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Find high quality newborn and infant photagraphy sessions in Phoenix, AZ at a local studio.

Jolie Anne Photography @ Google+

On the Internet, you can pretend to be whoever you want... That includes pretending to be a cuddly romantic that has a girlfriend. In these funny photos, Rain Yokohama shares how to take pics to look

Apple iPhone XS and XS Max review: smoothed out

Solid updates to a winning formula

Kolb brothers book explores Grand Canyon tourism photography

That's when the Kolb brothers started dangling from ropes and running the trails to make their photographs

Phoenix-area husband and wife photography team think outside the - Arizona's Family

A Phoenix-area husband and wife photography team think outside of the box when it comes to helping brides and grooms for their wedding photographs. "When we sit down for meetings with our bride an...

Digital Photography Collections | National Archives

Photography links were compiled in 2002 by Margaret Kensinger, an ALIC student library technician from the College of Information Science at the University of Maryland. Updated Spring, 2014. See Bibli

Art (Photography) | School of Art

Students in the BFA program in art with a concentration in photography are offered a solid education in the creation and analysis of photographs as a form of creative expression. Students work in a wi

Should I set the photo resolution as required before starting post-editing job?

My client is requiring the final work image to be in high resolution image, i.e. 9000px x 6000px - 300dpi. I normally shoot the "still" product in RAW image. Before starting my editing job (photosho

What should I do to best take a digital photo of an old photo print?

My father just signed up on Facebook last week. Now that he's looked at his friends' walls / pages posting old photographs, he wanted to do the same. I have been helping him to use the smartphone (and

What are "traditional photography rules"? [on hold]

From time to time I have encountered people mentioning "traditional photography rules" without elaborating on what these "rules" might be. Indeed, people often claim to break these rules, or sometim

How do I fix this washed out photo in Photoshop?

I'm quite new to photoshop and I was wondering if there was a way to fix this photo as the faces are completely washed out by the sun in the background.

Landscape Photography Planning

When I plan a landscape photography, I use tools like Google Earth so to get an idea of the place I want to shoot; TPE and PhotoPills in order to see the direction of the sun, looking for a frontal or

Will digital exposure above unity gain result in raw file with full bit depth?

As I understand, digital cameras have a unity gain ISO: an ISO setting at which no gain is applied. Below this ISO negative gain is applied, in effect ignoring some of the photons, and above positive

Why does my subject's skin have such a red cast — did my auto white balance fail me?

I have close to two hundred images where the subject looks like he just walked out of a sauna. It was 36 degrees with humidex, but he was not that red.

How to live feed to a laptop to show what is on a Sony HX60 camera's display?

What available ways are there to output a live feed from the Sony DSC HX60 camera showing what is on its display? For example, can this be done using a cable from the HDMI port on the camera to an HDM

Jenny & Paul wedding at The Silverleaf Club

My killer associate photographer, Courtney Larson, photographed this wedding last spring and it was simply stunning. Amazing work by her and the team at BTS Event Management. Not to mention Jenny and

Holly & Jake’s wedding at L’Auberge de Sedona

I love this wedding. Of course in the midst of a hectic wedding schedule, I forgot that I knew two people attending…a former couple Cassie and Jake, not to mention an epic wedding planner Amy Simon,

Salome Strike

Yesterday my workshop ended and since some of the models were calling for huge storms in Tucson to kick out a dust storm up the 10 in the afternoon, I hit up Benson for a bit to shoot around, but it q

Dusty Wave

Well my final monsoon workshop of the summer was utterly fantastic. Two haboobs, tons of lightning and cool storms, and it couldn’t possibly have been more fantastic to have Karen Wright and Paula C


Not gonna lie…I enjoy getting close to lightning. Yeah, I’ll hide in the truck when my cameras are shooting…but I just really enjoy the close bolts and all the detail in them. Yesterday was fun

Swallowing Tempe

I never end up in Tempe for these things, but the way Thursday’s haboob progressed more north/northeast, and how behind we were, I skipped downtown Phoenix and went to this spot where I’ve shot a

The Great Haboob Chase on Interstate 8

On July 9th, 2018, I woke up in Blythe, California, and checked the forecast one more time and it confirmed what I already knew the day before: the potential for an awesome storm rolling west down Int

Elaine & Padraic’s engagement at Merry-Go-Round Rock

These two. Wow. From awhile ago, but I loved every minute of this session, from the Harley to the drinks at the end. These two were SOOO much fun!

Liza & Weston’s wedding at El Chorro

Liza and Weston were amazing to work with at their engagement session on The Salt River, so I knew the wedding would be a blast. Not to mention working with Andrea Leslie is always a treat, plus my se


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