaker Reputation Local Search

If you want to maximize your presence on Google Maps, check out the local SEO services to see which award was won – winning teams drive more local traffic. Engine optimization and SEO factors influe

Creating Advanced Facebook Custom Audiences Using Google Tag Manager

Creating Advanced Facebook Custom Audiences Using Google Tag Manager Make Your Video Marketing Better

Austin_Digital_Marketing_Agency_Rainmaker_Reputation_Announces - Google Sheets

Sheet1 Rainmaker Reputation Local Search And Digital Marketing Agency Austin Digital Marketing Agency,

60 Minutes asks How Did Google Get So Big?

Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes interviews Gary Reback: Gary Reback is one of the most prominent antitrust lawyers in the country widely credited with persuading the Justice Department to sue Microsoft ba

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog

Official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index

Local search (optimization) - Wikipedia

In computer science, local search is a heuristic method for solving computationally hard optimization problems. Local search can be used on problems that can be formulated as finding a solution maximi

AdMob + Analytics - Mobile Ads Garage #16

AdMob + Analytics - Mobile Ads Garage #16 Firebase + AdMob quick start for Android - Firebase + AdMob quick start for iOS - How to link your app to Firebase - SDK Support Forum - Publishers have bee

Unity and AdMob Rewarded Video - Mobile Ads Garage #14

Unity and AdMob Rewarded Video - Mobile Ads Garage #14 Unity Plugin Repo: Get Started Guide: Rewarded Video Guide: Native Ads Express Guide: SDK Support Forum: While the Mobile Ads SDK has supported

Google Maps

Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.

Mediation Adapters - Mobile Ads Garage #15

Mediation Adapters - Mobile Ads Garage #15 Android Adapter Repo: iOS Adapter Repo: Mediation Networks: iOS Mediation Guide: Android Mediation Guide: SDK Support Forum: After hearing from publishers


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