Multifamily apartment financing

multifamily family and apartment financing for both large and small properties

Multifamily Financing|Apartment loans

Multifamily apartment loans for apartment properties including fixed and floating interest rate options. Small loan programs from $250,000 to $5 million.  Conventional apartment loans from $2 million

Multifamily Housing Loan Guarantees | Rural Development

An official website of the United States government

Research — Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center

The Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center’s research falls into three categories: basic, applied and "thought leadership." Basic research provides the foundation for applied research; applied research empir

What's the Difference Between Class A, B, & C?

There are different classes of apartment buildings. But what does that even mean?Join David Meilan, Director of Investor Relations at Nighthawk Equity and Drew Kniffin, President of Nighthawk as they

WATCH THIS Before You Invest Out of Area

You want to invest out of area? Watch this first!Garrett and I share our insights on investing out of area, what you should watch out for, and what is one VERY important piece of this business.Ready

What Most People Don't Know About Building Relationships

Why is it crucial to build relationships long before you need them? Jordan Harbinger contends that you will have much more success if you ‘dig the well before you’re thirsty.’On the latest epis

JVM Realty Acquires 480-Unit The Reserve at Kenosha Luxury Apartment Community Located in Southeastern Wisconsin Area of Kenosha

KENOSHA, WI - JVM Realty Corp., a leading vertically integrated multifamily real estate investment and property management firm, announced it has acquired The Reserve at Kenosha, a 480-unit luxury apa

Blue Vista Forms New Joint Venture With Koramco Asset Management to Acquire Student Housing Across The United States

CHICAGO, IL - Blue Vista Capital Management, a leading Chicago-based real estate investment firm, announced the formation of a new joint venture partnership with Koramco Asset Management, one of South

West Shore Continues Expansion With Acquisition of 322-Unit The Sovereign Luxury Apartment Community in Fort Worth, Texas

FORT WORTH, TX - West Shore, a multifamily real estate investment firm, continues to expand with the acquisition of The Sovereign, a luxury apartment community in Fort Worth, Texas. This is West Shore

Bluestone Properties Completes Acquisition of 274-Unit The Ivy Apartment Community in High-Growth Market of Louisville, Kentucky

LOUISVILLE, KY - Bluestone Properties is a vertically integrated private real-estate company that owns and manages stabilized high-quality multifamily assets in high growth secondary markets. The firm

Kennedy Wilson Completes Acquisition of Two Multifamily Communities Totaling 547-Unit in Growing Seattle Market for $265 Million

SEATTLE, WA - Global real estate investment company Kennedy Wilson (NYSE:KW) has added two wholly owned apartment properties to its Seattle, Washington portfolio. The Kennedy Wilson team acquired The

MG Properties Group Enters Denver Market with $108.2 Million Acquisition of 238-Unit Neon Local Apartments in South Broadway District

DENVER, CO - MG Properties Group, a privately held real estate investor and operator headquartered in San Diego, California, announced their acquisition of Neon Local Apartments in Denver's South Broa

First Steps Passive Investors Need to Take to Work with Nighthawk Equity

What are the first steps you, as a passive investor, need to take in order to invest with a syndicator like Nighthawk Equity?Join David Meilan, Director of Investor Relations at Nighthawk Equity, as

Should You Invest in International Real Estate?

If I could go back in time, I’d return to 2010 and take advantage of the big buying moment in real estate at the time. But Global Real Estate Scout Ronan McMahon argues that if you set your sights

Kennedy Wilson Expands Greater Denver Presence With $134 Million Acquisition of Griffis Marston Lake Apartment Community

DENVER, CO - Global real estate investment company Kennedy Wilson (NYSE:KW) has acquired Griffis Marston Lake, a wholly owned 332-unit suburban apartment community in Denver, Colorado for $134 million

Parallel Breaks Ground on New 143-Unit Amenity-Rich Student Housing Development Steps From Ohio State University in Columbus

COLUMBUS, OH - Parallel, an Austin-based real estate development firm, broke ground Thursday on a new 143-unit student housing development within walking distance from The Ohio State University (OSU).

Who Is This Guy on My YouTube Channel?!?!

Who IS This Guy?!?Join me in welcoming Cody Davis to our Channel! He's got some really solid advice for our Young Dealmakers that can help them decide their best path. You don't want to miss it!Ready

TerraCap Management Acquires 236-Unit Enclave at Roswell Apartment Community in Northern Atlanta Suburb of Roswell, Georgia

ROSWELL, GA - TerraCap Management, a privately held investment firm with its headquarters in Naples, Florida, announced the acquisition of Enclave at Roswell, a 236-unit Class-B apartment complex loca

Preferred Apartment Communities Acquires 256-Unit Solis Chestnut Farm Multifamily Community in Charlotte, North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, NC - Preferred Apartment Communities announced that it completed the acquisition of Solis Chestnut Farm, a 256-Unit Class A multifamily community in the Charlotte, North Carolina MSA. Jeff

Multifamily Real Estate Investing for House Flippers

You might think it would be easy for a well-known flipper to transition to multifamily. But the truth is, a successful career in single-family does NOT translate to the world of apartment building in

My Perfect Day

If you could have your perfect day what would it look like?We all have an idea of what our perfect day would look like. Years ago I took part in an exercise that lead me through building mine. Check

How Can You Surround Yourself with Good People?

We know how important partnering is but HOW do you surround yourself with good people?We talk a lot about the importance of building up you network and on this special episode Garrett and I share our

What Market Stands Out

How does Nighthawk Equity find our deals? What market stands out?Join Nighthawk's Director of Investor Relations David Meilan and Nighthawk President Drew Kniffin as they take a deep dive into what N

Josyah Willis becomes a homeowner - 15 seconds

Sy Willis had gone through tough times and thought he might never become a homeowner. He turned to PHFA to help make his dream true.

Most Affordable Cities in 2020

In today’s world of sky high cost of living in cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles there are still options that are

10 Considerations When Shopping for a Commercial Mortgage in 2020

While many commercial real estate owners are large corporations or REITs. The largest number of real estate owners are individuals or small businesses that own

Top 10 Large Energy Buyers in the US

America’s Fortune 500 companies as well as mid size and small business are all trying to control their energy cost to make their businesses more

Democrats anti-real estate position

Bernie Sanders Staffer: ‘After We Abolish Landlords, We Don’t Have to Kill Them’ While I’ve often thought the progressive liberal wing of the democratic

Casino development in Arkansas

A message board in the construction trailer complex at the Saracen Casino Resort job site proclaims the countdown: 159 days till substantial completion. To get

Measure Twice Move Once

How often as a commercial real estate professional do you read a brochure or fact sheet on a property and assume that all of the

Capital Market Loans in 2020

While capital likes multifamily and industrial, most CRE sectors, even retail, have a positive story. Hilary Provinse, executive vice president and head of mortgage banking

How to Retrieve Income and Rent Limits

PHFA's Housing Management departments continues its How-To Video Series with "How to Retrieve Income and Rent Limits." The video provides step-by-step guidance about how to retrieve income

6 major ways retail malls have changed over the last decade

As the the retail apocalypse ravages the US, more than 9,100 stores are expected to close in 2019. And malls across the country are dying

Net Lease Buyers Back To Drugstore Market

Not so long ago, net lease investors saw trouble in the drugstore market. Many feared e-commerce providers would gut Walgreens and other well-known brands like

Apartment Operating expense data

Takeaways from the National Apartment Association’s Latest Income and Expenses Data for Apartment Buildings The National Apartment Association’s Income & Expenses Report for 2019 reveals


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