Wedding Bands

What last forever are love and a wedding ring. take a look at Ware Jewelers collection of high-class wedding bands and engagement rings? Our prices are unbeatable.

Engraved Wedding Bands: New Ideas – Ware Jewelers

What last forever are love and a wedding ring (at least we want to believe that). What lasts as long as your wedding band is the engraving on your wedding band (should you choose to have engraved wedd

Consider 4 Things When Selecting Jewelry for Men

It won’t be fair if we say that jewelry is an accessory for women only. Various historical evidences show that kings often wore jewelry to symbolize their status, wealth, and richness. Nowadays,

9+ Tungsten Carbide Rings Bands Pros and Cons

Tungsten carbide rings are one of the most popular choices for wedding rings. This is because there are a lot of tungsten carbide rings pros and cons compared to gold, platinum and other types of prec

3 Myths about Bridal Engagement Rings

Engagement is the life’s enduring moment in which you make commitments to your ladylove. In this event, Engagement Ring has its own significance because it works as a testimony of your pure rela

Steps to Clean Your Diamond Earrings

Earrings are the evergreen piece of jewelry that can never fade out with the passage of time. In fact, numerous styles are there that can make earrings a preferable jewelry that can accentuate your lo

17+ Cute Matching Sister Bracelets Sets

Sister bracelets are perfect gifts. Since it is the best gift that you can give to a sister who has been your confidant and your best friend. Sister Charm Bracelets are the symbol of a lifetime bond o

13+ Unique Evil Eye Bracelets to Shop

Evil Eye Bracelets are the latest trend these days. There are unique designs to choose from. For instance, Evil Eye Bracelets Sterling Silver. Stunning Greek Evil Eye Bracelets can ward off the evil e

Autumn Jewelry Trends You Can Expect in 2017

It is true that autumn carries more gold in in its pocket than all the other seasons. Therefore, it is a new season, a perfect opportunity to do something new, bold, and beautiful. It is a high time t

17+ Stunningly Unique Peridot Rings for Men and Women

Peridot rings have fascinating green colors. It is one of the most loved gemstones all over the world. Obviously, whether it is placed on gold or silver rings, it can truly captivate anyone. It can lo

4 Tips for Creating a Custom Design Jewelry

Simply put, Custom Design Jewelry refers to making your own uniquely designed jewelry that is not available in the market. This type of jewelry is usually crafted by jewelry designers, they create and

4 Popular Diamond Ring Trends

Looking for the Perfect and unique way to express your love to your partner? The Diamond Ring works best because Diamond is a girl’s best friend. Over the past few years, diamond rings with diff

17+ Unique Healing Chakra Bracelets with Meaning

Want to give a remarkable gift to your loved one? Why not give chakra bracelets? It has health advantages. Also, it brings magnificence into your life. Chakras must be healed and balanced. This can on

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement is a major life event for you and an Engagement Ring is the perfect romantic connotation that not only make this event special and worthy, but it epitomizes the unbreakable bond of love as

17+ Heartwarming Long Distance Bracelets

Distance bracelets connect couples and friends even if they’ve been separated. Separation from one another can be difficult. However, regardless where your loved ones are, you have a part o

23 Awesome Paracord Bracelet Designs

A Paracord bracelet can be used in a lot of ways, regardless if it is disentangled or kept in place. Most of all, it’s hardware is proven to be useful, as well. When you are in the outdoors

July Birthstone: Ruby

Rubies have been prized for centuries. Often called the king of gems, this intense red stone represents love, health, wisdom and passion. Wearing ruby was said to bestow good fortune on the wearer. Ru

The Acceptance Ring – taking the LGBT Community by Storm

Everyone is worthy of acceptance and belonging. Each person in the society deserves to feel welcomed and accepted no matter who they are, where they are from, or what gender they prefer. However, desp

Best Times to Propose

If you’re thinking of popping the question soon to her, it is important to have the timing down so the process is absolutely flawless. While most would say the best times to propose would be on

June Birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite, or Moonstone

Lucky June babies get to choose from three birthstones! Both pearls and moonstone come in creamy white hues and glow in soft light. Alexandrite changes color depending on which light it is in: it is p

Spell Out Magic with Diamond Pendants

If a gift is to express love, nothing can do it the way a diamond pendant does. There is something about the simple, unique design of the pendants that takes the breath away of your partner.  It

Simon G.’s Serial Numbers Save the Day!

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Simon G. is the individuality and quality of our pieces. These were put to test recently when we were contacted by someone who had found an engagement r

Teardrop Pear Diamond Engagement Rings

Called the “teardrop”, a pear diamond is a modified take on of a round brilliant diamond, which means that it has 58 facets and breathtaking sparkle.  A pear diamond engagement ring s

Things to Know About Princess Cut Diamond Rings

The mounting of diamond rings influences the design of the ring. You need a diamond setting to last forever. It is essential to consider the setting of the diamond ring or mounting, as part of the com

May Birthstone: Emerald

The birthstone of May is the entrancing emerald. This stone has been prized for centuries for its rich, calming green color. Because emeralds grow in long crystals, they have traditionally been cut in

Spring Trends with Simon G. Jewelry x Modern Luxury Dallas

The adorable Brighton Keller of Brighton the Day partnered with Modern Luxury magazine to discuss spring trends with Simon G. Jewelry. You’ll see her page featuring our jewels in the April editi

Choosing an Engagement Ring with Simon G. Jewelry

Emily featured a ton of beautiful rings on the blog Southern Weddings, along with charming engagement ring shopping stories from the blog’s contributors. Check it out! Can I tell you a secret? F

How to Wear Jewelry Like Rihanna

Embed from Getty Images Fashion is an ever-evolving industry that is influenced by time, places and people. But it’s not just governed by designers and models – in terms of the people who

Fashionably Lo on Holiday Style

We partnered with the wonderful Atlanta fashion blogger Fashionably Lo to create some holiday style inspiration! She showed off some great looks accented by Simon G. jewelry. Take a look! Ho

10 Rose Gold Jewelry Items That Everyone Will Be Thankful For

Colin Cowie Weddings put together this amazing list of rose gold jewelry in rose gold, perfect for the warm color tones of autumn. Check it out! 10 ROSE GOLD JEWELRY ITEMS THAT EVERYONE WILL BE THANKF

WEDDING BAND OF THE YEAR 2014 Winners The Best Men

Booking Co-ordinator Niamh and lead singer Jonathan pick up the Best Band award from WeddingsOnline 2014


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