Fast Eddys Keys Express is Top Rated Locksmith

Minneapolis Locksmith Fast Eddys Keys Express gets the best reviews for Edina, Bloomington, Richfield and St Louis Park as well as Minneapolis

How to Reduce Your Home Energy Usage with Smart Lighting

The lighting around your home is important in terms of both practical and aesthetic applications. The simple light bulbs that we often take for granted illuminate our homes at night, highlight points

Meet La Tortuga: Overnight Folk Hero of the Minnesota Twins

Twins fan fave Willians "La Tortuga" Astudillo on arepas, his accidental nickname, and the tensions in Venezuela.

Fast Eddy's Tips & Suggestions

The post Angie’s Lists Honors Fast Eddys Keys Express with its 2018 Super Service Award appeared first on Fast Eddy's Tips & Suggestions.

Ayurveda 101: An Intro to the Ancient, Holistic Health System

Ayurvedic medicine may have originated thousands of years ago, but its teachings feel more relevant than ever before. Here's how finding your place in the universe can balance the mind, body, and soul

The Long Weekend Approacheth

Monday's Memorial Day marks our official unofficial beginning of summer, and we'll take it.

South Minneapolis Booze Crawl

Suddenly there are whole new cocktail programs at old(er) restaurants in South Minneapolis.



Patio Season Is Upon Us

Summer is just around the corner, so why not freshen up the porch?

Go Back to Where "The Vikings Begin"

An exhibit at the American Swedish Institute debunks misconceptions about Viking society.

Best Restaurants Readers' Poll Winners 2019

We asked and you answered.

Lazerbeak Partners With Wellness Minneapolis

The Doomtree producer will open up about his wellness journey at the holistic health clinic.

Gavin Kaysen's Tiny Demi Is a Big Wow

After Spoon and Stable and Bellecour, chef Gavin Kaysen brings his biggest culinary ambitions yet to the counter at Demi. Want to know what you’re missing?

Summer Entertaining

Tuesday, June 4th | 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. | The Lynhall - 2640 Lyndale Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Wix SEO Tools Totally Dominate

SEO is a central component to any website due to the influence it has on search result rankings. There are countless SEO tools out there. Some of these tools include Yoast, Moz, SEO Book, SEMrush, an

Smart Choices for your Smart Home System

Whether you’re looking into smart light bulbs, quasi-intelligent thermostats, Bluetooth locks, wireless cameras or any one of an assortment of sensors, the modern home automation industry is awfull

Cyberbullying Safety 101

The classic schoolyard bully may seem like a distant memory. However, bullying is all but a distant memory. Bullying, like most of our lives, has simply shifted to the digital sector of our lives. Un

How to Safely Remove a Wired Security System

Removing an existing wired home security system may seem like a daunting task. However, this is not the case. In most cases, you do not need to remove the entire system. This is especially true if yo

Vivint Smart Home: What do They Offer and What’s the Price Tag

Vivint Smart Home is a  leader in the North American smart home industry. They pride themselves on their ability to deliver an integrated smart home system. Their services include an in-home consult

Home Automation for the Elderly

Home automation and the elderly population may not seem like a perfect pair, but it’s quite the opposite. Home automation devices are a perfect fit for our elderly peers, especially as their health

18 Thrifty Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home

5 Thrifty Ways Burglar-Proof Your Home You don’t need to spend a king’s ransom to burglar-proof your home. Here are some of the more thrifty (yet very effective!) DIY home security ideas to keep

Home Security Basics: Technology and Device Overview

Home Security Basics We’re far too focused on the nitty-gritty details with most everything these days. Home security is no exception to this trend. On that note, let’s slow things down. Let’s

Ring Camera Emerges as Worthy Contender with First Takeover

Earlier this month Ring, the smart video doorbell company, announced its first major acquisition – that of Cleveland based Mr Beams: an innovative LED lighting technology company. The acquisition,

What Makes A Website Secure or Not Secure?

Website security.  It’s a matter of vital importance to those of us who own websites, and yet a lot of people don’t really understand what makes a website secure or not secure. Today we speak wi

What is a Deadbolt and How Does it Work?

Unfortunately, you are going to really have to consider your family’s security since home break-ins happen frequently. Whether you’re home or not, burglars are brazen and will try to enter your h

Gun Laws In The USA – Frequently Asked Questions

If you live here in America, you know that there is a wide variety of guns that are available for purchase and use. Many guns are being used for the purpose of self-protection, and the protection of

Your Ultimate Guide To Varifocal Security Cameras (Plus Reviews of the Best Ones)

Have you ever thought about improving your home’s security? With so many dangers out there and so many horror stories in the media (TV, internet, etc) these days, my guess is that you’ve had one

Sricam Camera Reviews – We rate all of Sricam’s Cameras

Today we review all of Sricam’s security cameras! If you are looking for the right security camera for your house you can quickly become overwhelmed. There are so many choices and things to think t

10 of the Best Boat Security Measures For Keeping Your Boat Safe

You’ve always dreamed of owning a boat, of sailing free across the open waters. You’ve poured every penny of your hard-earned cash into a beautiful vessel. It is your pride and joy. You want to s

Foscam FI9900P Security Camera Review

Today we review the Foscam FI9900P 1080P Outdoor bullet-style surveillance security camera. Feature Pick Foscam Fi9900P Full Hd 1080P 25Fps Wifi Security Camera With Motion Detection, Free Cloud Serv

What Are The Different Types of Web Hosting?

If you’re new to the process of setting up a website, one concept you will encounter very quickly is that of web hosting.  Web hosting is needed, in some form or another, for you or anyone else to

Superyacht Security Measures Which Will Blow Your Mind!

Superyacht security is of crucial importance in these modern times. The yachts of the rich and famous are kitted out with a wide range of luxurious amenities, and safety is often first on the list of

What Makes A Good Web Hosting Service?

Not everyone who uses the web understands what web hosting means.  Even people who use web hosting sometimes don’t fully understand it. If you’re thinking about getting a website of your own, kn


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