Prepare for Extreme Heat on a boat are u ready?

Prepare for Extreme Heat on a boat are u ready?

Extreme Heat |

Learn how to stay safe when extreme heat threatens. Prepare for Extreme Heat Be Safe During Heat-Related Illnesses Associated Content

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Water heating - Wikipedia

Water heating is a heat transfer process that uses an energy source to heat water above its initial temperature. Typical domestic uses of hot water include cooking, cleaning, bathing, and space heatin

NOAA - National Weather Service - Water

National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS)

Fishing and shellfishing licenses | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Learn about the types, costs, and requirements of fishing and shellfishing licenses offered by WDFW

Nimitz Carrier Strike Group Departs San Diego for Pacific Deployment

The Nimitz Carrier Strike Group left San Diego, Calif., on Saturday for a Western Pacific deployment, USNI News has learned. USS Nimitz (CVN-68) left its pier at Naval Station North Island at around 8

Boat Speedometer: The Essentials

Boat speedometers are an essential piece of equipment for any vessel. They help boaters keep track of their speed and stay within the legal limit. There are a few different types of speedos for boats

VIDEO: 18 Marines Become U.S. Citizens Following Naturalization Ceremony

There are 18 new American citizens Friday, after the Marine Corps held a naturalization ceremony aboard former battleship USS North Carolina. 1st Battalion, 8th Marines, 6th Marine Regiment, 2d Marine

Lifeboat Falls From Quantum of the Seas – Fortunately No Injuries

On December 1, 2022, a lifeboat from Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas detached from its davits and fell aft-first into the water. Captain Francesco Suma explained that the ship’s number 12 li

Report to Congress on Afghanistan and U.S. Policy

The following is the Dec. 1, 2022, Congressional Research Service report, Afghanistan: Background and U.S. Policy in Brief. From the report The aftershocks of Afghanistan’s watershed year of 2021 co

Russia Regime Risk Insights – November 2022 Analysis

Get the full visibility you need with a 14-days free trial The post Russia Regime Risk Insights – November 2022 Analysis appeared first on Windward.

Can You Take a Pontoon Boat in the Ocean?

If you love the feel of the ocean breeze, the sound of the waves, and the thrill of an adventure, then you may be wondering if it's possible to take a pontoon boat out in the open ocean. You might be

Destroyer Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee Delivers to the Navy

The final Flight IIA Arleigh Burke destroyer to be built at Ingalls Shipbuilding delivered to the Navy on Tuesday, the service announced. Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee (DDG-123) delivered to the service in

Tough Military Recruiting Environment is About More than Low Unemployment, Experts Say

This story has been updated to correct the name of Shannon Razsadin’s organization. When it comes to military recruiting, economist Beth Asch is an optimist. Asch has been studying military recruiti

Heightened Western Pacific Tensions Will Push Japan to Spend More on Defense, Says Panel

Japan needs to commit to increasing its defense spending for the long-term due to its proximity to an aggressive Russia, an ambitious China and an unpredictable North Korea armed with nuclear missiles

Report to Congress on Navy’s Next-Generation Destroyer

The following is the Nov. 28, 2022, Congressional Research Service In Focus report, Navy DDG(X) Next-Generation Destroyer Program: Background and Issues for Congress. From the report The Navy’s DDG(

Led Flood Lights For Boats: A Beginner’s Guide

Boating at night is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the water, but you have to ensure you're safe and visible. LED flood lights for boats are a great way to light up your vessel and make sure oth

House, Senate Agree to Authorize 3 Flight III Destroyers in FY 23 NDAA Negotiations

Congress is set to authorize the Navy to buy three Flight III Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyers in Fiscal Year 2023 as part of a nearly finalized House and Senate $847 billion defense poli

U.S. Needs to Push Allies to Prepare for a Potential Conflict with China, Panel Says

Over the next few years, the United States will likely press allies like South Korea harder to be ready for a conflict with China that may arise over Taiwan’s future, a leading scholar on global aff

9 Sailors Suffer Minor Injuries in Fire Aboard Aircraft Carrier USS Abraham Lincoln

The crew of USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) extinguished a fire that broke out Tuesday, U.S. 3rd Fleet announced Wednesday. Lincoln is currently operating approximately 30 miles off the coast of southern

Faria Gauges vs. VDO Gauges: Which is Better?

In choosing new gauges for your boat, brand is one of the top factors to consider. Two of the most popular brands for boat gauges are Faria and VDO. So, how do you know which one is right for you? He

Temperature Sender: What Is It and Why Should Your Boat Have One?

If you have a boat, then you know how important it is to keep an eye on the temperature. After all, you don't want your engine to overheat, do you? But what do you need to keep track of that? Well, o

Water Pressure Gauge: An Introduction

If you love being out on the water, then you know how important it is to have a boat engine that is in good working condition. One of the most important parts of your boat is the water pressure gauge

Blocked By Bali: Queen Elizabeth Experiences COVID-19 Outbreak With Hundreds Infected

A number of news outlets in Australia are reporting that the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship is experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak. The country of Indonesia took the extraordinary step of blocking the Cunar

Thanksgiving Miracle: Coast Guard Rescues Overboard Passenger from the Carnival Valor

A passenger on the Carnival Valor who went overboard sometime after 11:00 p.m. Wednesday night was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard the following day around 8:25 p.m. The passenger and his sister were

How to Choose the Correct Boat Rudder Angle Indicator?

