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The Best Real Estate Investing Blogs and Podcasts

These are our favorite real estate investing blogs and podcasts in 2016. If you like to read, check out the blogs. Like to listen? Check out the podcast.

How a Work Vacation Helped Me Focus and Improve My Business

A couple of weekends ago, I took a work vacation—not a vacation from work, but a work vacation. I took a few days off both from work and my family to focus on my business. I love my family, and I lo

Let Your Investing Mistakes Empower You To Be A Better Investor

Maxwell Maltz is quoted saying, “You make mistakes, mistakes don’t make you.” Starting today move forward with new lenses. You are not the same person that made these mistakes in the past. You h

Podcast 142: How to supplement your income with a real estate license and rental properties

On this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, Jason Downing is our guest. Jason is a personal trainer who has bought rentals and become a real estate agent. Jason has an interesting stor

5 Quick Ways – Determine A Property’s Value For Offers

We get it you Real Estate Investors! Most of you shifting through Craigslist or the MLS run across potential deals all the time and need quick ways to determine the value of a deal. It’s hard to mak

I Spent Over $400,000 Last Year At Home Depot on House Flipping Materials!

Last year, I flipped 26 houses. Flipping houses is fun, and it was a huge accomplishment to complete that many flips. In order to repair that many houses, it took a lot of money! in fact, I spent $439

Savvy Real Estate Investing: 3 Mistakes To Avoid In Rehab Flipping

With property values on the rise nationwide, this is an excellent time to be in the real estate market. There are large numbers of distressed properties available with great potential for profit. Buyi

Podcast 141: How to Find and Manage Great Contractors

When I am completing up to 22 flips at once, having great contractors and a system to keep track of them is vital to my business. It has taken some time, mistakes, and multiple people, but I have thin

Why I Quit Being an REO (Foreclosure) Listing Agent

I found my niche as a real estate agent in the REO world. REO stands for real estate owned and is what banks call their foreclosures. As a young agent, I tried the traditional way of selling houses, b

Top 10 Reasons For Joining A Real Estate Club Association!

I have  joined a number of Real Estate Investment Associations since 1987  and that was one of the best things I did for both myself and for my real estate investing company.  It’s been my honou

One Thing That Makes People Successful Whether They Have Money or Not

I have been successful by most people’s standards. I have been in the real estate business for over 15 years, have flipped over 140 houses, have 20 rentals, and have a few nice cars. Some people may

Episode 105: [LIVE] My Flip Hacking Live Presentation

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes Danny spoke at this year’s Flip Hacking Live event! His presentation covers lead generation for real estate investors and how the market is shifting. Are you

Podcast 140: Agent, Property Manager, Investor Sean Morrissey in Chicago

On this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I speak with Sen Morrissey, who is a real estate investor, broker, and property manager in Chicago. Sean got into the real estate business in

International Investing: What Can We Expect In 2018 For Property Investments?

Property Investment  – North West UK Expectations of 2018 in the property investment market vary depending on who you’re informed by. For some, the uncertainty of Brexit and the increase of tax b

Is It Smart to Work from Home?

I have been able to create my own schedule since I graduated from college. I have been a real estate agent and real estate investor. Even though I could work from home whenever I wanted, I have worked

Podcast 139: Buying a 68,000-Square-Foot Commercial Building

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a 68,000-square-foot commercial building for $2.1 million. I bought this property with a partner and also plan to open my own real estate office in the building. The bu

Due Diligence Form: Performing Background Checks On Renters/Tenant-Buyers

Many investors perform some level of due diligence when screening potential renters or tenant-buyers, however few investors perform as thorough of a check as they know they could. We become lazy, comp

Do Real Estate Agents Inflate Housing Prices?

A lot of people do not trust real estate agents, and many people even feel that real estate agents cause high housing prices. Even appraisers have told me that real estate agents are the cause of the

Top 10 Wholesale Investing Investor Resources on

We are well aware that the first wholesale discount property or real estate deal is frequently the hardest one to discover for the new real estate investor.  Finding potential properties, getting

Episode 104: [TEAM] Hiring For Fit with Marco and Hillary Romero

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes Hillary and Marco got married and became pregnant in 2015. In an effort to build the future they both wanted their family, they both quit their jobs that same y

Water…Water…Let’s Talk About Water & Losing $Cash Flow$

I’m fully aware that this site and those who visit the site frequently are doing so because of real estate investing. Cool! However, it is the small things that add up and kill our bottom line as L

Have You Heard About The Highest Bidder Sale Method?

What is a Highest Bidder Sale?   A Highest Bidder Sale is when you get an option to buy a property, then do aggressive marketing for a week to attract people to a 2 day open house (limited hours) wh

Episode 103: [MINDSET] Overcoming Challenges When Flipping Houses with Josh Rudin

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes After meeting his mentor Josh Rudin started buying and flipping houses 6 years ago when he was 19 years old. He went through a lot of negative experiences and l

Real Estate Deals – Listen To Your Gut or Suffer The Consequences!

Basic Instincts When your instincts – or intuition, as some like to call it – kick in, you need to pay attention. Following your instincts or intuitions isn’t always easy. We keep our eyes on

Episode 102: [ASSET PROTECTION] Protect Yourself with Scott Smith

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes Scott Smith is an Asset Protection attorney and real estate investor with experience in everything to flipping houses to buying notes. Scott specializes on how

Episode 101: [WEBINAR] Dominate Your Local Market Online with Danny Johnson

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes Hey Flip Pilots! You know that book Danny wrote a few years back called “Flipping Houses Exposed”? It’s been a free kindle e-book for the longest time, bu

Episode 100: [MINDSET] Entrepreneur to Business Owner with Mark Evans DM

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes No one thought Mark Evans would graduate from high school. Even his teachers thought he should probably just try to pass and then get a minimum wage job. But Ma

Episode 99: [BOOKS] 11 Books for 2018 (some you’ve likely never heard of)

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes In today’s episode, I’m sharing my favorite 11 books that I read in 2017.  I read more but, these are the books that ended up with tons of dog-eared pages.

Episode 98: [GOALS] Flex and Flip with Paul Del Pozo

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes Paul Del Pozo is an ex competitive bodybuilder turned real estate investor and entrepreneur. The last 2 years for him have been about personal and business evol

Flipping Small Spaces: Our Condo Rehab

Hey Flipping Junkies! Melissa again, here with another rehab article. This property is a little different from what we typically do. Condos are so small, so I thought this would be a good opportunity

House Flipping Inventory: IKEA Shopping Spree!

Welcome back everyone! Melissa here. We’re going to be doing something a little different with this article. Instead of showing you a before and after of one of our properties, we’re going to take


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