Peace Corps Connect Conference in Washington DC

Peace Corps Connect Conference in Washington DC will include lectures, breakout sessions and a march.

Peace Corp Connect Conference Washington DC |

The Peace Corp is America’s most visible single effort to connect people in the US with the goal of attaining peace in the world today.

Tara Hornbacker to Retire from Bethany

After guiding a generation of students through the master of divinity program at Bethany Theological Seminary, Professor Tara Hornbacker will retire as a Seminary faculty member on July 1, 2018. Throu

New Executive Director Hired

Tammy Glenn of Centerville, Indiana, has been hired as executive director of finance and administration at Bethany Theological Seminary. She will assume her new duties on March 1, 2018. In her role as

Position Open in Student Services

Director of Student Development and Alumni Relations General Description The director of student development and alumni relations will have primary responsibility to design, implement and review a stu

FOREIGN AFFAIRS ON THE ROAD: Transatlantic Relations in the Trump Era

Foreign Affairs is partnering with the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS) to host FOREIGN AFFAIRS ON THE ROAD. The Trump administration has it made clear that it intends

FOREIGN AFFAIRS ON THE ROAD - The Role of Experts in the Age of Populism

During the UK's 2016 EU referendum, the then-Secretary of State for Justice Michael Gove stated that 'people in this country have had enough of experts.' Like it or not, Gove had a point: Western dem

Testing the Alliance: NATO and the U.S.- E.U. Partnership in the Trump Era

Foreign Affairs is partnering with the Royal Institute for International Relations in Brussels (EGMONT) to host FOREIGN AFFAIRS ON THE ROAD. This event, Testing the Alliance: NATO and the U.S.-EU par

The March/April 2018 Issue of Foreign Affairs - Available Now

Nobody really knew what to expect when Donald Trump became U.S. president. Would he disrupt the status quo or maintain it? Blow himself up or escape unscathed? One year in, the answer is yes. Read ou

First Joint Class with EYN Students Offered

On January 2, 2018, six students in Jos, Nigeria, joined eleven students at Bethany Theological Seminary for class without so much as noticing the ocean between them. It marked the realization of the

FOREIGN AFFAIRS ON THE ROAD - The Undead Past: How Nations Confront the Evils of History

Foreign Affairs and The European Council on Foreign Relations are partnering to host FOREIGN AFFAIRS ON THE ROAD. At this event, The Undead Past: How Nations Confront the Evils of History, a panel of

Amy Gall Ritchie to Resign

Amy Gall Ritchie, director of student development and alumni/ae relations at Bethany Theological Seminary, will resign her position as of May 15, 2018. She began her employment at Bethany in August 20

EYN Classroom Building to Be Dedicated

As 2018 begins, the educational partnership between Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria (EYN) and Bethany Theological Seminary is welcoming its first students into the classroom. Six members of EYN are enr

Academy Welcomes New Staff Member

The Brethren Academy for Ministerial Leadership is pleased to welcome Roxanne Aguirre as the new part-time coordinator of Spanish-language ministry training programs. She begins on January 16, 2018, a

Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Isreal’s Capitol

Does Trumps Decision Help or Hinder the Peace Process? In a move that places domestic politics over decades of international and US precidenet, Predisdent Trump today announced that the US would recog

Remembering Julie M. Hostetter

The Bethany Theological Seminary community joins with many in the denomination in remembering Church of the Brethren educator Julie Mader Hostetter, who passed away November 12, 2017, in Bridgewater,

Clergy Tax Seminar Scheduled

Students, pastors, and other church leaders are invited to learn the process of filing clergy taxes at the annual Clergy Tax Seminar on Saturday, January 27. Registrants may either attend in person at

Brenda Reish Concludes Employment

After nineteen years of service to Bethany Theological Seminary, Brenda Reish will conclude her employment as executive director of business services and treasurer on December 31, 2017. Reish came to

The July/August 2017 of Foreign Affairs

The Trump administration doesn’t yet have a foreign policy, but it does have an instinct—that good fences make good neighbors. But why? Read all about it in the July/August issue. Available at ht

Present at the Destruction? The May/June 2017 Issue of Foreign Affairs

Is America still safe for democracy? Will the international order created by the United States survive? And what would war with China, Iran, or North Korea look like? Read our May/June issue to find

Trump Time - The March/April 2017 Issue of Foreign Affairs

After the most unusual election in modern U.S. history came the most unusual transition, to be followed, surely, by the most unusual presidency. The March/April issue of Foreign Affairs surveys the m

Trump Boosts Wall Idea – Mexico Frustrated – World Watches

The World takes notice, New Zealand is following Trumps campaign follow through regarding not only the cancellation of TPP of which New Zealand was an active partner, but also the efforts on Trumps pa

Foreign Affairs LIVE: The New American Presidency and Its Global Impact

With a dramatic U.S. Presidential election behind us, the world waits to see how the new administration will show leadership and define policies that have an impact far beyond America’s borders.In

Where Will the Transition Take Us in Terms Of Peace in the World?

Donald Trump, Mitt Romney to meet in highly anticipated get-together Donald Trump and Mitt Romney fiercely criticized each other during the campaign. Now the two are meeting to make peace amid specula

What Would a Clinton Presidency Mean for the Peace Corps?

Clinton Proposes new National Service Reserve… … as part of her larger national service platform, Hillary Clinton announced her plan to create a new National Service Reserve that will expand ways

Peace Corp Connect Conference Washington DC

Peace Corps Beyond The Peace Corp is America’s most visible single effort to connect people in the US with the goal of attaining peace in the world today. Peace Corps Connect is the Peace Corps comm

Is a Peace Treaty Between US and North Korea Possible?

It would seem as though Relations between the US and North Korea are worse than ever. But could that change? Chinese envoy calls for peace treaty with NK By Kim Hyo-jin Denuclearizing North Korea and

Peace Efforts Big and Small

Drums echoed down East Court Street, piercing through Kankakee, IL stronger than a gunshot. It wasn’t a war cry. It was a demand for peace. About 80 Kankakee High School students marched through the

Syria the Fulcrum of Peace or War – Current status

The Syrian Conflict The EpiCenter of War & Peace The agony of Syria has many fathers and fighters from many lands with conflicting goals and aspirations. Allies find themselves on opposite sides i

After Paris – Recognizing the Face of War Today

Being an Ambassador for Peace is not being blind to the realities of war today. In the aftermath of the Paris tragedy, we must understand the realities of today’s world, so we can manuever for a bet

Can Burnsville Divorce Attorneys Be Ambassadors for Peace?

Burnsville Divorce Attorney Works for Peace in Domestic Relationships Sometimes the best way to establish Peace in a relationship is to part ways. Sometimes with effective counseling and a commitment


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