Reasons For Irregular Periods Cycle

I wanted to discuss in this video the reasons for irregular periods. These must be monitored and managed to avoid and prevent cancer.

Reasons For Irregular Periods - YouTube

Reasons For Irregular Periods I wanted to discuss in this video the reasons for irregular periods. If you look at the first 14 days o...

Irregular Periods - Solved in 3 Steps

Irregular periods can be inconvenient, but there are common causes and simple solutions. We show you how to regulate your period.

'Superbugs' Hang Out on Hospital Patients

In the study, researchers tested 399 hospital patients and found that 14% had superbugs on their hands or nostrils right after admission. Superbugs were also found on items commonly touched by patient

Heart Patients Pay the Price When Nearby Pharmacy Closes

Nearly 24% of patients whose pharmacies closed failed to refill their statin prescription during 12 months of follow-up, compared with nearly 13%  of those whose pharmacies remained open, the finding

Girls' Online Sex Experience May Spur Risk Offline

In addition, girls who had been mistreated prior to the study were more likely to experience physical violence and HIV risk.

Listeria Outbreak Linked to Deli Meats in 4 States

The illnesses in the outbreak, which first began more than two years ago, have been reported in Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Buyer Beware When Purchasing Medical Test Strips

Pre-owned test strips or test strips not authorized for sale in the United States may be sold online through Amazon, eBay and Craigslist, or directly from the seller, according to the FDA.

Even 'Weekend Warriors' Get a Boost To Life Span

The researchers classified them as "weekend warriors" if they exercised only one or two days a week, or as regularly active folks who spread their exercise out over the week.

Why a Knee Replacement Can Go Bad

Knee replacement is a common procedure most often used to treat pain and disability caused by osteoarthritis. Deep infection is a rare but serious complication that occurs in about 1% of knee replacem

Replace Red Meat With Plant Protein for Heart Health

Your heart will thank you if you replace red meat with healthy plant proteins. Doing so will lower your odds for heart disease, according to a new study.

Scientists Generate 'Activity' in Dead Pig Brain

The cells of the brain remained viable six hours later, compared with other brains not preserved using the newly developed process, the researchers reported.

Gene Therapy Restores Immunity for ‘Bubble Boys’

A team of scientists say they have treated 10 "Bubble Boy' babies born with the disease called X-linked combined severe immunodeficiency, or SCID-X1, using a combination of gene therapy and chemothera

Water Enema Benefits

Water Enema Benefits are water enema benefits? The biggest benefit is keeping your colon clean. Having a clean colon is the key to true health.It is best to clean your bo

How Volume And Frequency Relate To Healthy Eating

How Volume And Frequency Relate To Healthy Eating volume and frequency relate to healthy eating, let’s break it down. The problems with eating are volume, frequency and

Factors That Affect Life Expectancy

Factors That Affect Life Expectancy’s talk about some factors that affect life expectancy. Longevity directly relates to the body’s ability to hold a charge. We are ta

Ruby Cup and access to clean water: menstrual health management in regions where water is scarce

Read about pilot projects in Imvepi Refugee Settlement in Uganda and distributing Ruby Cup in Turkana, one of the driest regions of Kenya. The post Ruby Cup and access to clean water: menstrual healt

What Happens When You Don't Dream

What Happens When You Don’t Dream happens when you don’t dream at night? REM or rapid eye movement is dreaming. When this happens, the mind is restored. Restorative s

How Important Is Restorative Sleep?

How Important Is Restorative Sleep important is restorative sleep for humans? There is nothing that could be more important. I have talked many times on the importance of

“More powerful together” – A few thoughts on IWD2019

The United Nations’ official theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “More Powerful Together”: a call to stand in unison for gender equality. “It takes all of us, working in co

What Causes Electrons To Move

What Causes Electrons To Move causes electrons to move and how do they get into the body? Alkaline water moving across the Earth moves electrons and helps get them into t

Water quality: how to clean your menstrual cup with non-drinking tap water

If you're not sure about the water quality, don't just rinse your cup and wish for the best. Here's what you should do instead. The post Water quality: how to clean your menstrual cup with non-drink

Help, my menstrual cup is stuck! A step-by-step guide on how to get it out again

Probably you’re debating with yourself if you should call your gyno or go to the emergency room to get your stuck menstrual cup out. Before you do that, try our step-by-step guide. The post Help,

Targeted Therapy For Cancer Is Not The Answer

Targeted Therapy For Cancer Is Not The Answer therapy for cancer and for that matter, targeted therapy for anything should not be the focus. Nature doesn’t single o

What Is The Purpose Of Blood?

