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Multifamily Financing for apartment properties including fixed and floating interest rate options. / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

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Sapphire Preferred Boosts Bonus but No Longer Waives Fee

Chase has tweaked its offer for new cardholders on the popular Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. Overall, the new offer provides more value to cardholders than the previous version, but the annual…

Reclaim Tax Breaks You May Have Missed in Recent Years

If doing this year’s taxes made you wish you could go back in time and claim tax breaks you’ve realized you overlooked or forgot on an old tax return, then…

6 Spring Cleaning Musts Before Moving

Spring cleaning is great to do year after year. And it's really important if you're about to move. Here are the spring cleaning musts before you move. The post 6 Spring Cleaning Musts Before Moving a

The Best Financial Advice at Every Age

Money doesn’t really age: It’s never too late to make smart financial decisions. But there are certain times in your life that are prime for specific money moves, times when…

Current CD Rates: March 2019

Interest rates on certificates of deposit have been rising, but that won’t last forever. Most CDs, unlike regular savings accounts, have fixed rates, so you can lock in a high…

Chase Freedom Unlimited Offers a Year of 3% Cash Back at Branches

Chase has tweaked the rewards structure for its popular flat-rate cash-back card, the Chase Freedom Unlimited® — but only for those who apply for the card in person at Chase bank branches.…

How to Save for Your Kids’ College Without Ignoring Retirement

Saving for both college and retirement is a daunting task and can involve some hard choices. To get it done, financial advisors recommend these three key steps. Step 1: Fund…

Your Guide to Financial Aid

Applying for financial aid is the key to getting help with paying for college. Financial aid includes free money like grants, scholarships and work-study, as well as government loans that…

How ‘Free Money’ Bank Promotions Can Boost Your Savings

Bank interest rates are hardly considered a big perk — there are many Scrooge-like accounts out there that barely pay enough to offer loose change. But some people are getting…

Cost-Cutting Travel Tips to Bring Together Faraway Friends

Getting old friends back together to share a vacation is a great way to catch up and build new memories. However refreshing these vacations may be, they can also get…

Should You Give Up Privacy for Car Insurance Discounts?

Michael Aminov-Tobin almost forgot a car insurance company was tracking his driving. He wasn’t paying extra attention to how fast he drove or how hard he hit his brakes. So…

How to Use Alexa to Secure Your Apartment

It can be difficult to secure your apartment using a traditional security system. But with Amazon Echo's Alexa, home security is easier than ever. The post How to Use Alexa to Secure Your Apartment a

Spring Cleaning: Refresh Your Entire Apartment in Just One Day

Spring is in the air and that means it's time for spring cleaning. We've got a timeline to follow so you can deep clean your apartment in just one day. The post Spring Cleaning: Refresh Your Entire A

7 Great Money-Making Apps to Download Today

In today's world, a typical 9 to 5 job might not cut it. To bring in some extra cash, people are turning to money-making apps to help pad their wallet The post 7 Great Money-Making Apps to Download T

Sample Letter: Letter of Credit for Your Landlord

If you're looking to rent an apartment but don't have the best credit score, a letter of credit can help explain your score. Here's what you need to know. The post Sample Letter: Letter of Credit for

Traditional St. Patrick’s Day Recipes to Make at Home

St. Patrick's Day is typically celebrated with parades, green beer and all-day parties. If you'd rather skip the fetes, try one of these traditional St. Patrick's Day recipes. The post Traditional St

The 10 Best Cities in America for Fast Food Lovers

You would think that the best cities for fast food lovers would be the biggest cities in the U.S. But that's not the case. We'll tell you where they are. The post The 10 Best Cities in America for Fa

Helpful Tips for Enrolling Your Kids in School Mid-Year

Enrolling kids in school mid-year after a move can be hard on kids and parents. But we have some suggestions to help the process run a little bit smoother. The post Helpful Tips for Enrolling Your Ki

Apartment Expenses to Put on a Credit Card

Some monthly expenses related to your apartment can be paid with a credit card and even earn you rewards. But beware of the fine print. The post Apartment Expenses to Put on a Credit Card appeared fi

4 Proactive Tips to Keep Your Family and Apartment Safe From Fire

Did you know there's a fire every 88 seconds in the U.S.? And so many could be avoided by following proper fire safety. Here are 4 sure-fire safety tips. The post 4 Proactive Tips to Keep Your Family

How to Pay Off Your Student Loans in 3 Months

Discover how Jeremy paid off his student loans in just 3 months by wholesaling a commercial real estate deal. AND you'll learn how you can do the exact same thing too!

