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AMC will raise the price of its MoviePass competitor next year, citing strong demand

Theater chain AMC says its new MoviePass-style subscription service, called Stubs A-List, continues to grow at a surprising pace, with more than 500,000 members since its launch back in June. Y

That adorable baby bear clip captures the dark side of wildlife videos

In a video that went viral on social media over the weekend, a bear cub struggles up a steep, snow-covered slope towards its mother. The bear climbs a few steps, slips back down, and tries agai

Kolb brothers book explores Grand Canyon tourism photography

That's when the Kolb brothers started dangling from ropes and running the trails to make their photographs

New photos and video leak of the Asus Zenfone 6’s weird corner notch

New photos have leaked of the Asus Zenfone 6 from Italian website This purportedly final design of the Zenfone 6 mirrors the leaks we saw of it last week. This also means Asus’ des

Digital Photography Collections | National Archives

Photography links were compiled in 2002 by Margaret Kensinger, an ALIC student library technician from the College of Information Science at the University of Maryland. Updated Spring, 2014. See Bibli

Red wavelengths for everyday photography

I've done a lot of research regarding filters as I'm about to do a modification on my DSLR for astrophotography. I've settled on removing the existing IR filter and replacing it with one the will stil

The Walking Dead has a Rick Grimes movie trilogy on the way

Last night, The Walking Dead dealt with the heavily marketed departure of series star Andrew Lincoln in a startling, unexpected way. The way the episode handled the event didn’t make sense fr

FCC will ‘take action’ in 2019 if carriers aren’t doing enough to fight robocalls

Ajit Pai and the FCC’s commissioners are growing as incensed and fed up with robocalls as the rest of us. Today, Pai sent a letter to over a dozen US mobile providers urging them to deploy an

Art (Photography) | School of Art

Students in the BFA program in art with a concentration in photography are offered a solid education in the creation and analysis of photographs as a form of creative expression. Students work in a wi

Nikola teases a third-generation hydrogen semi truck for Europe and Asia

American trucking startup Nikola Motor Company hasn’t been around for very long, but it just announced a third version of its hydrogen-electric semi geared at the European, Asian, and Austral

Jolie Anne Photography @ Google+

On the Internet, you can pretend to be whoever you want... That includes pretending to be a cuddly romantic that has a girlfriend. In these funny photos, Rain Yokohama shares how to take pics to look

Google will fix Pixel 3’s RAM management issue with future update

Google has confirmed that it is aware of a memory management issue causing unexpected app crashes on the new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, and it plans to fix it with an upcoming software update, acc

Lime is investing $3 million to educate riders on safe scooter practices

Electric scooter-sharing company Lime announced today that it’s launching a new safety campaign called Respect the Ride, which will see the company invest $3 million to educate riders on safe

Maybe I can finally buy this tiny Android laptop now that it doubles as a phone

In a world where zombie brands like Palm and Polaroid no longer hold their original meanings, it’s refreshing to some see some old-school gadget ideas stay true. In this case, I’m talking a

Deadpool 2 returns to theaters as PG-13 Christmas film Once Upon a Deadpool

Deadpool 2 is returning to theaters this December, but not in the way you’d expect. As previously reported, the famously foul-mouthed superhero sequel is getting a second theatrical run but a

Canon or Tamron 70-200mm F2.8

This is a two parts question 1) Is there a significant reason I should get the Tamron 70-200 G2 rather than the Tamron SP 70-200mm F2.8 Di VC USD? 2) Would getting the Canon 70-200L (first version)

Can I disable the auto power off on my Nikon SU-800

Can I disable the auto power off on my Nikon SU-800 so it stays on for longer? I need to use it in a different way.

What is the filter thread size for a Hasselblad 80mm lens?

I was wondering if anyone knew the thread size on a Hasse 80mm lens for a UV Filter. Does 67mm sound correct? Please advise and many thanks.

Is there any free online photography classes? Also, best edit software for photos? [on hold]

I’m planning on buying a nice camera soon. I want to take classes to learn to take better pictures, specially so I can some day know how to take senior pictures. I want to offer free pictures for se

Preparing half-dome 360 degree video for vlc or youtube

I have a Kodak pixpro sp360. It takes 360x235 degree video. Almost 360 'vr' but the image is dome - not a sphere. I can't create a file that vlc will play using the vr/360 degre playback mode without

Nikon D3500 date time stamp in military time

I had a similar issue with my D3500 Nikon. I was playing with the features as I am new and I chose P as my feature and changed to a cloudy day and tried some Raw functions, Raw Fine was coming across

Does using better light in my camera will improve my picture results ?

I know there are a lot best cam out there to take awesome night picture. But whenever I'm on a wedding and we are taking picture in dark outside using the camera flash only the picture doesn't have th

Lightroom Classic 8: RAW → DNG only converting SOME photos

I'm using Lightroom Classic CC 8.0. I have a library with 75,427 photos in it, which are a combination of .NEF, .ARW, other files (.TIF, .jpg,.png, etc), and now .DNG. I selected every file in the l

Red noise in lower edge and corners

I would like to ask for your opinion whether in your past experience you have seen similar kind of red noise in lower parts of your pictures in low-light settings? It shows up in lower edge and corn

Monsoon V (4K)

Blu-Ray discs available here: ————— My original plan this past summer was to collect as much footage as normal, but to not put out a “Monsoon V” until 2019

Emily & Brendan’s wedding at Sutton Family Farm

We’ve known Emily for a long time now, one of our kiddos’ favorite babysitters. I was so honored that she and Brendan asked me to photograph their wedding earlier this year at Sutton Farms. Such a

James & Ayla’s engagement in Phoenix

Way behind with posting fun engagement sessions, here’s James and Ayla who got married in Tucson earlier this year. Had a blast with them in downtown Phoenix and then Papago Park for these engagemen

2018 Storm Time-lapse Trailer!

Song licensed through the Musicbed, license your own songs here: Follow me on Twitter: / Instagram: MikeOlbinki and Facebook:

Stephanie & Bobby’s wedding at San Pedro Chapel

A stunner of a Tucson wedding photographed by my associate, Courtney Larson! Stephanie and Bobby were such a blast to work with she said, not to mention Steph’s hair and dress were incredible. Hope

The Shell Family

Just over a month ago I did a photoshoot for the Shell family. I know Emma and Brian from their wedding years ago and then a couple of family shoots since then. Very special people to me, such a beaut

Sarah & Ben’s wedding at the Arizona Historical Society

Love, love, LOVE this wedding…laughter, food trucks, epic dancing…what a blast with Sarah and Ben earlier this year! Wedding Coordinator/Planner // Ginny Cardenas Invitations // Vista Print Weddin

Danielle & Cam’s wedding at The Farm at South Mountain

Danielle and Cam are just such an adorable couple and this wedding at the Farm at South Mountain was so full of emotional moments and tears and laughter, it’s just what I love the most about these t

Larissa & Nick’s wedding at Venue At The Grove

Oh man…Larissa and Nick, two wonderful people and just a wonderful wedding! Love the Venue at the Grove, it’s such a charming place and the staff is so nice. From this past spring…here’s some

Jenny & Paul wedding at The Silverleaf Club

My killer associate photographer, Courtney Larson, photographed this wedding last spring and it was simply stunning. Amazing work by her and the team at BTS Event Management. Not to mention Jenny and


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