Anxiety, Lasting Weight Loss and Smartphones

Anxiety and the need for research, how to achieve lasting weight loss, the trouble with smartphones and a new FDA approved drug.

Understanding the virtues of kindness

At a time when people are suffering from the damaging affects of fear and hate, MiNDFOOD talks to experts on the virtues of kindness. World Kindness Australia Chairman Michael Lloyd-White is no ange

Tone Your Thighs with Spot Training

You can’t spot-reduce thigh fat, but you can tone and strengthen your thigh muscles with spot training. Schedule leg workouts twice each week with a favorite exercise from each of these three groups

Why Planes Sometimes Crash

Could you survive a plane crash?What If Your Airplane Door Opens Mid-Flight? Listen to Sidenote: WATCH MORE!Tech!:

The One Small Thing That Makes LOOM’s Erica Chidi Cohen Feel Powerful

A Look Into The Daily Self-Care Practices Of LOOM’s Co-Founder

New Zealand bans military-style semi-automatics and assault rifles following Christchurch mosque shootings

Military style semi-automatics and assault rifles will be banned in New Zealand under stronger new gun laws announced today, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told the nation. New Zealand’s rules aroun

Is Cold Water Wrecking Your Digestion & Gut Health?

We look at ayurveda and Western science.

This Is The Best Way To Treat Your Sore Muscles

Before you know it, you'll be sore no more.

Vigils, gatherings and giving back: How to show your support for victims of Christchurch shootings

Like New Zealanders across the country, MiNDFOOD is grieving for the victims of the horrific terrorist attack on Friday in Christchurch and standing in solidarity with the Muslim community in Aotearo

Tips - Anxiety, Lasting Weight Loss and Smartphone Trouble

This week we take a look at anxiety and the need for research, how to achieve lasting weight loss, the trouble with smartphones and a new FDA approved drug.

This Sweet Pea Salad Is Affordable & High-Protein

Frozen sweet peas are on EWG's Clean Fifteen 2019!

If You’re Having Trouble Losing Weight, Here’s What To Ask Your Doctor

What your doctor says to you (and how they say it) can make all the difference.

NIMH » Anxiety Disorders

Explore information about anxiety disorders, including signs and symptoms, treatment, research and statistics, and clinical trials. Examples of anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder (

Marinated Chicken with Coconut Lime Dressing

Serves 4–6 1.5 kg chicken drumsticks, scored 1 teaspoon ground turmeric 2 garlic cloves, chopped 1/2 cup (125 g) coconut yoghurt 1 teaspoon each of ground coriander, ground cumin, sweet paprika and

Vegetable Lasagne

I’ve been making veg lasagne for as long as I can remember – I love that I can pack so many vegetables into one dish and don’t think I’ve ever made it the same way twice. The post Vegetable

Fragrant Vanilla & Honey Macca Cream with Berry Puree

This is insanely delicious – and so damn simple. Trust me on this one, you won’t be sorry. Vanilla powder is expensive but you use so little and the flavour is so vanilla-y that once you have tri

Menchi Katsu

They’re sort of like a burger, sort of like a meatball, but possibly better than both because they’re breaded and deep-fried. The post Menchi Katsu appeared first on MiNDFOOD.

Mapo Ramen

It’s a kind of culinary orphan, neither Japanese nor Chinese but also kind of both. But then again, who cares? It’s really delicious and that’s all that matters. The post Mapo Ramen appeared fi

Curry Pan

If something on a London restaurant menu was described as ‘katsu curry doughnut,’ it would be a rather novel thing. In Tokyo, just such an item has been around for nearly a century. The post Curr

World’s happiest country for 2019 revealed

For the second year in a row, the world’s happiest country is… Finland! Finland topped the list of 156 countries, which were ranked in the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Food and Nutrition: Bugs You Can Eat

{pixabay|100|campaign}If you can get past your initial reaction to them, insects aren’t only edible but also can be good for you. Food and Nutrition: Bugs You Can Eat

3 Food Bloggers Share Their Favorite Family Recipes

{pixabay|100|campaign}Baked spaghetti? Yes, please. 3 Food Bloggers Share Their Favorite Family Recipes

The Biggest Lie About Climate Change

You were lied to about climate change.Listen to our podcast Sidenote! PROTEST INFO: US: https://www.fridaysforf | Hydration: how much is too much?

{pixabay|100|campaign}After being told for years to drink up to prevent dehydration, athletes are now being warned about the dangers of drinking too much. | Hydration: how much is too muc

Should You Get Lip Fillers?

Kylie Jenner keeps taking her lip filler in & out, should you?Watch AsapBODY: to our podcast Sidenote! https://bit.l

How To Cram For Your Exam (Scientific Tips)

Try these study tips when you are down to the wire!Signup for your FREE trial to The Great Courses Plus here: to our podcast Sidenote!"The

This Will Most Likely Kill You

This video is sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates. Check out their 2019 annual letter here:! | Listen to our podcast: MORE!Tech!: h

How To Get Over Your Ex

Mend your broken heart this Valentine's Day!Sidenote Podcast: Science of Heartbreak: us your burning questions in the comments!Created

Are You Capable of Murder?

The Ted Bundy Tapes had us wonder what it takes to be a killer.Deep Fake Video: Podcast: us your burning questions in the comments

What Happens When You Freeze To Death?

Good reason to stay inside during this Polar Vortex!How To Survive Being Trapped in -35° Weather?Sidenote Podcast: Winter Debate! us your burning questions in the com

Will This Trick Your Mind? (Artificial Intelligence TEST)

SimpliSafe is awesome security. It’s really effective, it's reallyeasy to use, and the price is great. Check SimpliSafe out here: you able to tell what is real and wh

Dear Jake Paul

A message to Jake Paul and Ricegum about the mystery box video, Mystery Brand scam, gambling addiction and kids. Listen to our podcast: http://sidenotepodcast.comAsk us your burning questions in the


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