Medical resort gets underway in south Tulsa

  Construction is underway on a new medical facility designed to provide short-term acute care and long-term nursing care in a resort-like setting. The Cearu Medical Resort and Long-Term Care Cottage

Finding Great Multi Family Apartment Investments in Hot Markets

Discover how to find great apartment investments in hot markets. Multi family real estate investors have been complaining that there aren't any good deals in today's market. But the reality is that t

How Chris Became a Millionaire in 1 Year (True Story)

Discover the true story of how a small business owner turned real estate investor became a millionaire, in one year, on his first commercial real estate deal. Hear Chris tell his story from his own w

97% Return on Investment in 1 Year Commercial Real Estate Deal

Discover how to obtain a 97% return on investment in 1 year from a commercial real estate deal. Real world numbers, real world details. This video illustrates the power of investing in commercial rea

How to Turn 2 Houses into 34 Unit Apartment Building Discover how a Peter Harris Protege sold his two single family home rentals (that were only cash flowing $200

3 Tips to Get Commercial Sellers to Say YES to Your Offer

Discover 3 powerful tips on how to get commercial real estate sellers to say YES to your offers. You'll learn why most commercial investors struggle to get deals under contract and how you can avoid

Alan's Review of Peter Harris and Commercial Property Advisors

Sorry for the bad audio! Alan is not experienced with making videos. This was Alan’s first deal after joining Commmercial Property Advisor's Peter Harris Protege Program. This deal was Alan’s 3rd

Laura's Experience with Peter Harris and Commercial Property Advisors

This is Laura's experience working with Peter Harris and Commercial Property Advisors

Tulsa’s leading moving company

You’ll see right away that A-1 Freeman Moving Group is focused on making your Tulsa local moving experience as smooth and gratifying as humanly possible. They start by assigning you one point of con

How to Catch Up on Your Lack of Retirement Savings

Discover how to catch up on your lack of retirement savings using commercial real estate. In this video, you'll learn how one of Peter's Proteges, Jim, was able to purchase his first commercial prope

Multifamily Investors Face a Cutback in Loan Size

Rising interest rates are already making a difference for apartment properties. Borrowers can no longer secure the large permanent loans that have become used to. “Delivering full-leverage loans ha

How to Make $3,000/mo Passive Income for Life

Discover how you make $3,000 per month passive income for life using this tried and true method that has worked for millions of people over hundreds of years. No fluff. No hype. Just real world wisdo

Malls Face Extinction

The bifurcation of America’s malls does not appear to be ending soon, according to some retail real estate experts. With announcements of department store closures, coupled with the troubles in the

The Hard Questions To Ask Before Investing In Any Real Estate Deal

Real estate has always been regarded as an equal-opportunity wealth creator. However, the caveat emptor: real estate historically has been full of scams. And, based on my experience managing distresse

Multifamily Options for mezzanine and bridge loans

Multifamily investors have lots of options to choose from if they want to take out a mezzanine loan in addition to the primary mortgage on their property. “There are more and more participants will

Retail store closings about to hit the US

Retailers are bracing for a fresh wave of store closings in 2018 that is expected to eclipse the rash of closings that rocked the industry last year. “Landlords are panicking,” said Larry Perkins,

Top 10 Cities in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s two largest cities were both ranked as top ten cities for first time homebuyers according to           Oklahoma City was ranked second and Tulsa was ranked fifth, othe

Top Northeast Oklahoma Real Estate Properties Sold in 2017!!

The Gardner Home Team has successfully closed a number of residential and land transactions in the Northeast Oklahoma communities of Claremore, Oologah and Owasso.  The Gardner Home Team specializes

Family Offices Making Real Estate Bets

Family offices have seen a slight dip in real estate allocations, but new data suggests they’re still sold on the asset class as an investment target. In a global report from UBS and Campden Researc


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