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Here at 5 Star Movers LLC, we offer professional local moving and long distance moving services to our fellow New Yorkers. We offer peace of mind on your moving day. When hiring hourly movers, you are deciding the fate of your moves' cost on an assumption, guesstimation at best and prediction. You have chosen honest movers.

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Household goods moving companies obtain permits from the PUC after showing financial and safety fitness. They must also prove to the PUC that they have adequate insurance and they are subject to crimi

Moving Company NYC | Best Movers in NYC | 5 Star Movers

5 Star Movers is the top rated Moving Company NYC that offers a professional local moving, long distance and storage services from all US locations.

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How to Pack a Portable Storage Container For a Long Distance Move

If you’re prepping for a long-distance move, you might considering using a storage container such as PODS containers, rather than renting a truck or hiring professional movers. &l

What to Do When Sorting Gets Sad

After my father died, I paid $120 per month to store the items I found in his house – for 10 years. When I finally decided to clean out the storage unit I had been...

Street Store Connects Office Workers and Austin Homeless Population

Leslie and David Bachus are expecting their first child together. David contracts with a local plumber, works as event staff on occasion and is currently battling cancer. Leslie works at a restaurant.

How to Talk to Aging Parents About What to Do With All of Their Stuff

If you’ve read any of my columns or seen me on TV, you probably know that I believe getting organized is one of the things that can really help people live a much healthier happier...

Show Us Your Stuff Episode 4: “The Closet Elvis Fan”

Suspicious minds had a feeling Megan was hiding something—but now it is no secret. Turns out she is a closet Elvis fan, and her burning love for the King of Rock and Roll knows no...

Feeling Nostalgic? Why We Form Emotional Ties to Our Stuff

You’ve probably got something you wouldn’t part with for a million bucks. Maybe it’s a T-shirt from a 1985 Iron Maiden concert, an Eiffel Tower keychain you bought in Paris or the cl

Show Us Your Stuff Episode 3: “The Pinecone”

Jenny immigrated to the USA from China when she was six years old, and ended up in Oxford, Mississippi of all places. Oxford was once home to the legendary Southern gothic writer William Faulkner. Jen

The Psychology of Stuff: The Things We Cling to And Why

Does your stuff drive you nuts? Welcome to the human race. Based on our behavior alone, aliens would likely view us as a species of crazy packrats, showoffs, impulse buyers, clutter bugs, sentimental

Show Us Your Stuff Episode 2: “The Mysterious Thrift Store Photo”

When Evan was 19 he came across a framed photo in a thrift store that would change his life in unexpected ways. The photo of four men decked in jogging garb and wearing medals may...

5 Things You Must Do When Wildfires Strike

While the East Coast deals with the impact of an unprecedented hurricane season, the West Coast is burning. A rash of fires has swept the Los Angeles area, and dozens of wildfires have cast a haz

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Comprehensive List of Specialty Moves

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Stacking and Packing like a Professional Mover

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Long Distance vs. Interstate Moving

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Moving To Nyc

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Moving Pods

Get to know what moving pods are The moving industry is developing on daily basis. Better and more convenient methods of haulage are being invented. The […]

Piano Moving Equipment

Equipment for piano moving Moving to a new home can be hectic. Homeowners who are well established with a lot of households don’t even want to […]

Long Distance Moving Services

Local moving services Are you planning to move to neighborhoods? Local moving companies should be your companions. These are companies specialized in relocations within a county […]

Long Distance Moving Quotes

Long distance moving quotes Is it the first time you are relocating to a distant place? If yes, you are new to the world of long […]

Long Distance Moving Company

Best long distance moving company The best moving company is not just any other company. There has to be some criteria followed to get the best […]

Local Movers NYC

Local moving companies – what they do Local moves may be seen to be simple. Don’t expect that your move will be obviously smooth if you […]

Full Service Moving Company

Full service moving company – what to expect In moving activities, there are experts specialized in the field. Moving companies are many around the globe. There […]

Container Moving Services

Container moving services for an easier relocation Modern container relocations have come to simplify the whole moving process. Instead of having making multiple trips back and […]

Cheapest Way To Move Long Distance

Cheapest way to move long distance Moving can be expensive.. Many have done it before and have ended up regretting it. As a matter of fact, […]

Throwback Thursday: When Ted Williams At Last Enlisted

On May 22, 1942, Ted Williams ended months of what had become an all-consuming story in the sports world: he announced that he had enlisted in the U.S. Navy. “I just want to be in this thing,&rd

Boston University Students Can Now Live With Someone of the Opposite Sex

When students come back to Boston University in the fall, there will be some big changes to some of the housing assignments. Joining universities like Tufts and Northeastern, BU will now offer gender-

What Does A Wegmans In Fenway Mean for Shaws?

Already battling to maintain relevance in a food market overflowing with a variety of shopping experiences, the news about a Wegmans eyeing a brand-new Fenway location is going to have an adverse effe

Wonton Regard

There may be no more quintessential food across all Asian cuisines than the dumpling. Here are some of the best ones around, from the traditional to the anything-but.

How to Eat a Soup Dumpling (a.k.a. Xiao Long Bao)

We asked Lilly Jan, a certified XLB expert, for a few pointers.

On the Horizon

Soon, the standard-bearers will be joined by a batch of exciting new places focusing on ­everything from epic tasting menus to scallion-pancake sandwiches.

Best Ramen Restaurants in Boston

Here's where you can find the very best versions, including right in your own kitchen.

Have $5?

...then you've got more than enough for one (or, in many cases, several) of these delicious items, all gathered from area Asian grocers, bakeries, and banh mi shops.

Best Asian Restaurants in Boston

…and the can't-miss dishes that will have you trekking all over the city.

Best Asian Restaurants in Boston

All over Boston—and across the country—Asian food is what's hot. Soba noodles and pork-belly buns are showing up in unexpected places: celebrated kitchens, hip watering holes, even your ne


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