Parents’ Evening

Parents’ Evening a chance to meet your childs teachers and get an upto date report on how they are doing

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Active Listening: Learning to Listen Well

Active Listening: Learning to Listen Well Listening. That’s easy, right? Sit still and listen: that’s all your teenager has to do… Unfortunately, it’s not as straightforward as that. Listening

Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015

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Making the most of parents’ evenings

Parent teacher evenings are a wonderful opportunity for parents to get involved with their child’s education. Usually held twice a year, autumn term meetings serve as a good opportunity to bui

Parent payments that don’t cost the earth

It is estimated that schools produce over 10% of all non-domestic food waste in England, throwing away approximately 123,000 tonnes a year. According to a study by waste management experts, Wrap, o

When is the right time to start revision, the answer might surprise you?

When is the right time to start revision, the answer might surprise you? We tend to think revision is what comes at the end of the term. That there is a set time to start revision, and for most that a

Hints for October Half Term

Hints for October Half Term Realistically, half term isn’t long enough for a huge wealth of revision. However, it’s certainly time to get on top of some study- and get ahead with revision! Priorit

Wellbeing Support Services brief consultation feedback

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Further and Higher Education Colleges | Activate Learning

Discover Activate Learning, a forward-thinking further and higher education group, operating across colleges, schools, apprenticeships and training. We offer full-time and part-time further and higher

Making the Most of Parents’ Evening (Exam Years) | Scholar Tutoring Agency

Making the Most of Parents’ Evening (Exam Years) Parents’ Evening can be quite a daunting prospect. What will teachers have to say about your child?  Will teachers think you’re supportive enoug

Managing Stress and Anxiety

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Prevent at Warwick

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How to Practise Past Papers Effectively

How to Practise Past Papers Effectively Practice past papers- they’re the one thing students may wail at when they see another one: “Why am I doing another one, again?!” Whilst in your teen’s

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Email Counselling Feedback

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The transition from primary to secondary school – supporting children

Right the way through Year 6, and into year 7 and beyond, you'll have to make lots of decisions that will shape your child's life. The things you worry about as a parent of a child in primary schoo

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Work Life Balance

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ParentMail set to help organisations look forward with certainty at IRIS World

IRIS Software Group is today launching IRIS World and IRIS Customer Awards 2020. Set to take place on Tuesday 11th February at The ICC Birmingham, school leaders will hear about the latest advance

Mentally Equipped for an Exam Year?

Mentally Equipped for an Exam Year? The exam year your teen is about to face will no doubt have levels of challenge and difficulty. There’ll be times where your child requires resilience; your child

Knowledge (really is!) Power

Knowledge (really is!) Power ‘Knowledge is power’ teachers cry out to the class! Yet- when it comes to exams- it can feel like all the focus is on passing a very specific set of exams. However, yo

Engaging with families in early education

Whether you’re running a nursery, infants or primary school, first impressions are important. Never is this more true than with a parents’ perception of school during the first few weeks of ter

Stop Comparing: You and Your Teen

Stop Comparing: It’s so easy to compare marks or results amongst peers. No doubt, by the time your child reaches their exam years, they’ll already be comparing themselves to others in the class: w

What do parents think of parents’ evening?

While school staff spend hours collecting data and information in preparation for parents’ evenings, we don’t often take the time to ask parents for their feelings on this important event. Ga

Plan to Pass SQA Exams the First Time

Plan to Pass SQA Exams the First Time Ideally, your child sits exams just once and passes with the grade they ‘should have.’ But… ‘re-take’ exams do exist: sometimes things just don’t go t

A Mind ‘Set’ for Study

A Mind ‘Set’ for Study When it comes to studying, your child needs to have their mind ‘set’ in the right direction. Dually to this, having a ‘good mind-set’ is imperative to your child’s

Streamlined payments and fantastic training leads to hours saved at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School have used ParentMail for several years and rely on it as an all-in-one communication tool. Recently, they also added +Pay, our integrated payments solution an

What’s in a brand?

From the brains of two parents waiting at the school gates, to the offices of thousands of schools and multi-academy trusts across the country - ParentMail has been on a long journey over the past

5 reasons to try Parents’ Evening Manager

How long does it take your team to plan parents’ evening? If you’re setting aside hours to manage bookings and relying on pupil post for appointments, it’s time to plan now for a stress-free

Start as you mean to go on this September

That’s it - another summer gone and a new year before us. For both staff and students, the start of a new school year presents a great opportunity to break old habits and set the tone for the roa

How much should parents pay for university?

