Parents’ Evening

Parents’ Evening a chance to meet your childs teachers and get an upto date report on how they are doing


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Keeping up Momentum

Keeping up Momentum The January Blues may have been and gone, but your teen may still be stuck in a state of sluggishness. With wintry weather still upon us- and prelim exams likely well underway- you

Information for parents and guardians

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Wellbeing Support Services

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Breaking down parental engagement barriers with EdTech

For many families, the prospect of crossing the school threshold is a terrifying one. Though many schools may spend a lot of time and energy on events or activities for parents, the reality is that

Wellbeing Support Services Privacy Notice

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App-solutely brilliant – our mobile app has been updated!

The free ParentMail mobile App is used by over 2.5 million parents to stay in touch with schools every day, from the comfort of home, at work or while out and about! Over the years, it’s been thro

Mind Set just before an Exam

Mind Set just before an Exam Before great sporting events, athletes tell of things that motivate and prepare them for the challenging event ahead. Mentally, sportspeople have scenes, routines or image

Five ways to change up your parental engagement usage

Parental engagement solutions make everyday office tasks quick, simple and cost-effective. Thousands of schools across the UK now collect dinner money, permission forms and share information about s

How to Head for the Highest Grades

How to Head for the Highest Grades Most teens strive to do their best when it comes to exams- and rightly so! It’s important to make their school years count. There’ll be nothing more satisfying-

Exams: The Cool, Calm and Confident Way

Exams: The Cool, Calm and Confident Way Cool, calm and confident is not often words fitting to a student preparing to sit exams. And those that do fit this description… well, we sometimes worry that

St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School enjoy paperless Parents’ Evening

When it comes to planning Parents’ Evening, staff at St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School were used to all the usual stresses and strains; piles of paper cluttering the school office, lost or

Drugs Awareness Student Workshops 14th March 2019

In partnership with Narconon Drug Prevention and Education we will be delivering a number of educational workshops and drop in sessions to our students. Years 10 and 11 will receive a more in-depth pr

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week

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Effective Revision Tips

Effective Revision Tips When it comes to revising, your teen will want to maximise on the time that they have to strive towards the top grades! Therefore, it’s wise to consider the best ways to revi

Homepage contents

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Further and Higher Education Colleges | Activate Learning

Discover Activate Learning, a forward-thinking further and higher education group, operating across colleges, schools, apprenticeships and training. We offer full-time and part-time further and higher

Easy, dependable dinner payments with +Pay

A number of schools have recently hit the headlines as outraged parents complain their children have gone without a hot meal due to a lack of credit on their cashless dinner accounts. In Wales, scho

Contact Wellbeing Support Services

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Ed-technically superior software

Education Secretary, Damien Hinds, has challenged school leaders to take advantage of modern technology in and outside of the classroom to reduce teacher’s responsibilities. Acknowledging workload

Strong communication could be your nursery’s greatest asset

You know better than we do that running a nursery is a busy and time-consuming business! Whilst chatting to parents during the morning drop-off might seem the most convenient way of sharing the late

Making the Most of Parents’ Evening (Exam Years) | Scholar Tutoring Agency

Making the Most of Parents’ Evening (Exam Years) Parents’ Evening can be quite a daunting prospect. What will teachers have to say about your child?  Will teachers think you’re supportive enoug

Parent / School Communications – 22 Years On

As we have previously touched on, the 1997 White Paper ‘Excellence in Schools’ highlighted the importance of parent / school relationships and acknowledged that - “Parents play a crucial role

Physiotherapy – Friday 8th February

Registered physiotherapists from will be making their half termly visit on Friday 8th February between 1530 and 1800. If your son or daughter is suffering from a long

The Power of Guided Revision

The Power of Guided Revision The world of revision looks rather different nowadays, to what it may have looked like several years ago. As a parent recalling your own school days, you may remember bein

Revision Kit List: What Does My Teen Need?

Revision Kit List: What Does My Teen Need? You might think it’s lucky if your teenager finds a pen around the house to write with, let alone owning a whole stash of stationery to revise with! Some t

Introducing our new and improved School Help Site

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new School Help Site, now live and ready to answer any questions you may have about using ParentMail! The new site includes lots of improvements which m

Consent matters

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Unsure of where to go?

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Muster Up January Motivation

Muster Up January Motivation As parents, we know how important our child’s education will be in the future, and it can be frustrating when your teen doesn’t seem to grasp a sense of the motivation

Supporting Your Child Through Their Secondary Years – Parent Seminars

We would like to take this opportunity to announce our ‘Supporting your child through their secondary years’ programme.  At Perins we firmly believe that early parental involvement builds a posit

Live N Learn Presentation

Year 11 Parents – Live N Learn Presentation – Wednesday 16th January 6-7pm At Perins we firmly believe that early parental involvement enhances pupil progress and leads to success in the final GCS

A look back at the year just gone…

As we welcome in the New Year, we’re taking the opportunity to look back over the year just gone, our biggest and best year yet! 2018 saw us welcome hundreds of new primary, secondary schools, nur

New Year’s Revision Resolutions

New Year’s Revision Resolutions As we’re celebrating seeing in 2019, your teen might be feeling a little more daunted than celebratory: it’s an exam year- and the months creep ever closer! So, w