What Is The Purpose Of Blood is the purpose of blood? Blood has many functions and roles including the transport of gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide. It also transpor

This is how our NGO partner ‘be artsy’ fights Chhaupadi in Nepal

In 2005 the Government of Nepal declared the practice of Chhaupadi illegal, and since 2018 it has been considered a criminal offense with explicit consequences. However, there are areas in Nepal wher

What To Do When You Wake Up In The Morning

What To Do When You Wake Up In The Morning to do when you wake up in the morning will set up the rest of your day. The first thing a person should do when they wake is to

How To Prevent Getting Cancer

How To Prevent Getting Cancer to prevent getting cancer is actually doing the same things that it would require to heal from it! That which is required to restore health i

4 things you should know about your cervix before using a menstrual cup

Know the details about your cervix and you'll have a headstart in choosing the right menstrual cup from the very beginning! The post 4 things you should know about your cervix before using a menstrua

Stopping Your Fertility Program When Ill

It’s that time of year! “Ick” as I call it is everywhere and feels unavoidable. So I thought it a fitting time to talk about what to do it you aren’t feeling well or get sick while on a Ferti

PCOS-Friendly Apple Delight Fertility Smoothie

Protein, fiber, omega-3s and energy, oh my! These are just some of the benefits you get from this PCOS-friendly Fertility Smoothie! It's absolutely delicious!QUESTIONS ABOUT NATURAL FERTILITY?Contact

Manage and Heal PCOS Naturally

PCOS is one of the most common causes of female infertility. Also called polycystic ovary syndrome, PCOS is a fertility health issue believed to affect one in 10 women of childbearing age.Symptoms ca

Cherry Cacao Fertility Smoothie (PCOS Friendly)

This PCOS-friendly Fertility Smoothie combines tart cherries, chia seeds, avocado, cacao and more for an omega-3, antioxidant and nutrient-rich, mood-boosting treat!QUESTIONS ABOUT NATURAL FERTILITY

Giving Tuesday: 4 ways to donate menstrual products

Lack of access to menstrual products is keeping girls and women from achieving their full potential. This Giving Tuesday we want to encourage you to give a worry-free period to a girl or woman withou

Top 6 Foods for PCOS

Wondering which foods are best for PCOS? Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir Rodriguez, share with you the top 6 foods for PCOS and why they are beneficial. Learn how to use food as medicine to supp

PCOS & Insulin Resistance - How it Affects Your Fertility

Learn how insulin resistance causes all of those annoying symptoms of PCOS and how PCOS affects your fertility. Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir Rodriguez, simplifies insulin resistance so you ca

How to Eat for PCOS and Fertility

In this video you will learn about the most effective way to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy despite PCOS. Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir Rodriguez, explains what causes PCOS and how

PCOS Fertility Smoothies - The basics

Living with PCOS doesn’t mean you need to live without delicious, decadent foods. Curb that sweet tooth with PCOS Fertility Smoothies - they satisfy your craving for sweets & provide an astound

Fertility Supplements - The Fertility Foundation Kit

We've talked in the past about foundational ways to support fertility - covering the Fertility Diet, tips that apply to women over age 35, Self Fertility Massage and Castor Oil Packs that can benefit

Fertility Diet Tips - Where are you struggling with your Fertility Diet

Recently we've heard of some areas in which our clients and followers are struggling with their Fertility Diets. So, I wanted to take time to cover them in case others were also struggling. QUESTIONS

A helpful guide on what to eat before, during and after your periods

Read this helpful guide to understand how to use food as a resource to balance your hormones! Learn to choose your meals so that they can support what your body needs during each menstrual phase. The

Jennifer Wynne: When you have a period, you can have a vote

Meet the people from around the world who work with Ruby Cup. This portrait is about Jennifer Wynne, founder and director of “Changing lenses, changing lives”, an NGO that provides girls with Rub

Would your period be cheaper if you lived in another country?

The true cost of menstrual health care around the world Ever since I converted to using a menstrual cup, the aisle with all the menstrual health products has not been of much interest to me anymore.


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