Martin Lewis and other money saving experts answer parents and students’ frequently asked finance questions When Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert was touring the UK for his TV roadshow, he met

Primary school bans parents from sports day for bad behaviour

Headteacher in Cardiff says staff have been threatened and sworn at in front of children Parents have been banned from attending future sports days by a primary school in Wales after claims of obscen

A Juggling Act: Exams with Revision

A Juggling Act: Exams with Revision Juggling revision amongst examinations is tough. Once home, your teen may feel a mixture of tiredness, stress and relief. Therefore, once the exams start- and your

The question students should ask: how is my university tackling sexual violence?

Students can help universities shape their processes for preventing and reporting sexual violence on campus Student unions have played a vital role as universities tackle the problem of sexual violen

Parents using 'dubious tactics' to beat school admissions criteria

Survey finds wealthy UK families renting or buying second homes to secure places Share your experiences Wealthy parents are renting and even buying second homes in the catchment areas of highly sou

Parents rebuke Ofsted for failing to inspect St Olave's pupil welfare

Families say inspectors did not intervene over grammar school’s sixth-form exclusions despite multiple complaints Parents of sixth-form pupils still suffering mental distress after being illegally

When schools can’t afford toilet rolls let alone teachers, we must fight | Julie Ferry

With funding cuts hitting hard, I understand the begging letters from schools. But the answer for parents has to be: reach for our placards, not our walletsOn Saturday I attended my first protest marc

Grammar school is blighting my much better comprehensive

A headteacher writes: Even our higher ability children get better grades, yet parents insist on bussing their children 12 miles to the grammar. What is a comprehensive to do?In a land of comprehensiv

MPs should note local opinion on grammar schools | Letters

Theresa May’s prejudice-based proposal to expand selective schools throughout England will probably fail in parliament. But it is worth recalling that in 1970, when I was an education correspondent

The student experience — then and now

Has university life changed beyond recognition for a new generation of undergraduates or is it the same as it ever was? Five parents compare their own experiences with their children’s Long gone bu

The plus points of work placements

Courses with a placement year offer valuable experience and a better chance of getting full-time work following graduation. No wonder they are proving popular You’re two-thirds of the way through y

Can a relationship survive when university calls?

Students in relationships heading off to different universities may find it hard to strike an easy balance between studying and seeing their partner Life’s big decisions don’t always come easy. A

Applications welcome from disabled and special needs students

All are judged on academic merit, and universities have a duty to meet their needs, so disabled or special needs applicants should not be discouraged Students with disabilities or special educational

Ways to stretch a student budget

Living on a tight budget can be tricky, but with student union advisers on hand to help and hardship funds to tide you over, most financial hiccups can be avoided Budget blues can affect the best-pre

How much will university cost?

Putting a child through university is expensive, which is why it makes sense to know all the costs involved, the funding available and the money-saving deals University is a large, long-term investme

Dealing with empty nest syndrome

It’s a difficult adjustment for most parents once their children have left home. Here we offer advice on how to cope with the feeling of loss You’ve looked after them for 18 years through the goo

Choosing student accommodation

First-year students face a choice of where to live: the parental home, a hall of residence or a privately rented flat. We consider the pros and cons The bright lights of London may seem appealing, bu

Parents want Ofsted to inspect schools more frequently, survey finds

70% of parents believe assessments should take place every one to two years regardless of a school’s inspection grade The majority of parents feel schools should be inspected by Ofsted more frequen

Secret Teacher: I can't help but judge on parents' evening

Meeting students’ families offers a fascinating glimpse into their home lives – and helps me understand their behaviour in class The long hours crammed behind a desk. The hand-shaking. The attemp

Five of the best apps that help teachers communicate with parents

From instant messages home to performance data at the touch of a button – here are the best digital tools for getting parents engaged in learning Parental engagement: tips, tricks and how to make i

Thousands miss first secondary school choice as demand rises across UK cities

Camerons among families awaiting offer as figures show intense competition for school places in urban areas Tens of thousands of children have missed out on their first choice of secondary school thi


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