Top Quality Horse Rugs Australia

There many brands availale for horse rugs available in Australia. Check out some of the best options available.

Choosing The Best Horse Supplements For Your Horse Or Pony

It's no secret that horses and ponies need good nutrition to perform at their best. In fact, providing the right supplements is often one of the most important things you can do as a horse or pony ow

Equine Health Management Course | Horse Online Correspondence Course

Learn about equine health from experienced veterinary scientists. Our in-depth 100-hour, self paced home study will help you manage horse health and conditioning.

Horse Rug Size Chart - How To Choose And Fit To Your Horse Or Pony

One of the most common questions rug sellers get, is how do you choose a rug size for the horse or pony. Our ultimate guide will help you make the right decision.

Horse Riding Helmet Safety Ratings - Brand Information

There's a few different brands of horse riding helmets available in Australia and their main purpose is to protect the everything inside (and including) your skull. But what else do these riding hel

We’ve Moved!!!

We’ve moved!… AGAIN!!! Buckle up Bangers, this post might get long winded, but it’s a hell of a ride. As most of you know, in December we had to move out of our home of 5 years, after the owner

What Is The Best Horse Fly Spray To Keep Your Equine Happy

If you're a horse owner, you probably already know that flies can be a huge problem, especially during the warm summer months. Flies are not only annoying for your horse but can also transmit disease

What Are The Best Winter Horse Rugs For Aussie Conditions

When the temperature starts to drop, we need to start thinking about keeping our horses warm through the winter. There are a few different options when it comes to horse rugs, but which one is best f

James & Sarah From JPR Equestrian Podcast On The Approachable Equestrian

If you haven't checked out the latest The Approachable Equestrian podcast, you need to. James and Sarah from JPR Equestrian (The Equestrian ambassadors) sit down to chat about what it takes to make

Best Boots For Horse Riding - Our Buyers Guide

When it comes to riding horses, proper footwear is essential for safety and comfort. Not just any old pair of boots will do. Fortunately, though, shoppers have a considerable amount of choices. Many

Horse Rugs | Paddock, Show, Winter & Summer, Hoods and Neck Rugs Australia - New & Used

We have a large range of horse rugs from the top brand in Australia. New & used summer, winter, paddock, stable and show rugs for horses and ponies of all sizes.

David Shoobridge Q&A With JPR Equestrian

Check out this great video of the Q&A between James from JPR Equestrian and David Shoobridge. It's an interesting convo that includes top horses, top wins, and somehow.... bananas! Check out our

Need Motivation During Lockdown To Ride?

For many of us in lockdown, the enthusiasm to ride may have decreased and the lack of motivation grows as we watch the daily “Gladys updates”. Although the restrictions may have eased for some -

What Is A MIPs Helmet? Everything You Need To Know

What Is MIPs? This video is a simple but clear explanation of the MIPs system found within a horse riding helmet or other sporting helmet. It also explains why you need to know what it is as a horse

Showjumping Distances - How To Walk A Line With Olympian James Paterson-Robinson

Walking a distance is one of the critical elements of riding a quality show jumping round. Australian Olympian and The Equestrian ambassador James Paterson-Robinson from JPR Equestrian shows us how

Horse Rugs Maintenance

By using your horse rugs throughout the season, it’s normal for them to wear and tear. Even the highest quality rugs used by the most rug-friendly horse will eventually need some repairs. After all

Best Winter Horse Rugs

Best Winter Horse Rugs? Winter is coming, for some! We know it’s hot here in sunny QLD, lots of humidity and stormy weather. One thing we didn’t realise was that it has been snowing in Tasmania!

Horse Rug Tail Bags

Horse Rug Tail Bags What are Horse Rug Tail Bags? They are one of those essential items for horse owners who are planning to transport or put their horse is a presentation class or show. Horse rug ta

Have A Horse Rug Wrecker – Try Our Bush Basher!

Have A Horse Rug Wrecker – Try Our Bush Basher! Have you got a Horse Rug Wrecker?? These are the horses who have a rug on and overnight, the rug ends up with holes, rips or on the ground. This is a

Summer Horse Rugs For Warmer Weather

Summer Horse Rugs For Warmer Weather With Spring coming nearer the weather is going to start getting warmer. So, time to get in early and get your precious horse a change of quality horse rugs, to so

Cleaning your horse rugs.

You don’t wear dirty clothes, and neither should your precious horse. Cleaning your horse rugs is vital if you want to prolong the life of your rug and get a good moneys worth of time out of it. In

Finding and removing ticks on your horse.

Horse ticks and parasites that you should watch out for include ticks, lice, worms and bots. The main ticks are the Australian cattle ticks, New Zealand cattle ticks and paralysis ticks. Cattle ticks

Quality Horse Rugs – Recent Testimonials

The post Quality Horse Rugs – Recent Testimonials appeared first on Bang For Your Buck Horsegear.

Winter Horse Rugs – Does Your Horse Need It?

Winter Horse Rugs – Are They Needed? It’s time to pull out your winter horse rugs! Or is it? Winter has started to poke its head up here in the south-east corner of QLD! While we rarely see the t


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