Parents’ Evening

Parents’ Evening a chance to meet your childs teachers and get an upto date report on how they are doing

Literature Set Exam Texts – Shakespeare for Year 10

During their GCSE Literature examination, students are no longer entitled to use an ‘open text’.   In preparation for the exam, it is useful for them to annotate a copy of the exam text.  Your

Parents using 'dubious tactics' to beat school admissions criteria

Survey finds wealthy UK families renting or buying second homes to secure places

Support for survivors of sexual violence or abuse

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Perins students celebrate outstanding GCSE results

In a year where nationally, school curricula have seen a great deal of change, Perins students and staff have shown their resilience in adapting to the new and tougher reformed GCSE courses. Early ind

Making the Most of Parents’ Evening (Exam Years) - Scholar Tutoring Agency

Parents’ Evening can be quite a daunting prospect. What will teachers have to say about your child?  Will teachers think you’re supportive enough? Will you “look like a pushy parent?!” These

Perins School Netball Club Training Dates and Information

TUESDAY TRAINING INFO Date Who What Where When Tuesday 11th, 18th, 25th Sept Tuesday 2nd Oct Year 8/9 and 10/11 SELECTED PLAYERS ONLY Nationals Training Courts 315-515 Tuesday 9th October ONWARDS Defe

Reporting sexual violence or abuse

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Chair of Trust’s Launch Event speech 5th July 2018

Transcript of a speech delivered by the chair of The Perins MAT, Alison Mayne at a launch event for the Sports and Arts Foundation (SAF) at Perins on 5th July 2018 “Firstly, thank you all very much

City Of Oxford College

Welcome to City Of Oxford College, a further education college in the heart of Oxford. Part of the Activate Learning group of colleges. Formerly OCVC.

Support pathway for responding to disclosures of sexual violence

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Independent Sexual Violence Adviser

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What’s up with WhatsApp?

Last month a Mumsnet thread hit the headlines when a post referring to the different types of mum found in ‘every’ school WhatsApp group struck a chord with parents across the country. Ranging fro

Information for parents and guardians

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Homepage contents

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Warwick Community Respect Programme

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Parents rebuke Ofsted for failing to inspect St Olave's pupil welfare

Families say inspectors did not intervene over grammar school’s sixth-form exclusions despite multiple complaints

Fitness to Attend protocol

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Sexual violence, hate crime and harassment

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Parent E – bulletin 15.06.18

Dear Parents,   Please view our latest bulletin  here – Parent e-bulletin 150618

Slow Writers and Hard-to-Read Handwriting: Tips for your Teen

Slow Writers and Hard-to-Read Handwriting: Tips for your Teen When it comes to written subjects, a couple of common concerns might seem tricky to change. One is watching your child write slowly and yo

My child has fallen behind: can they catch up?

My child has fallen behind: can they catch up? For whatever reason, a teen may fall behind when it comes to revision. As a parent, you might be left wondering whether you should step in and help- and

Crunch Time: Revision After Easter

Crunch Time: Revision After Easter Now the Easter holiday has passed, the exams are around the corner it’s crunch time for your child, as they spend their last few weeks- maybe even days- getting re

Getting the Top Grades: Tips

Getting the Top Grades: Tips When it comes to achieving the top grades, there are certain things students can do to give themselves the best chances. Here we explore some tips and tricks for things wh

Bringing Work Home

It goes without saying that there is a renowned expectation for teens to be taking revision materials and work home with them. Revision is an important time for your teen to be independent and take ow

Avoiding Silly Exam Mistakes

Avoiding Silly Exam Mistakes It’s a very unfortunate thing, when a teenager comes out of an exam and realises they’ve made a mistake. They’ve worked their whole school life to reach the pinnacle

Making the Most of Revision Sessions

Making the Most of Revision Sessions Revision classes or sessions are a great way for your exam-sitting teenager to scrub up on that all-important skill and knowledge. Whether your child attends after

Things to do during British Science Week in Glasgow

Things to do during British Science Week in Glasgow Firstly, does anyone know why it’s called science week when it’s over 10 days? No, me either, but this just means more chance to get out and abo

Revision: what should my teen be doing?

