ACA Reporting Requirements Sonoma County

ACA reporting requirements for insurers - The Affordable Care Act requires employers to file annual information returns with the IRS and furnish statements to employees on healthcare plan coverage information beginning in 2016.

ACA Reporting Requirements Sonoma County | Avoid Penalties

At the beginning of each calendar year all employers who are considered “Applicable Large Employers” (“ALE”) under the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) Employer Mandate Regulations will be requ

Small Business Administration

We support America's small businesses. The SBA connects entrepreneurs with lenders and funding to help them plan, start and grow their business.

Questions and Answers on Information Reporting by Health Coverage Providers (Section 6055) | Internal Revenue Service

Questions & Answers about the Information Reporting by Health Coverage Providers (Section 6055).

Important Guidance and Relief for 403(B) Plan Sponsors Who Exclude Part-Time Employees

In the spirit of the holidays, the Internal Revenue Service gave a gift to sponsors of 403(b) tax-deferred annuity plans on December 4, 2018, by issuing IRS Notice 2018-95.  For plan sponsors that ex

Ho! Ho! Ho! Where Did It Go?

On December 14, 2018, a federal district judge sitting in Texas ruled that, without the so-called “individual mandate” which requires individual taxpayers to maintain minimum essential coverage, t

Spot Audit On Previous ACA Filings | Annual Tradition Continues – 2018 Employee Statement Deadline Extended along with Good Faith Effort Standard

On November 29, 2018 the IRS provided every employer an automatic extension from the deadline to furnish the Form 1095-C statements to individuals. Additionally, the IRS extended the good faith effor

IRS Announces Filing Extension for Furnishing 2018 Forms 1095-B and 1095-C and Continued Good Faith Transition Relief

In IRS Notice 2018-94, the IRS announced an extension for furnishing 2018 IRS Forms 1095-B (Health Coverage) and 1095-C (Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage), from January 31, 2019,

IRS Proposed Regulations Implementing Changes To Hardship Distribution Rules

Earlier this year we reported on legislative changes that modified the requirements related to hardship distributions from 401(k) plans.  Recently, the IRS issued proposed regulations that if finaliz

ACA Penalty Reduction Service | IRS Letter 226J Could Propose Millions of Dollars in ACA Penalties

Why should your organization care about IRS Letter 226J? Well, it could propose millions of dollars in ACA penalties against your organization. The Letter 226J notices are being sent to certain large

The Saga Continues for Multi-Employer Pension Funds

            This is another blog on our monitoring the status of defined benefit multi-employer pension funds.  Since this author last wrote to you, it has been revealed that the Central S

Puerto Rico Revises Form for Reporting Payments to Terminated Employees, Considers Credit History Ban

The Puerto Rico Department of the Treasury has announced changes to tax reporting for certain severance payments. As a result of the Labor Transformation and Flexibility Act (Act 4-2017), adopted in 2

2019 Cost of Living Adjustments for Retirement Plans

The Internal Revenue Service recently announced its cost-of-living adjustments applicable to dollar limitations for retirement plans and Social Security generally effective for Tax Year 2019 (see IRS

ACA Compliance Packages | Alex Azar Says Premiums To Drop For Affordable Care Act Plan

WASHINGTON — Premiums for a popular type of “silver” health plan under the Affordable Care Act will edge downward next year in most states, the Trump administration’s health chief announced T

Court Rules that One-Time Voluntary Separation Program is Not an ERISA Plan

Whether a one-time voluntary separation program should be treated as an ERISA-covered severance plan depends on whether the program requires an “ongoing administrative scheme” – a requirement fi

Notice 2018-76: Taking a Bite Out of the Business Expense Deductions for Meals, Entertainment

On October 3, 2018, the IRS issued transitional guidance in Notice 2018-76 concerning the business expense deductions for meals and entertainment following the changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Ac

ACA Employer Reporting | Obamacare About to Become More Affordable For Many People

(CNN)It will likely cost a little less to buy the benchmark Obamacare plan next year. The rate could drop for the first time since the Affordable Care Act exchanges opened in 2014. The premium for th

Are You “Doing Enough” to Avoid ERISA Statutory Penalties?

Clients often are surprised to learn they are liable for ERISA statutory penalties associated with participant document requests even though they have retained an independent third party to administer

ACA Reporting Service | Affordable Care Act Under Fire Again In Federal Court

The long-disputed fate of the Affordable Care Act played out anew in a Fort Worth courtroom Wednesday as a score of Republican-led states sought to persuade a federal judge to halt the sprawling heal

Full Service ACA Reporting | Trump Administration Proposes Further Dismantling Of Affordable Care Act Through Medicare

The Trump administration is proposing to restrict an innovation in the Affordable Care Act that was intended to improve Medicare and slow spending in the vast federal insurance system for older Ameri

ACA Reporting Services | Trump Officials Slash Grants That Help Consumers Get Obamacare

The Trump administration announced on Tuesday that it was slashing grants to nonprofit organizations that help people obtain health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, the latest step in an esca

Affordable Care Act ALE Compliance | Trump to Issue Rule That Weakens Affordable Care Act

The Trump administration is poised to issue a sweeping rule that makes it easier for small businesses to band together to create health insurance plans that skirt many requirements of the Affordable

ACA Reporting Service | The Affordable Care Act Helped Medicaid Patients in California Avoid the Emergency Room, Study Suggests

Despite the best efforts of a Republican-led Congress over the past two years, the Affordable Care Act has largely stayed intact. A recent study published in Health Affairs offers the latest bit of e

Full Service ACA Reporting | How HHS Buried Information About the Affordable Care Act

Since the dawn of the Trump era, the Health and Human Services Department’s leaders have made no secret of their disdain for the Obama-era Affordable Care Act. That shift in policy was bound to sho


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