How to become a PADI scuba diving instrcutor

Learn what it takes to become a professional PADI scuba diving instrcutor. PADI IDC course structor, prerequsits, costs, and recommended places to take your scuba diving career to the next level


Learn what it takes to become a certified scuba instructor. Find all the information you need to start living the dream. course structure, prerequisites' tips

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Get the technical know-how to compete in the high tech industry of computer development. Our ... master’s degree course work is no different from the project deadlines, technical problems, and cre

$100 Off Blackbeard's Cruises on Select Dates In November & December 2017

Splash into the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas

Top Five Coral Sea Dive Sites

Australia’s Coral Sea boasts a staggering array of dive sites. Here are the top five Coral Sea dive sites, in no particular order.


Source: Divezone

Florida’s Underwater Archaeological Preserves: The Half Moon

There are 12 Underwater Archaeological Preserves in Florida, scattered from the northwestern Panhandle down to the Florida Keys. Today we visit the Half Moon.

10 Amazing Animal Behavior Shots from our 2017 Underwater Photo Contest

Cleaner shrimp and moray eels have a mutualistic relationship, meaning both species benefit from their interactions. The shrimp clean parasites and algaes off the eels while getting a free meal — ev

11 New Dive Computers Tested By ScubaLab In 2017

ScubaLab put the latest dive computers to the test. See how these 11 console and wrist computers fared.


Source: Divezone

Diver Propulsion Vehicle Training

Using a diver propulsion vehicle underwater means you can cover far more territory on each dive. How do you use one safely?

Combining a Passion for Diving with a Passion for Conservation

Photo by Resa Janssen Like many divers, the team from The Dive Shack, feel a responsibility to protect our ocean planet. So when they saw the chance to combine an upcoming dive trip with conservation

How to Identify and Photograph Corals

Underwater photography tends to focus on megafauna or macro animal subjects. But learning how to identify and photograph corals can be just as exciting.

Types of Diving: Wall Diving

If you suffer from vertigo then it is probably best to stick to sloping reefs as opposed to drop-offs and walls, with some going down to 600m! But if heights are not an issue for you, wall diving can

Types of Diving: Muck Diving

Third in our series of blogs on types of diving is muck diving.

The Pearl of the Andaman

Coming up to my 20 year "anni-diver-sary", having logged over 2,000 dives from destinations such as Thailand, Oman, Indonesia, Malta, and the Philippines (to name but a few), my affinity for the Big B

The Best Way to Dive the Azores – our Exclusive Diving Liveaboard

For years, we've been desperate for an exceptional quality diving liveaboard in the Azores. Finally, we have one in the luxurious Water & Wind. What's more, we're incredibly excited to say that we

The Best Diving Holiday Destinations for Summer

Summer. Even thinking the word brings on visions of Pimm's in the garden, the distinctive waft of barbecue and most of us Brits sporting some fairly interesting tan lines (read: burn lines). And thank

The 8 Best Dive Sites in the World

Bucket lists are for landlubbers. If you're a diver, and the ocean is your oyster, then you NEED to dive these spots, arguably the greatest dive sites on our blue planet.

Top Family Diving Holiday Destinations with Young Kids

If, like me, you are in the phase of life where everything seems to revolve around nappies, nursery and obsessions with football (I have a 1-year old, a 3-year old and a 5-year old) then you will know

Diving in Mafia Island

In addition to being much nicer to everyone and learning to do a pull-up (sadly not much progress on either account), my main New Year's resolution for 2016 was to learn to scuba dive. I've always lov

Scuba Diving in Costa Rica: The Bats and the Cats

Scuba diving in Costa Rica off Guanacaste Province offers visitors everything from enormous schools of pufferfish (yes, really) to encounters with mantas and burly bull sharks.

Top Five Autumn Diving Escapes

As summer waves goodbye and autumn knocks on the door, one question keeps popping to mind - how can we extend our sunshine hours? Jet off on a luxury diving holiday, of course. So we've complied our t

Dive Into the Pink Holds Second Annual Online Auction

Nonprofit organization Dive into the Pink will hold its second annual online auction to benefit the Young Survival Coalition (YSC).

Photographer Spotlight: Mario Chow

In an ongoing series, we’ll chat with prominent and up-and-coming underwater photographers. Today we sit down with Mario Chow.

