Media Library Basics

Tips and tutorials on importing media assets and organizing a video library.

5 Ways to Use a Gimbal to Capture Cinematic Footage

In this video tutorial, learn five ways you can capture stable and beautiful footage with a handheld gimbal.

The Slightly Late Because It's Chinese New Year Friday Roundup!

This week some relinking tips for your media library, some basic information on money and a comprehensive look at when to use or not use captions or audio.

Learn Filmmaking From Martin Scorsese In the Next Masterclass

Masterclass has revealed their next educational series will be led by legendary director Martin Scorsese. Learn how to become a filmmaker from the best!

A Look Inside the Post-Production Process Behind “It”

Let's take a look at the post-production workflow and thought process behind the year's biggest box office horror success.

Should You Promote Your Short Film on Facebook or a Website?

At one time, every project needed a promotional website, but in the age of Facebook pages, is this still true? Let's find out.

Premiere Pro Program Monitor Panel Zoom Tip - Basic Filmmaker Ep 231

A few people have problems with the zoom menu in the Premier Pro Monitor panel. Surely there must be a better way? Yes there is! More in the description. ▼LINKS:▶ PREMIER PRO:

3 Cinematography Tools for Capturing Perfect Exposure

Nailing perfect exposure is one of the cinematographer's most essential roles. Learn to set the right exposure to streamline post-production.

How Robert Rodriguez Engineers a Shoot-Out Scene

How a filmmaker famous for innovating and doing things his own way plans, practices, and films shoot-out scenes for his productions.

Cinematography Tip: The Benefits of Using a Light Meter

A light meter is an essential tool to properly expose your scene, play with contrast ratios, and even test your camera's dynamic range.

Microphone Isolation Audio Tests - Check that Cable! Basic Filmmaker Ep 232

Video uploaded a YEAR ago and not published. Tests using mic, foam, and blimp. Thing learned (see very end of the video and description) is a cable electrical short can be REALLY subtle. How do I &qu

Shutterstock’s Free Plugin Brings 8 Million+ Clips to Premiere Pro

Access the entire Shutterstock video library without ever leaving Premiere Pro with the Shutterstock Plugin for the Adobe Creative Cloud.

IBC 2017 News: ARRI’s All-New SkyPanel S-360-C

ARRI’s New SkyPanel S-360 is a large-scale LED light that outputs enormous amounts of light with new advancements in LED lighting.

Basic Camera Filtration to Elevate your Cinematography

Filtration for your camera can be a essential to creating the most cinematic images. Find out what you need to know in this article.

Glide Gear Teleprompter (Autocue) TMP100 Review - Basic Filmmaker Ep 230

Been hoping to find a reasonably priced teleprompter that isn't a piece of junk. Glide Gear came through with this one. More in the description. ▼LINKS:▶

YouTube Comment Tips and TubeBuddy - Basic Filmmaker Ep 229

For my channel, I've answered something like 20,000 comments and emails. I ALWAYS answer comments, and with almost 60,000 subscribers, that's only feasible using TubeBuddy, a tool I cannot live witho

Just for Fun - MESELF or an On-Camera Persona? Basic Filmmaker Ep 228

Hey! Every once in a while I like to have some fun. I've received comments about my on-camera-ness, so, pick one for yourself. I prefer my MESELF. NOTE: It's obvious from the video I am not and have

Adorama 3 POD Tripod Review for New Filmmakers - Basic Filmmaker Ep 227

Adorama was kind enough to send me a tripod that I could share with you. For the cost, it's a pretty good solution for new filmmakers. Trust me, you don't want a cheap crappy plastic tripod. Please s

YouTube Notifications - Hells Bells! Basic Filmmaker Ep 226

Maybe I've got this wrong, but according to YouTube, by DEFAULT you will ONLY get notifications of videos posted by channels you subscribe to IF you take further action and CLICK THE BELL ICON. Reall

Premiere Pro Markers - Basics, Tips, and WTFs - Basic Filmmaker Ep 225

I've run into quite a few people that hate those crappy little markers in Adobe Premier Pro. Then I found they had no idea how to use them as span markers. More in the description. ▼LINKS:▶ PREM

Saramonic Vmic Pro Microphone Review & Tutorial - Basic Filmmaker Ep 224

Saramonic sent me the Vmic Pro and in my opinion, if you only have $150 to spend on a mic, this is an excellent option. Links to each section in the video, specs and more info are in the video descri

Add PayPal Donations To YouTube in 10 Easy Steps - Basic Filmmaker Ep 223

Short video on how you can use your PayPal account and create a button on your YouTube channel and accept donations in 10 easy steps. More in the description. ▼BASICS OF MONEY:▶


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