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Your Windshield Repair and Replacement Guide | ATC

Windshield cracks, chips, and breaks can happen. Here's a guide to windshield repair and replacement for every motorist.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves changing colors can add to the beauty of your surroundings, however falling leaves may cause problems with your car working properly. During the hurricane, your car may have been covered

Should Side Door Windows on Your Car be Repaired or Replaced?

Determining whether your car’s side door window should be replaced or repaired ultimately depends on two factors: cost and condition. Let’s explore each a little more closely so that you h

After The Hurricane, Auto Windshield Replacement May Be Necessary But Watch Out For the Scam Artists

Buyer Beware: If someone comes knocking at your door offering an auto windshield  replacement or roof repair, be sure to check with your insurance company first. Reprint from the Miami Herald &nd

Is it Legal to Sell a Vehicle with a Broken Windshield?

The answer to the question is yes, it is legal for someone to sell his or her vehicle to someone else with a broken windshield. The condition, however, is the buyer must be aware of the damaged glass,

Making Sure Your Auto Glass Repair Runs Smoothly

Need an auto glass repair? While your first instinct is to get upset at the damaged windshield you now have, don’t! Feeling upset is not going to fix your car glass. You know what will, however?

Do Auto Insurance Companies Pay for Windshield Repairs in Minnesota?

Do you have a cracked or chipped windshield that needs to be repaired? Have you held off taking it to a glass repair technician simply for the fear that the glass may be too expensive to repair? The g

Can Sand Damage Your Car and Your Car’s Windshield?

It’s time for a last minute vacation to the beach before summer is over. What you may not realize is how much damage those tiny grains of sand can do to your car. There can be sand damage to bot

What You Should Do If Your Car Window is Broken

No one wants to walk outside and see that one of the windows on their car has been broken. Regardless of how it happened, you need to get it cleaned up and repaired. Here are the steps you should foll

A Strong Crack-Free Windshield Can Keep You Safe

No one wants to have an accident but a strong crack-free windshield can be what you need to keep you and your passengers safe  A Crack Free Windshield is More Than Just a Way to View the Road In

How Does Only 1 Auto Glass Determine the Cost of a Windshield Replacement?

If you need a windshield, you may have noticed that different auto glass repair shops quote you a different price for the replacement. This is because the cost of auto glass replacement varies based o

The Process of Replacing Auto Windows

It is important to note that chips or cracks in a car window are not always fixed the same way as chips or cracks in a car windshield. Chips in auto windows mean that they generally need to be replace

Safety for Back to School

Yellow School Buses! Day Care Vans! Family Cars! More Traffic! More Congestion! Back to School Safety is our #1 Concern! Go Slow! You are sharing the road with bike riders and walkers not to mention m

Chips Around Your Windshields Edges? Replace It.

If you have a small crack in your windshield, it may be able to be repaired by filling it in with resin. Unfortunately, not every crack can be repaired or should be. If the crack is splitting off in m

Benefits of Mobile Auto Glass Repair

In-shop Repair or Mobile Repair? Most customers choose mobile windshield repair. Why? It’s convenient – Your day does not have to be disrupted. You can go on with your work plans. Wit

Can An Auto Glass Repair Shop Fix Scratched Windshield Glass?

Just like any other type of glass, a windshield can develop scratches in it. Animals may have been walking across your car, a rock may have slid across the windshield or branches from a low lying tree

Never Leave Kids or Pets in a Hot Car

Here in Florida, the temperature goes from hot to hotter especially in the summer months. While leaving a child in a car is not always unlawful*, leaving a child or pet in a hot car can be deadly. Eve

Why Replacing the Rear Glass on Your Car is Different Than Replacing the Windshield

The rear window on your car may shatter if you are involved in a car accident or if a piece of road debris hits it. When this happens, you will want to replace the window as quickly as possible to pre

Top 4 Car Care Tips to Follow Before a Road Trip

Road trips are fun. They give you the sense of an adventure. However, they can go wrong very fast if your car is out of shape or is not well-maintained. Therefore, before your road trip, be sure to ad

4 Steps to Preventing a Car Windshield Replacement

When you have a minor windshield damage, the best way to prevent it from it from leading to a car windshield replacement is to get it repaired. Despite this, many drivers make mistakes that end up cos

Helpful Auto Glass Tips

Caring for your car involves more than just making sure to complete the required maintenance to your engine. There is also a need to maintain your car windshield and auto glass in Charlotte. Here are

There is a Chip In My Car's Window. Can It Be Repaired?

