5 Kitchen Gadgets for Healthy & Easy Meals

Nutrition Tips Making healthy dinners for the entire family is difficult. With all of our busy schedules, we need to maximize the time we have.

10 Under Armour Leggings With Pockets That You'll Want to Wear For Every Workout

Once you work out in leggings with pockets, you'll never go back. How many times have you gotten sweat or dirt all over your phone, stashed your keys in your sports bra, or had to skip that post-run

Here's How My Unmanageable IBS as a Teen Led to My First Colonoscopy as an Adult

The word "colonoscopy" has always been one I have dreaded hearing. At 14, I was diagnosed by a gastroenterologist with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which causes stomach pain and other intestinal

I Tried a 10-Minute Conditioning Session From Simone Biles's Gold Over America Tour - It's Flippin' Hard

Simone Biles's Gold Over America Tour features a strong lineup of world-class gymnasts. And prior to the group's Minneapolis, MN, tour stop on Oct. 13, some of them completed a 10-minute conditioning

Here Are 315 POPSUGAR Fitness Instagram Live Workouts to Inspire You to Get Moving!

Need a little home workout motivation? We're teaming up with expert trainers on our POPSUGAR Fitness Instagram page to lead you through inspiring, muscle-strengthening, heart-pounding live workouts.

Is Therapy Working? Watch This Therapist's TikTok For Key Points to Consider, Like "Do You Trust Them?"

@theshaniproject Reply to @soapierose #therapy #fyp ♬ Countless - Official Sound Studio If you're wondering whether therapy is working for you or if the therapist you're seeing is the right

4 Trainer-Approved Medicine-Ball Strength Exercises to Challenge Your Muscles Big Time

@neenfit23 20lb Ball Exercise #blackfitnesswomen #fitgirl #blackfitness #absworkout #womeninfitness ♬ Believe Me - Navos Strength training is beneficial for the body. It can help you build mus

Old Navy's PowerSoft Pieces Feel So Smooth, You'll Put Them on Long Before a Workout Starts

Now, new workout clothes can't improve your athletic performance automatically, but they definitely can help. Not only do they offer extra motivation to get out the door, pieces that are breathable a

"I Was a Mess For a Long Time": Jennette McCurdy Shares Her Eating Disorder Struggle

Content warning: This post discusses eating disorders and mentions child abuse. "I don't think I even realized how intense it was," Jennette McCurdy recently told People in a forthright interview ab

I Took Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day For 1 Week, and These 3 Magical Things Happened

Super adventurous would never be two words that describe me. Skydiving will never be on my bucket list, and I never use hot sauce on my food - ever! But in the name of my physical and mental health,

I Could Watch Olympic Ice Dancer Maia Shibutani Casually Skate to Pop Hits For Hours

Olympic figure skater Maia Shibutani really is an inspiration - in more ways than one! At the 2018 Olympics, she took home the bronze in ice dance alongside her brother Alex, continuing a streak of A

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

With Halloween just a few short weeks away, it’s the perfect time to reflect on some of the most important safety tips for this candy-filled and costume-doning holiday. With the COVID-19 pandemic s

The Most Important Meal of the Day: Nutritious Breakfast Ideas for Kids

There may be no better way to start each day than by enjoying a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Setting the tone for the rest of your day, consuming breakfast every day, is the most efficient way

Fall Activities that Keep Your Child Moving

Motivating your child to stay active can seem challenging when the weather cools down and the holiday season abounds. With school in full swing and extracurricular activities are added to a mile-long

Coping with Back to School Anxiety after the Pandemic

A new school year is anxiety-provoking in the best of times.  After the last year and a half of the Pandemic with shutdowns, lockdowns, restrictions, and virtual learning, it is not surprising that

Car Seat Sizing 101

When it comes to our children’s safety in the car, it is up to us to ensure that we stay up to date on the rules and regulations of the road. The most optimal way to keep your child safe in the car

Sun Safety Tips for Your Children

One of the things kids love most about summertime is spending time outside and soaking up the sun. Being outside in the summer months has endless benefits for your children, but it’s important to r

Ways to Keep Your Child Learning Throughout the Summer

With the summer in full swing, we are all adjusting to a new, more relaxed schedule with school no longer in session. Although play, relaxation and a sense of togetherness should be prioritized durin

Diabetes in Children: Signs & Prevention

According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 1.6 million Americans have type 1 diabetes, including about 187,000 children and adolescents. The ability to recognize the signs and symptoms of

Water Safety 101

With hot weather right around the corner, many people turn to swim as their exercise and leisure activity of choice throughout the summer months. Many vacations, playdates, and family get-togethers a

Choosing Healthy Food Options for Your Child

Whether you’re an in-person grocery store shopper or prefer to order groceries online or a quick drive through pickup service, the food options are endless. From shelf staples to produce, dairy and


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