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Louisiana Fishing Charters provide top-shelf guided fishing trips and are centrally located on the Westbank near New Orleans, Metarie, Slidell, Chalmette and outlying areas to including Marrero, Barataria, Gretna, Belle Chasse, Jean Lafitte, and Lafitte waterways. Our South Louisiana fishing charters are the best. We know the Louisiana waterways, marshes, bays, bayous, barataria basin and Jean Lafitte areas like the back of our hand.

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Louisiana Fishing Charters ... Call 1(504) 509 - HOOK ...To Go Fishing in Louisiana NOW!! http://www.baratariabaitandtackle.com/fishing-charters/ Let's go Ho...

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The Speckled Trout holds strong out of Shell Beach

Brad, Pat, and Brian took a boat ride with me out of Shell Beach, La with speckled trout on the brain. This crew was ready and so were the specks. The fishing was hot and steady from the second the Ca

E84 – Chad Battles Talks the Tackle & Techniques for Punching Grass Mats

This Delacroix regular turns us on to a technique that wins when others fail. The largemouth bass is part of Louisiana’s inshore fishery, swimming alongside our favored speckled trout and redfis

How to Rig an Owner Flashy Swimmer and Matrix Craw

I’ve received a few emails from anglers on how to do this, so I made a video to help them out. Now you can see it, too! Some knowledge I take for granted and, as a result, I tend to overlook it.

Speckled Trout fishing never gets old

Robin, a great client of mine, brought Zac and Alec down fishing for another speckled trout smack down. I pulled up on the same reef I fished the previous day and the shrimp and glass minnows were eve

E83 – Shane Mayfield on Port Sulphur, Knowing the Conditions and Inevitable Breakdowns

This Port Sulphur native has the expertise to put you on fish. This is his story. Port Sulphur Fishing Guide Shane Mayfield was born, and raised, in Port Sulphur. He did grow up hunting but he especia

Preview Sight Fishing Mastery School (It’s Free)

Get a sneak peek and know what’s in the course. I’ve opened up several portions of Sight Fishing Mastery School for preview, and you can view the entire curriculum. As you will see, it is

One Way I Find Kick-Ass Redfish Spots for Sight Fishing

Conditions are changing and redfish are on the move, this is one way I find clean water to sight fish. Scouting for Redfish Ponds Awhile back I went fishing by myself. I had spent days slaving away in

Try This If Your Motor Isn’t Peeing

Use this when your motor isn’t peeing. It’s small, it’s free & might save your fishing trip. Not taking the marsh seriously and failing to prepare can lead to disaster for a

This Overlooked Lowrance GPS Feature Makes Navigation Easier

This trick makes for easier and safer navigation of Louisiana’s winding bayous. Lowrance HDS Split Screens Nothing beats experience when it comes to navigating Louisiana’s waters, but havi

An ice chest full of speckled trout

Justin Frey and his 2 friends Lee and Jon B climbed on board the boat for another one stop shop in Shell Beach. The speckled trout bite has been off the wall and today was no different. We absolutely

E82 – Bassmaster Editor James Hall is in Love With Louisiana Fishing

Texas angler James Hall shares his experience fishing in Louisiana. This is what happened. The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. Texas Angler Fishes Louisiana James Hall i

Obvious Difference Between Polarized and Unpolarized Lenses

The difference means seeing the fish, and more. What exactly is the difference between polarized and unpolarized lenses? I mounted an adjustable polarized lens on my camera and hit the marsh to get a

What is the Best Casting Platform Height?

Higher is not always better, but shorter means you see less. So what is the perfect casting platform height? Choosing a casting platform for sight fishing redfish is tough for inshore anglers. There a

Not a bad birthday!

Janet Fabre-Smith bought her husband, Larry, a fishing charter for his birthday. So Larry and his friend David showed up in Shell Beach to get in on the phenomenal speckled trout bite that we have had

A One Stop Shop with the Grimaldi Family

The Grimaldi clan came down to Shell Beach and put a dent into the speckled trout population. Mr. Gene, George, Marc and Monica headed out with me at 5:00am with speckled trout on the brain.

Keeping it in the Family!

My Nephew, Aiden Niceley, asked me for a fishing trip for his 10th birthday. So I grabbed the big buckaroo and he came with me to see what Uncle Jacques does for work. He absolutely loved it! Conditio

Three old friends do it again!

Man I love this job!! Justin Frey returned for another successful day of speckled trout action out of Shell Beach, La with his two friends Ben and Lee. The speckled trout went nuts for the Campo&rsquo

A Hail Mary and a box of fish!

Seth Thompson and his family put a smack down on the speckled trout in the Sound. The day started off slowly and we caught nothing but catfish and small croakers at each stop. After about a half dozen

Rods all bent

What a great day fishing in Breton Sound with Eddie Kohle and his crew. The wind was calm, so we decided to roll the dice and go look for some big trout. We got lucky at the first stop and put a smack

One Stop Shop in the Biloxi Marsh

I whacked the speckled trout with Beau Nesbit and his crew. It was a one stop shop in the Biloxi Marsh. As I headed out to the spot where I caught them yesterday,  I came across a reef loaded wit

Louisiana Fishing Charters- Want to Experience Fishing in Louisiana?

Louisiana Fishing Charters ... Call 1(504) 509 - HOOK ...To Go Fishing in Louisiana NOW!! http://www.baratariabaitandtackle.com/fishing-charters/ Let's go Hookem Rockstars!!We offer premiere Salw


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