When sailing, you need to be able to change the angle of your boat quickly. With a rudder, you can do that by tilting it at a specific angle. If your rudders are not working properly, or if you want

Avoid inadvertently contributing to IUU fishing’s forced labor problem

“Victims of forced labor are often isolated in inhumane conditions on board fishing vessels and trapped at sea for extended periods of time. Crew members can be subjected to a range of injustices,

Marine VHF Frequencies: The Basics

If you’re new to the world of marine radio, the VHF frequencies can seem like a confusing jumble of numbers. But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it looks.  Marine VHF frequencies are

Digital Boat Gauges: How They Work And Why You Should Get One

There's a lot to know about everything in your marine environment. Keeping tabs on the correct pressure, temperature and flow are essential to keeping your boat running as efficiently as possible. Di

Top six reasons ocean freight ETAs are broken

Freight forwarders (FF), beneficial cargo owners (BCOs), and other organizations throughout the vast ocean freight ecosystem are drowning in container data and they find it exceedingly difficult to m

Key World Cup Goal for Qatar: No Maritime Incidents

An estimated 1.2 million fans have arrived in Qatar for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ and even more will be watching from home – this is one of the world’s biggest events. Unfortunately, the enor

Crew Member on Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas Ends His Life

Last week, a Brazilian male crew member on the Wonder of the Seas reportedly ended his life on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship after leaving Port Canaveral. Crew Center stated that the unnamed crew me

Two Hundred Passengers Infected With COVID-19 Disembark in Melbourne, Australia

7NEWS Australia reports today that 200 passengers infected with COVID-19 disembarked from the Grand Princess in Melbourne, Australia after the Princess cruise ship completed a thirteen-day around-trip

The missing piece of your ESG strategy

Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing is both urgent and complex, which is causing some entities to miss an important part of a successful environmental, social, and corporate governance

“How Much Does it Cost to Ship 500 lbs” is Asking the Wrong Question

There are many factors in determining a freight shipping price. Here are the right questions to ask to get a good deal We’re here to help you figure out the right questions to ask when you’re loo

Majestic Princess Returns to Sydney: Over 800 People Infected With COVID-19

Princess Cruises’ Majestic Princess returned to Sydney this morning after a twelve-day cruise which left  port on October 31st. There reportedly are now over eight hundred (800) active COVID-19 cas

Gangway Collapse Injures Norwegian Encore Cruise Passengers

Multiple passengers were injured when a gangway with nearly a dozen passengers on it collapsed after the Norwegian Encore called at port in Panama City, Panama on Tuesday, according to USA Today. The

COP27’s Green Shipping Challenge shows vision… but maritime orgs can start now

There were some major maritime announcements at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (“COP27”), which Windward was attending this week.   It’s not a secret that approximately 90%

A quick guide for maritime due diligence

Maritime due diligence is necessary to mitigate the risks associated with customers, vendors, employees, contractors, and other third parties to ensure your business is protected from both regulatory

9 Wrong (And Costly) Assumptions Freight Shippers Have

Let us Save You Time and Money by Debunking Any False Presumptions You May Have About Freight Shipping What we’re about to cover goes for experienced shippers and beginners alike. In fact, sometime

Port Insights – October 2022 Analysis

Want such insights in real-time? Ask our experts about Ocean Freight Visibility The post Port Insights – October 2022 Analysis appeared first on Windward.

Pallet Shipping Rates in Canada

Need to ship pallets across Canada? We can help! Freightera works with 100s of reliable freight carriers who ship pallets and skids across Canada & our goal is to get you the cheapest shipping ra

Start your maritime decarbonization journey today

The International Transport Forum report Decarbonising Maritime Transport projected that “in a baseline scenario without additional policy measures, carbon emissions from global shipping are projec

Number of Infected Guests and Crew Members with COVID-19 on Coral Princess Currently Over 290

Unlike the United States, which no longer makes the number of people infected with COVID-19 on cruise ships publicly available (the CDC stopped such public disclose in July of this year), the state of

Growing COVID-19 Outbreak on Coral Princess Now Involves Around 200 Passengers

The president of Carnival Australia and P&O Cruises Australia, Marguerite Fitzgerald, told ABC Business yesterday that there had been an increase in COVID-19 infections on the Coral Princess once

COVID Cruise Ships Return Down Under With Hundreds of Infected Guests

Cruise ships are returning to Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti amidst reports that four cruise ships (two operated by Princess Cruises and two by Royal Caribbean) are rife with COVID-19. Three of the

Are Walkable Cities a Threat to Frequent Freight Shippers?

Should Businesses Who Frequently Ship Freight Oppose Fewer Lanes on Motorways or Less Parking? With many cities and countries worldwide shifting their focus from cars to cities when it comes to urban

Freightera CEO to Speak at Grocery Innovations Canada Trade Show & Conference

Freightera CEO to speak about freight marketplaces, shipping trends, and innovative solutions that are more sustainable and affordable at the GIC 2022 Trade Show and Conference Freightera CEO Eric Be

Dock Lines for Boats (All You Need to Know)

"Dock lines for boats? Do I need to know about that?" you might be thinking. Well, if you're a boat owner, the answer is a resounding yes! You need the right dock lines to keep your boat safe and sec


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