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Cornell Real Estate Review: Cornell University Baker Program in Real Estate

Cornell University Baker Program in Real Estate

The Best Real Estate Investing Blogs and Podcasts

These are our favorite real estate investing blogs and podcasts in 2016. If you like to read, check out the blogs. Like to listen? Check out the podcast.

My Fix and Flip Book Is Now Available as an Audio Book

I love flipping houses, and I also love teaching others how to flip. I have 17 flips going at the moment, have sold 21 flips so far this year, and have bought 20 more. My goal was to flip 30 houses th

7 Step Fast Cash Formula Blueprint

It’s that simple guys! This 7 Step Formula is perfectly laid out in the above blueprint (click on the image if you want to save) to get you started on your investing journey and cashing checks q

Podcast 119: Hard-Money Loans for Fix and Flips with Ben Shaevitz

I have gotten two hard-money loans in my 16 year career as a real estate investor. I obtained both this year from Ben Shaevitz with Patch of Land. I shy away from hard-money loans because of the high

5 Best Tips for New Turnkey Real Estate Investors

If you are new to real estate, you might not be very familiar with the term turnkey, but it’s a vital tool that any new investor should have in their toolbox. Turnkey investment properties are c

How to Become a Full-Time Real Estate Investor

Many people dream of becoming a full-time real estate investor. However, making enough money or feeling comfortable enough in the real estate business to quit your job isn’t easy. I have been a

Free Flipping Real Estate Download (eBook)

When undertaking any sort of task, your best chance of success will come if you set clearly defined goals and pick up some self-help educational material on the subject matter. Getting started with re

Podcast 118: Flipping Houses, Buying Apartments, and Selling as an Agent with Tyler Sheff

Tyler Sheff has seen a lot in his real estate career. He started flipping houses in his early twenties and was very successful before the housing crash. Tyler also held some properties as rentals and

How to Buy Investment Properties with a Direct Mail Campaign

I have been a real estate investor and real estate agent for over 15 years. I have flipped over 130 properties and bought 17 rental properties. I never buy a house unless it is an awesome deal and wel

Episode 92: [Just Ask] How to get over the hump and scale up?

Listen / Share / Download Show Notes This is the answer to a Flipping Junkie Podcast #Just Ask question. Kyle Burnett asks: I’ve been full time in the flipping business for about a year and

Podcast 117: Investing in Rental Properties While in San Francisco with Kathy Fettke

Kathy Fettke has seen a lot of ups and downs in the real estate market while living in San Francisco. She has bought rentals in San Francisco, but it can be really tough when almost every property cos

Cheat List For Mobile Home Repairs

There are certain repairs that most investor buyers will run away from. If money is limited and you’re looking to purchase or make your mobile home attractive to the largest number of serious bu

Did House Flippers Cause the Housing Crisis?

A recent article claimed house flippers, not banks or subprime mortgages, caused the housing crisis. I completely disagree, and I will tell you exactly why in this article. Admittedly, I am biased, as

What Is a Good Credit Score Range?

Ever wonder what is a good credit score, and why this little three-digit number is so crucial to your financial well-being? Can it really affect your everyday life? And what kind of con

Episode 91: [Finding Deals] Landing Your First Flip Deals with Mike Newby

Listen / Share / Download Show Notes Mike is brand new in the investing world but brings a construction engineering degree, and 10+ years of construction background, knowledge and business sense. Alon

Podcast 116: Successful Flipper, Landlord, and Agent Shannon Denniston

On this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I interview Shannon Denniston. Shannon has been an extremely successful real estate investor, entrepreneur, and real estate agent. Shannon ha

How to Help People in Houston and Why It Will Help you to Help Others

I have to admit that I am a bit of a weather nut. I live in Colorado, and I love huge snowstorms as well as huge thunderstorms. I also get intrigued by weather events across the country, such as the r

4 Problems With Fix & Flip Property That Are Easy To Overlook

When you’re picking up a property to quickly fix and flip, you want to be sure that you aren’t running into more problems than you can fix. Some potential problems with a fix and flip

How Much Money Should you Spend Repairing a House Flip?

I have flipped a lot of houses and seen a lot of houses flipped. I have seen investors spend a lot of money on upgrades that made no financial sense. I have seen investors spend almost no money on a f

Episode 90: [Finding Delas] Working With Wholesalers For Deals with Chance Housos

Listen / Share / Download Show Notes Chance started getting serious about real estate around 2 years ago. He did 16 flips last year and has been doing 2-3 a month this year. He gets around 30% of his

5 Tips For Investing In Single-Family Investment Properties

Single-family homes are an asset to any investor—large or small. Of the investment properties available on the market, single-family homes often accrue the greatest appreciation rates and are mo

You’re Making More $Money$ – So Why Are You Not Getting Wealthy?

It may not be fun or glamorous to put yourself on a stringent budget, but it is what separates the trajectories of two people who earn the same income. Becoming wealthy is not as much fun as spen

Episode 89: [Wholesaling] Not Assigning Contracts and Making More with Kyle Lackey

Listen / Share / Download Show Notes Kyle is a founder and managing partner at H L Homes, a Houston based real estate investment company, founded in 2011. He and his partner, Eric, formed their LLC to

Episode 88: [Just Ask] What is your Direct Mail Strategy?

Listen / Share / Download Show Notes This is the answer to a Flipping Junkie Podcast #Just Ask question.  Erik Drentlaw asked what my exact direct mail strategy is. Here’s the video podcast

Is Gentrification Caused By Fix & Flip Investors Rehabbing Properties?

Boy was I shocked to find my city on the list of Top 10 U.S. cities that are gentrifying the fastest. According to experts, gentrification happens when three things occur simultane

3 Warning Signs To Buying A Mobile Home Lemon

This article is designed to help provide the newbie mobile home investor with some foresight to notice some not-too-common red flags that you will find while investing in individual mobile homes insid

Episode 87: [Mindset] Affirmations and Getting Money For Deals with Beka Shea

Listen / Share / Download Show Notes I’m the youngest of 4 daughters and I grew up in rural Pennsylvania.  Being the favorite child has given me an overabundance of confidence, which I use

Episode 86: [Just Ask] How Do You Not Offend Sellers?

Listen / Share / Download Show Notes This is the answer to a Flipping Junkie Podcast ‘Just Ask’ question.  Steve L. asked: How do you avoid offending motivated sellers when making an

Episode 85: [Taxes] Tax Strategies for Real Estate Investors with Craig Cody

Listen / Share / Download Show Notes Craig S. Cody is an ex-NYC cop and certified public accountant of 17 years, he’s a certified tax coach and business owner in his own right. Here’s a fe

Episode 84: [Just Ask] Biggest Gold Nugget

Listen / Share / Download Show Notes   Focus, focus, focus. That’s the key to success. Watch the podcast video here: You don’t want to be distracted by your first ideas. You need to s

Episode 83: [Scaling] How a Mastermind Changed Everything

Listen / Share / Download Show Notes   Danny and Melissa share the secret to the massive growth in their flipping business over the last year. The story begins several years ago when they were we


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