Peace Corps Connect Conference in Washington DC

Peace Corps Connect Conference in Washington DC will include lectures, breakout sessions and a march.

Peace Corp Connect Conference Washington DC |

The Peace Corp is America’s most visible single effort to connect people in the US with the goal of attaining peace in the world today.

Illness Pre-Service

If you were to report an illness or injury pre-service/pre-departure (after medical clearance), does anyone know what the procedure is after you report? submitted by /u/seanwilliams887 [lin

Family and Friend visitors?

Can family and friends come visit you in country ? Did they stay with you at site? Or did they travel to other places to meet up with you? submitted by /u/edog12mckfly [link] [comments]

PC helping grad school application?

Has anyone had an experience where having served in the PC helped with a graduate school application for a semi related degree (e.g. Environment volunteer to ecology grad program), especially in the

Medical clearance denied 🙅

I applied to serve in Botswana starting in July of this year and just received word that I was denied due to abnormal Pap smears. I’m shocked and angry at the same time. I’ve been through so muc

All clearances done!! (+ timeline)

Hey y'all! I've been stalking this group for a while and finally got my last clearance this morning, so I figured I'd make a post to commemorate it and share my timeline! Medical ended up taking a l

Skype for Business software not working, interviewer sent an email asking why I didn't show up online for interview

Tried connecting to Skype for Business about 20 minutes in advance. Software wasn't working on my computer, phone, or any of my browsers. I sent an email about five minutes before the schedule inter

Free Talk Friday

Looking for feedback on your essay? Have a newbie question you'd like to ask? Something on your mind you'd like to get out? Are you dying to tell everyone that you're going to prank your roommates t

Is California the only state that grants teaching credentials via Peace Corps service?

I’ve read that several, if not many, states offer this, but can only find info on California. If there are others, we should compile a list with resources on applying for credentials in these stat

Smaller less obvious things that would boost an application?

Hi, I'm thinking of applying after I graduate college (So in a little over a year, about 14 months). My ideal placement would be somewhere in Central or South America of the Caribbean. Outside of th

How to handle last-minute nerves

Hi all, I leave for Benin in little over 2 weeks. The pre-departure nerves just settled in this past weekend and are almost overwhelming at this point. It's especially disarming since I've been noth

Conference Explores Intersection of Faith and Science

Faith, science, and encouragement to consider them in tandem were the focus at Bethany Theological Seminary’s Look at Life conference, held April 25-27. More than 100 guests and presenters gathered

Bethany to Hold Commencement

Bethany Theological Seminary will hold commencement for the class of 2019 on Saturday, May 11. Master of divinity and master of arts degrees and graduate certificates will be granted to eighteen stude

New Master’s Degree Highlights Revised Curriculum

In fall 2019 Bethany Theological Seminary will offer its first new graduate degree in fifty years—the master of arts: theopoetics and writing (MATW). This degree is a major feature of the comprehens

Dan Poole Named to Faculty Position

Dan Poole, MDiv ’91, has been named assistant professor of Ministry Formation at Bethany Theological Seminary, beginning July 1, 2019. Poole began employment at the Seminary in August 2007 as coordi

RSO Brass Trio to Perform

Bethany welcomes the Brass Trio from the Richmond Symphony Orchestra for the final spring 2019 performance in The Recital Series. The recital will be held Sunday, March 24, at 4:00 p.m. in Nicarry Cha

Conference to Explore Intersection of Faith and Science

Where faith meets science, Bethany Theological Seminary has an event that’s not to be missed. Look at Life April 25-27, 2019 Bethany Seminary Campus Too often Christian thinking feels torn between t

New Students Welcomed for Spring Semester

With the opening of the spring 2019 semester, nine students began their education at Bethany Theological Seminary in pursuit of a degree or certificate. Five are enrolled in the MDiv program, three ar

Amy Beery to Resign

Amy Beery, program director of youth engagement at Bethany Theological Seminary, will resign her position April 30. Beery began employment at Bethany in July 2016 as an admissions counselor and was na

Ten Years After the Global Financial Crisis, the System Is Safer

Foreign Affairs partnered with Intelligence Squared Debates for its inaugural debate "Ten Years After the Global Financial Crisis, the System Is Safer". In 2008, the world witnessed one of

Opening Recital Canceled

With a winter storm forecast for this coming weekend, the first performance in The Recital Series, scheduled for Sunday, January 20, has been canceled. Staff at Bethany and the Richmond Symphony Orche

New Theological Focus Funded by Grant

Two Bethany Theological Seminary faculty members are exploring and expanding educational opportunities at the intersection of theology and science through grant funds awarded earlier this year. The Am

Foreign Affairs LIVE: Do Nuclear Weapons Matter?

