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Find high quality newborn and infant photagraphy sessions in Phoenix, AZ at a local studio.

Why are flash pulses so short?

I was surprised to learn that most flashes last only 1/1000s instead of lighting up for the entire exposure time. Why? If the flash were to light up before the shutter opens and turn off after the shu

Jolie Anne Photography @ Google+

On the Internet, you can pretend to be whoever you want... That includes pretending to be a cuddly romantic that has a girlfriend. In these funny photos, Rain Yokohama shares how to take pics to look

Digital Photography Collections | National Archives

Photography links were compiled in 2002 by Margaret Kensinger, an ALIC student library technician from the College of Information Science at the University of Maryland. Updated Spring, 2014. See Bibli

Kolb brothers book explores Grand Canyon tourism photography

That's when the Kolb brothers started dangling from ropes and running the trails to make their photographs

Phoenix-area husband and wife photography team think outside the - Arizona's Family

A Phoenix-area husband and wife photography team think outside of the box when it comes to helping brides and grooms for their wedding photographs. "When we sit down for meetings with our bride an...

Art (Photography) | School of Art

Students in the BFA program in art with a concentration in photography are offered a solid education in the creation and analysis of photographs as a form of creative expression. Students work in a wi

Does anyone recognize this mount?

I bought this lens cheap and I'm having trouble identifying the mount. I believe it's a Version 4 Serial number is 22128668

I deleted the EXIF data of my photo, just realised there also is IPTC data, can the date still be seen?

So I deleted all the EXIF on my photo, but found out I left out the IPTC data because never heard of it until I actually saw it still showed a ''date taken'' under the IPTC tab of software (Exifer) I

Is there are any wireless camera trigger or wireless camera controller for samsung es95 digital camera

i have a digital camera ( Samsung es95). i want to control it remotely . is there any way to do it

How to increase contrast/brightness of product photos?

[Warning: I'm not a pro photographer!]

Portable and sturdy tripod

I do mostly long exposure architectural photography.

Does the Metabones adapter have light leaks during long exposures?

I'm interested in tilt-shift lenses for use with a Sony a7RIII in long exposure mode.

Fiber paper curved on arrival?

I recently bought my first box of Ilford Fiber B&W 8x10 paper. Even though the box is straight and undamaged, the entire ream of paper is curved. This seems like it will make it hard to ensure eve

How to keep sheet negatives clean in storage?

I currently store my 4x5 negatives in archival sheets with 4x5 pockets, like this one:

Green Monster

Yesterday didn’t seem like anything too exciting. Started south of town early afternoon, dust storm was weak, came home, picked up the kids and we decided to play the storms out west by Tonopah beca

Hoisington, Kansas

Not gonna lie…I wish that bolt hadn’t blown out. This was shot at f/8 and ISO 100 during the DAY and it was still so powerful it blew out like this. However, the storm itself was so awesome and I

Amy & Eric’s Wedding at Westin Kierland

Amy and Eric were such a pleasure to work with! An awesome day with some overcast skies that turned into an epic sunset at the end. Westin Kierland is a gorgeous venue, it was my first time there and

The Rice Family

An unbelievably fun family shoot, with a dad tossing his daughter so high at the end, my heart jumped! Love it!

The Sandhills

Probably my favorite day chasing this spring was May 23rd, especially once the storms really got going west of Ogallala, Nebraska. We chased it through Arthur and east, this was one of the final shots

Hail No

On May 23rd, after time-lapsing the supercell south of Arthur as it neared highway 61, we raced north to get back ahead. But after five miles or so, the rain stopped momentarily and I looked back to s

Katie & Jared’s engagement in Jerome

Katie and Jared were so fun to hang with in Jerome…we wanted to hit up the mining town, but it closed when we got there. But we wandered around outside and made lemons out of lemonade, and then hit

The Mannarelli Family (and 1 year birthday cake smash!)

Every now and then I get to do a cake smash shoot…I think the last was like 4 years ago haha. This was a blast. Not to mention I’ve know Jenae and her mom & dad forever. So amazing to think th

Vekol Sparks

A stunner of a sunset on August 23rd last year out along Vekol Road. I was flying down there, exited the freeway and of course my buddy John Sirlin beat me there by five minutes. Such an incredible si

Kristin & David engagement at the Salt River

Kristin and David attend my church and are two wonderful people. Their wedding will be at New City Church in September with the reception at Wrigley Mansion following! Going to be a blast!


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