Match Cuts, Sound Effects and Hyperlapse

All you ever wanted to know about match cuts, updates from DaVinci and Magix, free audio effects and random tutorials.

Awkward Wes Anderson

What happens when a real-life couple weighs in on romance, as portrayed in Wes Anderson films? Get ready for charming crosstalk, some musings on how gender roles intersect with genre conventions, and

How Paul Verhoeven Depicts Mass Media On Cinema

With RoboCop celebrating its 30th anniversary this, we take a look back at how filmmaker Paul Verhoeven depicts mass media throughout his work, from RoboCop to Total Recall Starship Troopers.

PM: Disturbing Bundle [SFX library]

Coming Soon!

The Best Movie Moments in Motorcycles and Cars

What is it about cars and motorcycles that we find so appealing? To a certain extent it has to be a similar appeal to that of ships, the freedom of movement, the thrill of exploration, the wind whipp

Friday Roundup - Match Cuts, Sound Effects and Hyperlapse

This week all you ever wanted to know about match cuts, updates from DaVinci and Magix, some free audio effects and the usual random tutorials.

From Charisma To Terror: Javier Bardem's Physical States

In any language, Javier Bardem is a force to be reckoned with. He’s been making movies in Spanish for nearly three decades, and breaking barriers since 2000, when his performance in Julian Schnabel

Greta Gerwig's Career Evolution, From Actor To Director

Onscreen, Greta Gerwig’s whip-smart sensibilities and fearless vulnerability bring an easy authenticity to complicated yet beguiling characters. Offscreen, she has collaborated with the likes of Jo

Cosmic Bodies: 12 Greatest Movie Aliens Of All-Time

Cute? Gross? Terrifying? Or just sublimely weird? How does the way an alien life form looks affect first contact? To celebrate the 40th anniversary re-release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, w

Go Deeper Into The Meaning Behind 6 Steamy Films

We’ve ordered up some sinful cinematic delights, but here’s the catch: You can have any flavor you want, as long as it’s not vanilla! Is Hollywood’s obsession with sexual deviance and unusual

Gone With The Wind: A History of Flatulence On Film

Movies are complicated now—so much CGI, convoluted plotting, showy direction and editing. Let’s talk about something simple, something effortlessly entertaining—like gas. As Louis CK said summa

A Closer Look at Spike Lee's Strong Female Protagonists

Spike Lee's strong female protagonists — from From Nola Darling to Lysistrata — seem to be in dialogue with each other and with us.

Tom Ford's A Single Man: Meaning & Style

Fashion designers are trying their hands at filmmaking more often now, which got us thinking about Tom Ford's debut (A Single Man) and his follow-up from last year (Nocturnal Animals). Though the fil

We present to you the winner of the SOUNDS OF SUMMER CONTEST!

The jury has decided: Here are the three winners of the Music Maker competition from MAGIX, Blue and iZotope!

Movie Edit Pro: New features for ambitious video productions

At a glance: What's new in Movie Edit Pro!

Use Windows programs on your Mac

We'll introduce you to three programs which enables you to also use your Windows software on your Mac.

Automatically create videos with Fastcut – now available for free!

Perfect for those who want to edit videos and share them with the world - fast! Fastcut edits videos automatically to the beat of music and offers a huge range of music templates.

10 tips on how to create a successful video blog

This is how you can make it work for your own video blog. 10 helpful tips to keep in mind for your vlog.

The man behind the multicam: Eckhard Stoll

Multicam editing is a feature that lets you edit footage from up to 4 cameras simultaneously. We talked to Eckhard Soll, the intiator of the multicam editing feature.

MIDI range – Part 2: MIDI connections, settings and recordings

In this installment of our series, we're covering the MIDI connections and settings you need.

The new SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12

An overview of all the new features and optimizations!

Promote a website

Just created a new website? MAGIX shows you how to boost your Internet presence and make your website more visible.

Rescue your old video recordings with a video grabber

Digitize old film footage with the video grabber and save it as a file on your PC.

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