Cinematic Tips, Codecs and Microphones

How to get a more cinematic look to videos, codecs and containers, some microphones compared and camera selection for YouTube videos.

The Friday Roundup – Night Shooting, Audio and Split Toning

5 Tips For Filming at Night Given the fact that most people shooting video at the consumer level of the market are going to be doing so on the basis of auto settings in their devices, shooting at nigh

The Friday Roundup – Color Matching Cameras, YouTube Updates and Gimbals

Matching Shots in Resolve 14 Camera Matching Tutorial Late last year a few of the usual suspects in the world of consumer level video editing began introducing “shot match” modules into their resp

Mini Shotgun Mic REVIEW! RODE VideoMicro vs. BOYA BY-MM1

Mini Shotgun Mic Review! RODE VideoMicro and BOYA BY-MM1 head-to-head - which is the best compact shotgun microphone for iPhone/Android and DSLR? *** FREE Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on Smartphon

How to Edit Videos on iPhone & iPad (LumaFusion Tutorial!)

Learn how to edit videos on iPhone & iPad in this step-by-step LumaFusion Tutorial for iOS! **** FREE Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on Smartphone! ► iPhone:

Best Video Editing App for iPhone 2018

Looking for the ultimate iPhone video editor? Here’s our current pick for the BEST Video Editing App for iPhone 2018 (and why!) **** FREE Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on Smartphone! ► iPhone:

The Friday Roundup – Cinematic Lighting, Jumps Cuts and Camera Hacks

Cinematic Lighting Techniques One of the current catchphrases that seems to be circling around at the moment is “cinematic.” There has been a lot of talk about adjusting frame rates to shoot more

The Friday Roundup - Cinematic Tips, Codecs and Microphones

This week tips for getting a more cinematic look to videos, codecs and containers, some microphones compared and camera selection for YouTube videos.

7 Unexpected Uses of eLearning Video Demos

The human mind is a curious thing. It remembers images more readily than text, and there’s only so much information it can absorb before reaching full capacity. eLearning video demos

The Friday Roundup – Editing Work Flows, Hyperlapse and YouTube Tips

Prepare for Hyperlapse! Another post this week on taking your timelapse footage up a notch and turning it into hyperlapse! Ooh! Hyperslapse, it sounds so exciting! Anyway simply put, a hyperlapse is j

Image Editing- How to Use Lighting and Color Effects

When it comes to image editing, you can let your imagination run wild with amazing effects and filters. Many effects only adjust the light and color in your image to

Best Microphones for Video? (Video Mic Review & Comparison!)

What are the BEST Microphones for video? We look at the different Microphone types and the best options for each in this Video Mic Review & Comparison! *** ► FREE GUIDE: The ULTIMATE Video Edit

How to Edit Videos: Shot List

When beginning the filming process, there comes a lot of preparation before hitting the record button such as finding a set, adjusting lighting, and having the proper camera angles. One

Video Background Music: Best Royalty Free Music Sites!

Here’s our TOP picks for the best royalty free music sites for great video background music on all budgets. *** ► FREE GUIDE: The ULTIMATE Video Editing Process:

How to Edit Videos – Ordering Your Editing Operations

Editing video takes some getting used to and learning the ins and outs can be a little intimidating. One of the best ways to get started doing something new is

How to Make Instagram Stories like a PRO!

Learn how to make Instagram Stories like a PRO! Full step-by-step Instagram story tutorial to get you awesome results (including how to create multiple Instagram stories at once!) *** FREE Guide to F

The Friday Roundup – Storytelling, B-roll and Cinematic Tips

How To Get The Best B-ROLL One of the great advantages we have in living in the digital age of video is that we don;t have to worry too much about the quantity of footage we take. Battery life is alwa

Video File Formats, Codecs, and Containers Explained

With today’s technology, the possibilities on personal computers and mobile devices seem to be endless, allowing us to create videos that grab the attention of an audience within seconds. Videos

7 Facebook Live Tips for PRO Facebook Live Streams!

7 Facebook Live Tips to look like a PRO on your Facebook Live streams! *** ► FREE GUIDE: The ULTIMATE Video Editing Process: LINKS --Automaticall

The Friday Roundup – Basic Editing, Setting Preferences and GIFs

How To Edit Videos – A Complete Beginner’s Guide For a couple of years now my recommended video editing software for people wanting something simple that is easy to learn and use has been Filmora

Best Video Editing PC? Review + Recommendations!

