Truly Nolen - Avoid Roach Infestations

Did you know roaches negatively affect more people health-wise than any other insect? Here are some helpful tips to keep them away from your home.

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Paper butterflies are not only dainty and chic, they're also fun to make. Try your hand at origami to create one or, if you're more of a crafting beginner, fold a simpler version with pretty pleats. W

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How to Cite Sources

When you paraphrase or quote information from another source in a research paper, essay, or other written work, cite the original source of the information. Otherwise, your readers believe you are try

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Cookies are always best when eaten fresh out of the oven, however, sometimes they need to be stored for later. If you have the strength to not eat them right away, store them in an airtight container

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A Small Rental Updated With Contact Paper, Stencils, and More — House Call

Name: Emilie Hebert, my cat Leo Location: Fort Collins, Colorado Size: 752 square feet Years lived in: 2 months, renting I moved to Colorado to attend graduate school, and hopefully

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What is it about succulents that makes them so addictive? Every time we go to Home Goods or Whole Foods, we wind up buying a new succulent, without having anywhere to put it. Our windowsills are

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A harness allows you to safely walk your dog without worrying that they may run off. Harnesses put less pressure on your dog’s neck, and they allow you to train your dog not to jump or pull. At firs

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How to Vote in the Midterm Elections

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How to Hide Candy in Your Room

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How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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How to Fold Dress Pants

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How to Protect Bird Nests from Predators

A bird’s nest is a wonderful addition to a backyard, and these are most common during the nesting season in spring. Make it difficult for cats and racoons to reach the nest box through limiting when

StopPests Webinar Nov. 14th: Integrated Pest Management—A Simple Solution to Problem Pests in Elderly and Disabled Public Housing

Free webinar, November 14th: Integrated Pest Management—A Simple Solution to Problem Pests in Elderly and Disabled Public Housing. Join us to hear how researchers from University of Arizona signific

How to Make Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Preparing fluffy scrambled eggs sounds like it should be fairly simple, but there is a lot of controversy in the cooking world over the best way to achieve that fluffy, light texture. It all comes dow

Webinar Recording is Online: Developing a Pest Exclusion Program for Cockroaches and Rodents

You can view the recorded webinar Developing a Pest Exclusion Program for Cockroaches and Rodents with Dr. Matt Frye here: Housing staff can now view this on-line tr

Tracking Powders in Rodent Management: A Cautionary Tale

A group of rodenticides that are not well understood and therefore frequently misused are tracking powders. An unfortunate trend observed is the over-reliance, overuse and misuse of tracking powders t

Free Webinar: Developing a Pest Exclusion Program for Cockroaches and Rodents

On September 12th at 1:00pm (EDT) Matt Frye will present a free webinar "Developing a Pest Exclusion Program for Cockroaches and Rodents". Register here:

Watch the Recording of Rick Cooper's Presentation "Turning Failure into Success: Bed Bug Management in Affordable Housing"

Watch the recording of Rick Cooper's presentation "Turning Failure into Success: Bed Bug Management in Affordable Housing" and learn how bed bugs are successfully controlled with examples of

StopPests Webinar Series

StopPests is offering three free webinars on IPM in affordable housing, covering bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents. See the descriptions and the registration links below. Although housing professiona

StopPests Webinar with Bobby Corrigan - Tools For Eliminating Mice - Recording is Online

Eliminating mice in multifamily housing can be a daunting task, like "bailing out the ocean with a teaspoon" but it doesn't have to be if you have the right tools and approach. Listening to

Free On-Line Training: Tools for Eliminating Mice in Multifamily Housing

StopPests Webinar December 14th, 2017 2:00pm-4:00pm (EST) All too often, mouse infestations in multifamily housing complexes persist for many years with histories of sporadic outbreaks followed by tem

What Can We Do About Persistent Mouse Infestations in Multifamily Housing?

I recently had the opportunity to work with acclaimed rodentologist, Dr. Robert Corrigan, and learn about a particular tough type of mouse infestation found in multifamily housing, the “resident”

Truly Nolen Pest Control Lancaster - Bed Bug Control & Inspection

Truly Nolen Pest Control Lancaster - Bed Bug Control & InspectionIn this video you will see live bed bug infesting a home in Pennsylvania. You were warned. We have the best bed bug control with H

Rodenticides How do they fit into your IPM program?

This post originally appeared in the Stop School Pests: IPM in Schools newsletter posted on January 26th by Janet Hurley at Texas A&M University By Janet Hurley, Extension Program Specialist III C


Get Truly Termite Protection or get none. The Truly 3-Zone Termite Protection Plan is the best most thorough Termite Protection there is.Call us now - (717) 435-5171Visit our site for more informatio

Truley Nolen's Pest Guide to Subterranean Termites

Truley Nolen's Pest Guide to Subterranean TermitesCall us to eliminate your termite problem - (717) 435-5171#pestcontrol #termites #termiteinfestation #pestcontrolservice #newholland #lancastercounty

Bed Bugs Tips from Truly Nolen Pest Control

Summer travel plans are in full swing! And with that in mind, it's probably a good idea to be aware of those pesty critters called "bed bugs."Since 2009, it's no secret there has been a fla

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Tips to Help Avoid Roach Infestations - YouTube

Did you know roaches negatively affect more people health-wise than any other insect? Here are some helpful tips to keep them away from your home. You can al...

Tips to Help Avoid Roach Infestations

Did you know roaches negatively affect more people health-wise than any other insect? Here are some helpful tips to keep them away from your home. You can also call (717) 435-5171 for a FREE pest ins


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