Five Ways to Improve Grades

Five Ways to Improve Grades When it comes to improving grades, many teens aren’t sure what to do. Lots of them are under the impression that they “just need to write more” – but this is largel

Beauty and The Beast photos

The professional photo album, prints and downloads are now available.  Orders need to be received by 5th December 2018 for delivery before Christmas.  Please see below for further information and ho

Gluten Free Menu

Aspens Catering has recently produced a gluten free menu for students.  A wide range of gluten free options are available, some to be purchased on the day, and others, such as gluten free pasta and s

Year 11 Exam Revision Support 2018-19

Download here n.b. The first named subject in each box is the priority for students on that day where there is a clash. Sessions run from 3.30 onwards and last approximately 1 hour. Week A Week B Mond

Teaching and Learning update October 2018

The key purpose of a school is to provide the students with a quality educational experience that will ensure they have the optimal chances for success in external examinations. In addition, we feel t


Tutor times have been shortened by 10 minutes since last year but this is still a 50% increase from 2 years ago. Feedback from students, staff and parents was that the time allowed last year would be

Attendance Autumn Term 2018

You may be aware that our procedures with regards to attendance are monitored externally and we have adopted similar ‘good practice’ to many other schools. If we have not heard from you to tell us

Reporting sexual violence or abuse

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Parents using 'dubious tactics' to beat school admissions criteria

Survey finds wealthy UK families renting or buying second homes to secure places Share your experiences Wealthy parents are renting and even buying second homes in the catchment areas of highly sou

Parents rebuke Ofsted for failing to inspect St Olave's pupil welfare

Families say inspectors did not intervene over grammar school’s sixth-form exclusions despite multiple complaints Parents of sixth-form pupils still suffering mental distress after being illegally

When schools can’t afford toilet rolls let alone teachers, we must fight | Julie Ferry

With funding cuts hitting hard, I understand the begging letters from schools. But the answer for parents has to be: reach for our placards, not our walletsOn Saturday I attended my first protest marc

Grammar school is blighting my much better comprehensive

A headteacher writes: Even our higher ability children get better grades, yet parents insist on bussing their children 12 miles to the grammar. What is a comprehensive to do?In a land of comprehensiv

MPs should note local opinion on grammar schools | Letters

Theresa May’s prejudice-based proposal to expand selective schools throughout England will probably fail in parliament. But it is worth recalling that in 1970, when I was an education correspondent

The student experience — then and now

Has university life changed beyond recognition for a new generation of undergraduates or is it the same as it ever was? Five parents compare their own experiences with their children’s Long gone bu

The plus points of work placements

Courses with a placement year offer valuable experience and a better chance of getting full-time work following graduation. No wonder they are proving popular You’re two-thirds of the way through y

Can a relationship survive when university calls?

Students in relationships heading off to different universities may find it hard to strike an easy balance between studying and seeing their partner Life’s big decisions don’t always come easy. A

Applications welcome from disabled and special needs students

All are judged on academic merit, and universities have a duty to meet their needs, so disabled or special needs applicants should not be discouraged Students with disabilities or special educational

Ways to stretch a student budget

Living on a tight budget can be tricky, but with student union advisers on hand to help and hardship funds to tide you over, most financial hiccups can be avoided Budget blues can affect the best-pre

How much will university cost?

Putting a child through university is expensive, which is why it makes sense to know all the costs involved, the funding available and the money-saving deals University is a large, long-term investme

Dealing with empty nest syndrome

It’s a difficult adjustment for most parents once their children have left home. Here we offer advice on how to cope with the feeling of loss You’ve looked after them for 18 years through the goo

Choosing student accommodation

First-year students face a choice of where to live: the parental home, a hall of residence or a privately rented flat. We consider the pros and cons The bright lights of London may seem appealing, bu

Leaving home and starting university

Moving away from home and living and studying independently can be a big step for young people – and their parents. Here we offer some guidance on adapting to university life Almost half a million

Making best use of university open days

A visit is essential for you to scope out the campus and meet current students, so you can base your decision on more than just the university’s prospectus Open days are your chance to get behind t

Parents want Ofsted to inspect schools more frequently, survey finds

70% of parents believe assessments should take place every one to two years regardless of a school’s inspection grade The majority of parents feel schools should be inspected by Ofsted more frequen

Secret Teacher: I can't help but judge on parents' evening

Meeting students’ families offers a fascinating glimpse into their home lives – and helps me understand their behaviour in class The long hours crammed behind a desk. The hand-shaking. The attemp

Five of the best apps that help teachers communicate with parents

From instant messages home to performance data at the touch of a button – here are the best digital tools for getting parents engaged in learning Parental engagement: tips, tricks and how to make i

Thousands miss first secondary school choice as demand rises across UK cities

Camerons among families awaiting offer as figures show intense competition for school places in urban areas Tens of thousands of children have missed out on their first choice of secondary school thi

Camerons among 555,000 families awaiting secondary school offer

Increasing competition may leave many disappointed as parents, including the prime minister, await emails about whether their child achieves place of choice More than half a million children, includi


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