Reasons For Irregular Periods Cycle

I wanted to discuss in this video the reasons for irregular periods. These must be monitored and managed to avoid and prevent cancer.

Reasons For Irregular Periods - YouTube

Reasons For Irregular Periods I wanted to discuss in this video the reasons for irregular periods. If you look at the first 14 days o...

Irregular Periods - Solved in 3 Steps

Irregular periods can be inconvenient, but there are common causes and simple solutions. We show you how to regulate your period.

Surgery Helps Boy Walk After Polio-Like Illness

Surgery performed by a St. Louis doctor has restored the ability to walk in a boy paralyzed by a polio-like condition called acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), CBS News reported

Could Fasting Help You Lose Weight, Get Healthier?

Somewhere along the line, researchers discovered that skipping meals also has a few health benefits, including weight loss and lowered blood pressure and cholesterol.

More than 3 Million in U.S. Are Raising Grandkids

Grandparents raising grandchildren -- despite having greater physical and mental health issues, and more behaviorally challenging children -- appear to be managing just as well as biological/adoptive

Pediatricians Renew Call to Abandon Spanking

Striking, yelling at or shaming children can elevate stress hormones and lead to changes in the brain's structure, new research confirms. Harsh verbal abuse is also linked to mental health problems in

Study: 1 Energy Drink Might Harm Blood Vessels

After study subjects drank a 24-ounce energy drink, researchers found the internal diameter of blood vessels they tested was dramatically smaller, on average, than before. This indicates cardiovascula

Is 'Spring Forward' Tied to More A-Fib Admissions?

After the start of Daylight Saving Time, 3.13 people a day were admitted to a New York hospital for atrial fibrillation, significantly more than the 2.56 daily admissions for the same problem rest of

Noisy Neighborhood? Your Heart May Pay a Price

Chronic noise from traffic and airports appears to trigger a brain region critically involved in stress regulation, brain scans have revealed, which could raise the risk for heart problems.

World Melanoma Deaths Up Among Men, But Not Women

Melanoma death rates were higher for men than for women, according to an analysis of World Health Organization data from 33 countries between 1985 and 2015.

Why Bystanders Are Less Likely to Give Women CPR

People may worry about hurting a woman while doing CPR chest compressions -- or fear being accused of sexual assault. Some said people also might believe women's breasts get in the way of CPR, two new

FDA OKs Powerful New Opioid Dsuvia Despite Criticisms

An FDA advisory committee did recommend for approval of Dsuvia in a 10-3 vote last month.  But the committee's chair took the highly unusual move of voicing his opposition at that time. Dr. Raeford B

Super Handy All Purpose Cleaner

We share often about changing one's lifestyle to eliminate exposure to toxins through the products we use on a daily or regular basis. They contain ingredients that over time could contribute to horm

What Is An Estrogen Receptor

What Is An Estrogen Receptor? is an estrogen receptor and how does it work? The estrogen receptor and the signal have the same frequency. They will be attracted to each o

Fertility Diet - Don't Forget Water

If we don't stay hydrated, we are likely to see a host of symptoms including dizziness, irritability and headaches and stiff or achy joints, weight gain because we may eat more, skin issues like acne

Water Fasting And Cancer

Water Fasting And Cancer fasting and cancer require professional medical care. If you have cancer and are attempting to do a water fast, you should be under experienced

Fertility Foods - The Need for Healthy Fats

Instead of worrying about how much fat we eat, we need to be concerned with the types of fats we eat. We need a certain amount of saturated fats to produce cholesterol and hormones! Listen in to lear

Dehydration Leading To Acidosis

Dehydration Leading To Acidosis leading to acidosis and when the blood is acidic that creates health problems.The most frequent problem that occurs is the majority

Fertility Hormones - What they are and what they do?