What’s the Best PC for Video Editing? We just upgraded our Video Editing PC - here’s our review and recommendations! *** ► FREE GUIDE: The ULTIMATE Video Editing Process:

The Friday Roundup – Closed Captions, Audio Tips and Computer Specs

Buying a PC for Video Editing: What You Need to Know! On a pretty regular basis I get a lot of questions on this site regarding suitable specs for a computer editing videos. Just as often I get reques

Desktop PC vs Macbook Pro for Video Editing...?!

Deciding between PC workstation and a Macbook Pro for video editing? Find out just how well does the 'efficiency' of a Mac compares to a Desktop PC's power when editing video. *** ► FREE GUIDE: The

The Friday Roundup – Software Downloading Tips and a Few Bits and Pieces

6 Video Editing Rules to Live By I found a great video (below) this week and just had to include it in the Friday Roundup. If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you will probably alr

Using Video Across the 5 Stages of Awareness- Most Aware

Whew! You did it. You’ve nurtured your prospect all the way to purchase and your product offering is sealed, signed, and delivered to the newest addition on your customer list.

The Friday Roundup – B-roll, Color Grading, Transitions and Low Light

Color Grading with LUTs – Orange & Teal Look Explained Now that we are mostly all big kids these days with editing software that can handle LUTs it is probably a good idea to work out how to use

How to Add Captions to Video for Accessibility

People who are deaf or hard of hearing rely on captions to gain meaning from your video content. But there are a lot of other great reasons for using them,

How To Make A DIY Recording Studio

When it comes to creating a video, there is a lot of preparation before hitting the record button. One thing to consider when prepping your video is setting up a

Cyberlink Director Suite 6 Review

Before I get into the Director Suite 6 review proper I think it is important to understand where CyberLink are coming from in offering this product in the first place. Cyberlink Director Suite 6 is qu

3 Common Video Mistakes That You Can Fix in Post Production

It’s become common practice while filming a video, to say, “Don’t worry, if we made a mistake, we’ll fix it in post.” (Meaning post production or video editing). These mistakes

Use a Color Picker to Select an Exact Color from an Image

When working with visuals, you often need to make text, a shape, or another graphic perfectly match a particular color. If, for example, you’re creating imagery for a marketing campaign,

BIG NEWS! ThioJoeTech Is Moving to My Main Channel

➤From now on I will be posting all new tech videos on my "ThioJoe" channel!➤Subscribe to ThioJoe Here: have yet to decide what I'll do with this chann

2.4 GHz vs 5 GHz WiFi: What Are the Differences?

NOTE ➤ From now on, I will be making all tech videos on my main channel here ▶ modern routers now support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. But what are the di

Why Did Apple REALLY Remove the Headphone Jack?

NOTE ➤ From now on, I will be making all tech videos on my main channel here ▶ claims they removed the headphone jack to free up limited space in the iPhone 7

What is Apple Thinking? - Thoughts on New iPhone

NOTE ➤ From now on, I will be making all tech videos on my main channel here ▶'m a bit late, but I had a bit to say about the new iPhone 7 after Apple announced i

FINALLY! YouTube Announces New "Community" Feature

NOTE ➤ From now on, I will be making all tech videos on my main channel here ▶ announced a feature that I've been hoping for for a while now, which is the a

Japan Will Broadcast the Olympics in 8K

A Japanese broadcast company has said they will broadcast the 2020 olympics in 8K resolution. This is pretty crazy considering cable companies around the world haven't even got 4K for the most part.

Autonomous Car "Levels" Explained

Ford has said they will release a "Level 4" autonomous car by 2021, but what does that mean? There are certain criteria that can describe how autonomous a self driving car is, which I descr

Does Apple Even Care Anymore?

NOTE ➤ From now on, I will be making all tech videos on my main channel here ▶ Apple even care about innovating even more? Or do they just put out the bare min

Apple Will Catch Thieves With Fingerprints

Apple recently filed a patent that suggests they may be exploring a future feature that would capture the finger prints of those trying to steal phones.▼ Follow Me on Social! (Show More) ▼Twitter

"YouTube Backstage": Possible New YouTube Features

There have been reports about rumors of a new set of features YouTube is developing called "YouTube Backstage". There has been no official word by YouTube on this, so we don't know anythin


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