Should you pay for Gas Boiler Replcement Dublin?

When your home heating boiler breaks down, you've got to call a plumber or boiler repair expert fast. You always hope that the heating can be repaired quickly because you have no hot water and a cold home without it. But do you also dread being told that the heating system has had it and now needs to be replaced? We've all been there - or if not, you will some day. None of us need any unexpected costs and gas boiler replacement Dublin is expensive. You can expect to pay from 1700 an up for an entry level gas boiler. This is for a heating system suitable for a 3 bed semi or an apartment. If you live in a larger home, it will need a bigger boiler with more heating capacity - this is going to be more expensive. Should you have to pay for gas boiler replacement or is this something that you can claim on your home insurance? That depends... If the boiler failed just because of it's age and the amount of work that it has done - that's what is called wear and tear. You can not make a claim for this. At least I doubt if any insurance company would acept a claim under this condition. However, if your heating system failed because of an electrical fault, accidental damage or because of freezing conditions, then with the help of a good loss adjuster, you coule probably make a claim for gas boiler replacement Dublin under your home policy. But check with an independant loss adjuster before you call the insurance broker.

Heating Home

Utilities provides steam to the campus community for space heating, hot water and research. Approximately 150 buildings are heated via our district heating system. An underground steam supply system

Gas boiler replacement Dublin - FMBI Helping You Find More Business

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