Hormones are chemical messengers in our bodies. They communicate with body systems and each other to give us energy, boost our mood, control our hunger, keep us warm, regulate the menstrual cycle - p

Skin Definition | Why Is The Skin Important

Skin Definition | Why Is The Skin Important? want to walk you through my skin definition and answer the question, why is the skin important?Your skin covers your body but wh

Two Powerhouse Natural Therapies For Fertility

We feel you need to learn about both Self Fertility Massage and Fertility Yoga! Each of these natural therapies have amazing fertility benefits and can support fertility health for most anyone. Learn

The Fertile Dozen 12 Fertility Boosting Foods

These are the 12 fertility-boosting foods that you really should include in your Fertility Diet. Let me share with what they are and the ferility-boosting and protective nutrients they offer. Be sure

Is Water Fasting Good For You

Is Water Fasting Good for You water fasting good for you, well there is evidence to show it is healthy to do and highly effective. Water fasting is

Simple Fertility Sun Tea

This is a cold, slow infusion, made by allowing these nutritive herbs that support the nervous system, liver and digestion to soak in the sun for several hours to all day (at least 3 hours). Combine

Fertility Herb Profile - Dandelion

Dandelion (Taraxacum spp) is much more than just the world’s most common garden weed; it’s also a wonderful cleansing herb and a bountiful source of herbal nutrition, making it an excellent choic

The Perfect Diet For The Human Body

The Perfect Diet For The Human Body majority of society may have a difficult time grasping this concept but not eating is the perfect diet!T

Best Way To Cleanse Your Body

Best Way To Cleanse Your Body best way to cleanse your body is to get out of its way and let it do what it was designed to do.The body

Naturally Supporting Your Fertility Health; Keep It Simple!

Whether you’re wondering where to start or where to go next on your fertility journey, or feeling stuck or confused (hopefully this isn’t any of you), there are very basic things you all can and

Q&A: What would you like to know most about boosting your fertility naturally?

Feel free to listen in and learn from others questions, or ask us the questions weighing on your mind in the comments below. We have Natural Fertility Specialists on staff to help answer questions yo

The Power of Prayer And Positive Thinking

The Power Of Prayer And Positive Thinking power of prayer and positive thinking can make a huge impact on the body. Dr. Emoto from Japan did

Easy Ketogenic Meal Plan

Easy Ketogenic Meal Plan easy ketogenic meal plan is tough to find. Designing a ketogenic diet is complicated as the ratios need to be exact fo

Why Do We Need The Sun

Why Do We Need The Sun do we need the sun as humans? Well, the most important reason is it helps keep everyone in the proper rhythm that is

A helpful guide on what to eat before, during and after your periods

Read this helpful guide to understand how to use food as a resource to balance your hormones! Learn to choose your meals so that they can support what your body needs during each menstrual phase. The

Jennifer Wynne: When you have a period, you can have a vote

Meet the people from around the world who work with ruby cup. This portrait is about Jennifer Wynne, founder and director of “Changing lenses, changing lives”, an NGO that provides girls with Rub

Would your period be cheaper if you lived in another country?

The true cost of menstrual health care around the world Ever since I converted to using a menstrual cup, the aisle with all the menstrual health products has not been of much interest to me anymore.

My Deepest Fear – This was the Ruby In The Rift Project

As I empty my bags from the past four months of traveling, I am profoundly aware that I am unpacking more than just “things”. Enveloping each item I pull from my bag are memories from a land far

Vanessa Kivugale: How a Merry-Go-Round brought me to Ruby Cup


The woman who invented the menstrual cup

Did you know that the first menstrual cup dates back to the 1930s? Read about the woman who invented the menstrual cup and her fight against a world of pads. The post The woman who invented the menst

Anne Kukuczka: Working on Top of the World

Meet the people from around the world who work with Ruby Cup. This portrait is about Anne Kukuczka, one of the founders of Putali Nepal, an organisation that seeks to empower girls and women in Nepal

This is how we make sure our donations have a positive long term impact

Six years ago we pioneered a Buy One Give One programme for menstrual cups. Here's how we make sure they make a real difference for the girls in need. The post This is how we make sure our donations

Can virgins use tampons or menstrual cups? Virginity & Period Products

Let's take a closer look at the concept of virginity and menstrual cup usage, with a step-by-step guide on how to use a menstrual cup if you're afraid of breaking the hymen The post Can virgins use t

Golda Ayodo: For A Golden Future

Meet the people who are a part of making Ruby Cup what it is. This portrait is about Golda Ayodo, the founder and director of the Golden Girls Foundation, one of Ruby Cups locally based partner organ


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