Every year, world powers spend vast sums to upgrade and maintain nuclear arsenals and to prevent their spread to other nations—notably, to North Korea and Iran. Such weapons could unleash unimagina

Russia and the EAEU

In recent years, Russia has been aggressively promoting the Eurasian Economic Union, a regional trade bloc comprising several former Soviet states across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. As the regio

Foreign Affairs LIVE: Graduate School Fair 2018

On September 13th, experience the Foreign Affairs annual Graduate School Fair, produced in partnership with the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA), at the Council on

The July/August 2018 Issue of Foreign Affairs

To kick off your summer reading, our authors present six grand narratives—so you can decide which one explains our increasingly turbulent world. As our Editor in Chief Gideon Rose says, “Life tod

Foreign Affairs LIVE: Federal CIOs and their Evolving Role in Government

The Chief Information Officer of a federal agency must provide innovative solutions in a challenging budget environment. The CIO is also charged with establishing a government-wide system that ensure

Is Democracy Dying? The May/June 2018 Issue of Foreign Affairs

Centralization of power in the executive, politicization of the judiciary, attacks on independent media, the use of public office for private gain—the signs of democratic regression are well known.

Foreign Affairs LIVE: Federal CIOs and their Evolving Role in Government

The Chief Information Officer of a federal agency must provide innovative solutions in a challenging budget environment. The CIO is also charged with establishing a government-wide system that ensure

FOREIGN AFFAIRS ON THE ROAD: Transatlantic Relations in the Trump Era

Foreign Affairs is partnering with the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS) to host FOREIGN AFFAIRS ON THE ROAD. The Trump administration has it made clear that it intends

FOREIGN AFFAIRS ON THE ROAD - The Role of Experts in the Age of Populism

During the UK's 2016 EU referendum, the then-Secretary of State for Justice Michael Gove stated that 'people in this country have had enough of experts.' Like it or not, Gove had a point: Western dem

Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Isreal’s Capitol

Does Trumps Decision Help or Hinder the Peace Process? In a move that places domestic politics over decades of international and US precidenet, Predisdent Trump today announced that the US would recog

Trump Boosts Wall Idea – Mexico Frustrated – World Watches

The World takes notice, New Zealand is following Trumps campaign follow through regarding not only the cancellation of TPP of which New Zealand was an active partner, but also the efforts on Trumps pa

Where Will the Transition Take Us in Terms Of Peace in the World?

Donald Trump, Mitt Romney to meet in highly anticipated get-together Donald Trump and Mitt Romney fiercely criticized each other during the campaign. Now the two are meeting to make peace amid specula

What Would a Clinton Presidency Mean for the Peace Corps?

Clinton Proposes new National Service Reserve… … as part of her larger national service platform, Hillary Clinton announced her plan to create a new National Service Reserve that will expand ways

Peace Corp Connect Conference Washington DC

Peace Corps Beyond The Peace Corp is America’s most visible single effort to connect people in the US with the goal of attaining peace in the world today. Peace Corps Connect is the Peace Corps comm

Is a Peace Treaty Between US and North Korea Possible?

It would seem as though Relations between the US and North Korea are worse than ever. But could that change? Chinese envoy calls for peace treaty with NK By Kim Hyo-jin Denuclearizing North Korea and

Peace Efforts Big and Small

Drums echoed down East Court Street, piercing through Kankakee, IL stronger than a gunshot. It wasn’t a war cry. It was a demand for peace. About 80 Kankakee High School students marched through the

Syria the Fulcrum of Peace or War – Current status

The Syrian Conflict The EpiCenter of War & Peace The agony of Syria has many fathers and fighters from many lands with conflicting goals and aspirations. Allies find themselves on opposite sides i

After Paris – Recognizing the Face of War Today

Being an Ambassador for Peace is not being blind to the realities of war today. In the aftermath of the Paris tragedy, we must understand the realities of today’s world, so we can manuever for a bet

Can Burnsville Divorce Attorneys Be Ambassadors for Peace?

Burnsville Divorce Attorney Works for Peace in Domestic Relationships Sometimes the best way to establish Peace in a relationship is to part ways. Sometimes with effective counseling and a commitment


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