You’re a Brand New Divemaster — Now What?

Now that you’ve achieved the divemaster certification, you’ve got lots of options, from employment to volunteering or continuing education.

Ice Diving at Morrison’s Quarry          

The protocols for ice diving are much like those for cave diving. And while frigid waters combined with an overhead environment aren’t for everyone, for many, ice diving is an exciting way to

Scuba Diving in Indonesia is a Dream Come True

Scuba diving in Indonesia is world-renowned as some of the planet’s best. And this lucky writer just got to see it for herself.

The PADI Bubblemaker Course

Do you remember your first dive? I most certainly do. It was in the Bahamas, aged 16 and with - in hindsight - a distinctly cowboy dive outfit, but within five minutes of being down I'd seen a shark o

Baja California Mexico

Source: Divezone

Best snorkeling in the world!

Scuba diving is a technical sport, requiring a lot of time in learning and practicing. Also, it’s quite expensive, and not everyone is comfortable being 18 meters and more under the sea surface.


Source: Divezone


Source: Divezone


Source: Divezone

Yucatán, Mexico

Source: Divezone


Source: Divezone


Source: Divezone

Top 3 Reasons Divers Choose Isla Mujeres, Mexico for Their Family Vacation

Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico Site: Open Ocean Operator: Shark Diver Magazine 3 Reasons Divers Love Isla Mujeres, Mexico for Family Vacations. As a scuba diver, selecting a family vacation c

Tiger Beach | Big, Really Big SHARKS!

Location: The Bahamas Site: Tiger Beach Operator: Scuba-Adventures Tiger Beach | Big, Really Big SHARKS! One visit to Tiger Beach in The Bahamas and you're life will be forever changed. There

Captain Don’s House Reef in Bonaire, PRETTY!!!

Location: Bonaire Site: House Reef Operator: Captain Don's Habitat Captain Don's House Reef in Bonaire, PRETTY!!! There is a special snorkeling spot in Bonaire. The house reef in front of Cap

The Bahamas Shark Dive, Seriously Cool!!!

Location: The Bahamas Dive Site: Tiger Beach Operator: Jim Abernethy The Bahamas Shark Dive, Seriously Cool!!! Ok, imagine this senario. You wake up one day and you're on a shark dive in The

Photographing Sharks In The Bahamas

Location: The Bahamas Site: Tiger Beach Operator: Jim Abernethy Photographing Sharks In The Bahamas Days spent photographing sharks are usually days when you spend a lot of time waiting for t

Fiji Shipwreck Near Beqa Island Is An Awesome Dive!

Location: Fiji Site: Johns Tunnel Operator: Beqa Lagoon Resort Fiji Shipwreck Near Beqa Island Is An Awesome Dive! One of the most fun dives we did while visiting Fiji was this shipwreck near

Selecting The Best Swim Fins

Selecting The Best Swim Fins In the world of sporting activities there are many different companies that make a wide[...]

Scuba BCD Buyers Guide – How to choose the right Scuba BCD

Scuba BCD Buyers Guide – How to choose the right Scuba BCD Scuba Buoyancy Compensator devices come in a variety[...]


Are you Really a Responsible, Eco Friendly Scuba Diver? Scuba Divers are the ambassadors to the underwater realm. We have[...]


Advanced Open Water Course Review Advanced Open Water Course advantages: The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course offers the opportunity[...]


Where would you have a chance to dive and swim with Manta Rays, Dolphins and Whale Shark, all in one day? I did, let me tell you my story


Choosing the right dive center can make a huge difference on your experience whether you plan on learning scuba diving[...]


Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras. Beautiful sandy beaches slow and joyful Caribbean rhythm, turquoise water full of wildlife and a once in a life time chance to meet the worlds largest fish- the Whale Sha


FEEL WHAT ITS LIKE WHEN YOU’RE RUNNING OUT OF AIR Air depletion ascent  skill objectives Where to practice Air depletion[...]


REGULATOR CLEARING TIPS AND TRICKS who is regulator clearing for? What is the regulator clearing goal ? why learning regulator[...]


Things to check before scuba diving Getting ready for the scuba diving begins way before we’re fully equipped and are[...]


HOW TO BECOME A SCUBA INSTRUCTOR Imagine the beach as your office, your scuba equipment your tools, and marine life[...]


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