ways to stop or reverse hearing loss

ways to stop or reverse hearing loss

Ways to stop or reverse hearing loss

You may think that hearing loss is just part of growing older. But hearing loss is a sign of something more serious, and you can prevent it!

Rev. Jesse Jackson: 'I Have Parkinson's'

The civil rights leader was diagnosed in 2015.

Recall: Store Brands of Frozen Sweet Corn

The whole kernel corn was sold at GIANT, Martin's and the Stop & Shop Co. stores.

Advocates Call For Maternal Mortality Solutions

A group of advocates and doctors told congressional staff that more should be done to prevent women from dying during and after childbirth.

Can Girls Help Boost Boys' Reading Scores?

The study found that young men got better reading marks in school when they were outnumbered by young women in the classroom.

Adopting a Dog Could Lengthen Your Life

The researchers reported that dog owners who lived alone were 11 percent less likely to die of heart disease and a third less likely to die from any cause, compared with those who lived alone and didn

Office Workers Don't Like Being Chained to Desks

People with desk jobs want to move more, a new study suggests.

Relax your flab away

Thin with no gym...Is it true? How can you train your body so that it burns flab constantly, even while you sleep or just lay on the couch? ----Important Message----- Diabetic men: Here is the specifi

Calm Parents Help Calm Kids With ADHD

As challenging as it can be to raise a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), new research offers biological evidence that calm, positive parenting may help these kids master thei

Spare the Rod, Spur Better Behavior?

Researchers analyzed data from more than 12,000 children in the United States and found that those who had been spanked by their parents at age 5 had more behavior problems at ages 6 and 8 than those

Groups Help Children Grieve After A Parent Dies

A growing number of groups are offering support to children and young adults after a parent dies.

CDC Wants America to Eat Its Fruits & Veggies

Just 9 percent of adults eat enough vegetables and only 12 percent get the recommended amount of fruit daily

Study: Best supplement for stopping cancer

Three times better than any other supplement in fighting, preventing or even reversing cancer. And you can pick this cancer-beating supplement in your grocery store… -----Important Message----- This

Study: Can this LED light raise testosterone and bedroom desire?

It just takes a few minutes for testosterone levels to skyrocket, desire to rise and function to come back. I do it too. Here’s how easy it is… -----Important Message---- Invisible poison kills er

Can lowering prolactin improve difficult bedroom problems?

Is this all you need? By lowering prolactin men experience increased desire and performance, without any change in testosterone. -----Important Message----- Fight Aging This Way Thousands of men are r

Can sweet wormwood ensure you NEVER have prostate cancer?

Study: “…[this simple herb] has the potential to be developed as a potent anti-prostate cancer therapeutic” ------Important Message----- Diabetes deemed one the most expensive diseases - but her

Warning: blood pressure readings being tampered with

It’s a little strange. All of a sudden, the experts are telling millions of people who thought they were healthy that they now have this condition called prehypertension. -----Important Message-----

Has cancer been cured? Censored study inside

Why isn’t anyone talking about this? This study could potentially save thousands of lives with never-before-seen results! Has it been censored? You be the judge...   ------Important Message----- Di

Powerful anti-cancer properties of ingredient found in coconut oil

This is a fascinating study that was done on cancer showing the benefits of a particular fatty acid found in coconut oil, called caprylic acid. Caprylic acid is something that I have taken in the past

This may double lifespan (and it’s easy to do now)

A surprising study repeated over and over reveals how to safely double lifespan and it may work just as well for you and I... avoid liver disease, depression, anxiety, probably diabetes, and maybe eve

Warning: Is your temperature even one degree below “safe”?

Check your temperature right now - is it 96–97°F? That may mean that something terribly wrong is happening in your gut, but here’s how to avoid this danger and possibly save your liver. ----Impor

AHRF and ACI Alliance to Co-Sponsor 2018 Grant

In 2018, AHRF and the American Cochlear Implant (ACI) Alliance will c0-fund a $25,000 grant to enable a researcher to …

AHRF Announces FY17 Grant Recipients

February 3, 2017: The American Hearing Research Foundation recently awarded nine grants totaling $201,000 for FY17. Since 2010, the Foundation has funded over $1.2 million in research grants. Click t

AHRF has renamed its otolaryngology residency grant program after the late Bernard & Lottie Drazin

The Foundation’s board of directors voted unanimously to approve. The change takes effect immediately and applies to residency grant proposals received for FY17 funding.

Follow-up from ARO MidWinter Meeting

Richard Muench, Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, offers a toast to prior and current grant recipients at the …

Foundation Announces FY16 Grant Recipients

Elmhurst, IL, February 23, 2016: The American Hearing Research Foundation (AHRF), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, recently awarded eight (8) grants totaling $201,000 for FY16, its 60th anniversary.

ARO MidWinter Meeting

Association for Researchers in Otolaryngology (ARO) 39th Annual MidWinter Meeting at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, CA in February 2016. AHRF will be hosting a dinner for former and cu

Remaining Smoke-Free: Supporting the Hearing Impaired

Smoking not only leads to hearing impairment issues, it also worsens existing conditions and adds to existing conditions. Supporting the deaf and hearing impaired in remaining smoke-free is critical i

Army Tests Hearing Drug at the Rifle Range

Staff Sgt. Tyler Durden and his fellow soldiers have been at the shooting range since 3 a.m. Every few seconds, …

Ear Infections Common, But Often Missed, in Infants

Although most babies will have at least one ear infection before they reach the age of 1, the infections can …

“Blue Skies” Video

“Blue Skies” is the tale of Tom, a building inspector who is diagnosed with significant hearing loss, and the story of how that simple problem affects his work and personal life. He must come to t


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