There are a number of ways that you can get chips in your auto glass. The most common way is a rock flying up and hitting your windshield. But kids may also be playing with toys and hit your car or a

Need Auto Glass Installed? What to Look for in Auto Glass Installers.

You may need to have new auto glass installed after a car accident, after road debris hits your windshield or after someone tries to break in to your car. While there are many reasons you may need aut

The Most Effective Ways to Clean and Care for Your Auto Glass

Being able to see clearly through your car windows is critical to safe driving. Complete windshield repair and replacement isn’t the only way to ensure visibility while driving. It is not uncomm


Auto Window Replacement & Repair in Charlotte NC Windshield, Mirror & Auto Window Replacement Services Auto window replacement may seem like a complicated process, but not for the profess

The Dangers of DIY Car Windshield Repair

When someone identifies a nick or crack in their windshield, they may be inclined to try and fix it themselves. There are a variety of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kits for car windshield repair. But just bec

Everything You Need to Know About Windshield Replacement

When something goes wrong with a car, mechanics will explain the problem to drivers. As a result, people acquire their own body of knowledge about cars. When it comes to auto glass replacement, people

Understand The Process of Windshield Repair

When you are in need of windshield replacement in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding areas Wilson and Tucker can provide an efficient and affordable fix. For more than forty years, we have specialized i

Windshield Repair and Replacement is a Delicate Decision

When a windshield is scratched, cracked or chipped, car owners tend to be impatient about getting it fixed right away mainly because it is unsightly and obstructs their view. Others are hesitant becau

The Benefits of Car Windshield Repair

Any issue with your car always seems like a hassle as the repair process could inconvenience you in a number of ways. While some types of major auto repair can leave you without transportation for qui

Learn How Mobile Windshield Replacement Works

Mobile windshield repair brings a tremendous amount of convenience to drivers as they do not have to go through the process of bringing their car into a service shop and then waiting hours for it to b

Auto Glass Repair In Burlington VT

If you’re trying to find windscreen repair work Burlington Vermont there are some things that would be good to know. Getting it set might seem like a chore you do not wish to bother with, but he

Keep Your Windshield in Good Shape For Safety

If you’re looking for windshield repair work Burlington Vermont there are some things that would be good to understand. Getting it fixed might seem like a chore you don’t want to trouble w

Windshield Repair Burlington VT

If you’re looking for windshield repair Burlington Vermont there are some things that would be good to know. Getting it fixed might seem like a chore you don’t want to bother with, but her

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Glass Industry Launches Petition Against “Steering” Posted on January 6, 2015 by Jenna Reed Nearly 100 automotive glass company owners, technicians and vendors have signed a petition calle

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the Crash Auto Glass family to your family. While out driving, doing your holiday errands and visiting family and friends, was your windshield hit by a stone or debris from the roa

Having Windshield Repair in Burlington VT is Better than Replacement

Having Windshield Repair in Burlington VT is Better than Replacement. An automobile windshield is all that stands between you and the road while moving at 55 miles per hour or more. The barrier is usu

VT Windshield Repair: What You Should Do When Your Windshield Cracks

If you heard two people talking about how a baseball broke the windshield of a car, you may think they’re talking about a cartoon. However, it does happen from time to time, as reported on the M

Hail and Wind borne Debris Damage Call for Vermont Auto Glass Repair

Hail and Wind borne debris damage call for Vermont auto glass repair, in May, a severe thunderstorm swept through western and central Vermont, pelting the region with hail and flinging various objects

Filing a Claim for Windshield Repair VT for a Vandalized Vehicle

Filing a claim for windshield repair VT for a vandalized vehicle is not an easy job. Recently, in nearby St. Johnsbury, at least one vandal was spotted throwing softball-sized rocks at vehicles travel


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