Revision: what should my teen be doing? Revision is a vitally important part of the examination process. It offers the chance to revisit subjects and topics, as well as identify areas where there migh

Revision: Help your Child Make It Count

Help your Child Make It Count Firstly, you can help your teen by encouraging revision which has purpose. What are some of their outcomes, both in the immediate and also as a long term goal? What are t

February half term fun camps

Perins school will be holding many camps over the February Half term, including Soccer for Schools UK, please follow the link for more information. SSUK – February Half Term 2018 – Holiday Camps

Year 11 Quiz night

Dear Parents,   We are pleased to invite you to our annual quiz night on Friday 16th March at 7pm in Perins main hall. This event is organised and run by our year 11 students to raise money for their

The KP Cup

The annual KP (Kings v Perins) Cup is scheduled to take place on Saturday 2nd December. Please see full details below: Venue Alresford RFC and Perins School (Please note there are no dogs allowed) Ma

History Department visit from Ben Walsh

This week the History Department had a visit from Ben Walsh who came in to talk to Year 11 GCSE students. Ben is an experienced GCSE history teacher, a senior examiner with the OCR examination board,

Remembrance Service

On Sunday 12th November five Perins students Evie Byford, Maisie Tween, Lara Henderson, Charlotte Briggs and Hannah Cooper took part in the Remembrance Service at St Johns church in Alresford. The gir

When schools can’t afford toilet rolls let alone teachers, we must fight | Julie Ferry

With funding cuts hitting hard, I understand the begging letters from schools. But the answer for parents has to be: reach for our placards, not our wallets

MPs should note local opinion on grammar schools | Letters

Theresa May’s prejudice-based proposal to expand selective schools throughout England will probably fail in parliament. But it is worth recalling that in 1970, when I was an education correspondent

The student experience — then and now

Has university life changed beyond recognition for a new generation of undergraduates or is it the same as it ever was? Five parents compare their own experiences with their children’s

The plus points of work placements

Courses with a placement year offer valuable experience and a better chance of getting full-time work following graduation. No wonder they are proving popular

Can a relationship survive when university calls?

Students in relationships heading off to different universities may find it hard to strike an easy balance between studying and seeing their partner

Applications welcome from disabled and special needs students

All are judged on academic merit, and universities have a duty to meet their needs, so disabled or special needs applicants should not be discouraged

Ways to stretch a student budget

Living on a tight budget can be tricky, but with student union advisers on hand to help and hardship funds to tide you over, most financial hiccups can be avoided

How much will university cost?

Putting a child through university is expensive, which is why it makes sense to know all the costs involved, the funding available and the money-saving deals

Dealing with empty nest syndrome

It’s a difficult adjustment for most parents once their children have left home. Here we offer advice on how to cope with the feeling of loss

Choosing student accommodation

First-year students face a choice of where to live: the parental home, a hall of residence or a privately rented flat. We consider the pros and cons

Leaving home and starting university

Moving away from home and living and studying independently can be a big step for young people – and their parents. Here we offer some guidance on adapting to university life

Making best use of university open days

A visit is essential for you to scope out the campus and meet current students, so you can base your decision on more than just the university’s prospectus

Parents want Ofsted to inspect schools more frequently, survey finds

70% of parents believe assessments should take place every one to two years regardless of a school’s inspection grade

Secret Teacher: I can't help but judge on parents' evening

Meeting students’ families offers a fascinating glimpse into their home lives – and helps me understand their behaviour in class

Five of the best apps that help teachers communicate with parents

From instant messages home to performance data at the touch of a button – here are the best digital tools for getting parents engaged in learning

Thousands miss first secondary school choice as demand rises across UK cities

Camerons among families awaiting offer as figures show intense competition for school places in urban areas

Camerons among 555,000 families awaiting secondary school offer

Increasing competition may leave many disappointed as parents, including the prime minister, await emails about whether their child achieves place of choice


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