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Multifamily Financing for apartment properties including fixed and floating interest rate options. / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

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What’s the Difference Between Leasing and Renting?

Renting and leasing are terms often used to describe the same thing, but they're actually pretty different. Here's how to distinguish between the two. The post What’s the Difference Between Leasing

The Best Parks and Green Spaces in Philadelphia

Philly has long been known for its parks, dating back to when the Colony of Pennsylvania was founded. Today, there are a handful of parks that really stand out. The post The Best Parks and Green Spac

How to Use Rewards to Fly to Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII

If you’re lucky enough to be going to the Super Bowl, you might want to offset that expensive game ticket with some free travel. Super Bowl LIII takes place at…

5 Things to Do After Getting the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Card

With a $69 annual fee, the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card is the least expensive of three cards offering an amazing perk: Earn Companion Pass and 30,000 points after…

8 Things to Do After Getting the Southwest Premier Credit Card

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3 Reasons Why Southwest Rapid Rewards Is Great for Families

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Will Marriott Bonvoy Offer 20% More Rewards for Travelers?

Buried in Marriott’s announcement introducing Bonvoy was a claim about their new points program. The hotelier noted that bringing Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest together allowed membe

American Airlines Award Flights to Canada Now Cost Fewer Miles

American Airlines may be better known for its domestic flights, but thanks to new changes to their loyalty rewards program, the carrier has also made it cost-effective to fly internationally…

10 Tips for Family Budget Travel

Holly Johnson, author of Club Thrifty, travels 16 weeks per year with her husband and two kids. Without a smart budget, this amount of travel would be impossible for a…

6 Things to Do After Getting the Southwest Priority Credit Card

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4 Reasons to Start Collecting American Airlines AAdvantage Miles

When comparing frequent flyer programs, NerdWallet’s research shows American Airlines AAdvantage points have an average value of 2.6 cents per mile earned, making them the most valuable among all U.

3 Reasons Why Radisson Rewards Is Great for Families

When it comes to spending quality time with family, the focus should be on building great memories, not how to budget for a trip. That’s where loyalty programs can help…

6 Reasons to Choose an Apartment with a Balcony

For many renters, a balcony is a perk that's not always an option. But if you can find one, there are six major benefits to taking the indoors out. The post 6 Reasons to Choose an Apartment with a Ba

4 Apartment Cleaning Resolutions To Keep in 2019

There are a lot of new year's resolutions out there right now, but having a clean apartment year-round should be on the top of your list. The post 4 Apartment Cleaning Resolutions To Keep in 2019 app

The 10 Best Cities for Vegetarians in America

As more people are eating plant-based diets, the number of vegetarian restaurants continues to increase, too. Here are the 10 best cities for vegetarians. The post The 10 Best Cities for Vegetarians

How Chris Became a Millionaire in 1 Year (True Story)

Discover the true story of how a small business owner turned real estate investor became a millionaire, in one year, on his first commercial real estate deal. Hear Chris tell his story from his own w

7 Tips to Save on Moving Costs

Moving takes some serious time and energy – and lots and lots of moolah. But if you plan ahead and ask around, these seven tips can save you money on your moving costs. The post 7 Tips to Save on M

Make a Ton of Dough Selling Girl Scout Cookies at Your Apartment

Selling girl scout cookies is a very big business, and there are a lot of creative ways to do it. Here's how to make a ton of dough slinging Samoas. The post Make a Ton of Dough Selling Girl Scout Co

Sample Letter: Requesting Maintenance for Your Apartment

Maintenance issues will arise in your apartment. While a simple phone call to your landlord might seem sufficient, you really should put your request in writing. The post Sample Letter: Requesting Ma

Who to Pick as a Referral for Your Apartment Application

When combing through applications, landlords want to know they're renting to a responsible tenant, and a great referral can go a long way. Here's who you should ask. The post Who to Pick as a Referra

How to Find Where Cockroaches are Nesting in Your Apartment

Cockroaches don't travel alone, so if you see one, there are surely more to follow. Here's how to find where cockroaches are nesting in your apartment. The post How to Find Where Cockroaches are Nest

97% Return on Investment in 1 Year Commercial Real Estate Deal

Discover how to obtain a 97% return on investment in 1 year from a commercial real estate deal. Real world numbers, real world details. This video illustrates the power of investing in commercial rea

How to Turn 2 Houses into 34 Unit Apartment Building Discover how a Peter Harris Protege sold his two single family home rentals (that were only cash flowing $200

3 Tips to Get Commercial Sellers to Say YES to Your Offer

Discover 3 powerful tips on how to get commercial real estate sellers to say YES to your offers. You'll learn why most commercial investors struggle to get deals under contract and how you can avoid

Alan's Review of Peter Harris and Commercial Property Advisors

Sorry for the bad audio! Alan is not experienced with making videos. This was Alan’s first deal after joining Commmercial Property Advisor's Peter Harris Protege Program. This deal was Alan’s 3rd

Laura's Experience with Peter Harris and Commercial Property Advisors

This is Laura's experience working with Peter Harris and Commercial Property Advisors

Tulsa’s leading moving company

You’ll see right away that A-1 Freeman Moving Group is focused on making your Tulsa local moving experience as smooth and gratifying as humanly possible. They start by assigning you one point of con

How to Catch Up on Your Lack of Retirement Savings

Discover how to catch up on your lack of retirement savings using commercial real estate. In this video, you'll learn how one of Peter's Proteges, Jim, was able to purchase his first commercial prope

Multifamily Investors Face a Cutback in Loan Size

Rising interest rates are already making a difference for apartment properties. Borrowers can no longer secure the large permanent loans that have become used to. “Delivering full-leverage loans ha

How to Make $3,000/mo Passive Income for Life

Discover how you make $3,000 per month passive income for life using this tried and true method that has worked for millions of people over hundreds of years. No fluff. No hype. Just real world wisdo

Malls Face Extinction

The bifurcation of America’s malls does not appear to be ending soon, according to some retail real estate experts. With announcements of department store closures, coupled with the troubles in the

The Hard Questions To Ask Before Investing In Any Real Estate Deal

Real estate has always been regarded as an equal-opportunity wealth creator. However, the caveat emptor: real estate historically has been full of scams. And, based on my experience managing distresse

Turning a Bad Commercial Real Estate Deal into a Good One

Discover how to turn a bad commercial real estate deals into a good ones. So often, investors think all the good deals are taken and everything out there is overpriced. The reality is that the best c

How to Make $10,000 in Commercial Real Estate without Down Payments, Loans or License Discover how Anthony made $10,000 in commercial real estate without a down payment, loan or a license! Step by s

Multifamily Options for mezzanine and bridge loans

Multifamily investors have lots of options to choose from if they want to take out a mezzanine loan in addition to the primary mortgage on their property. “There are more and more participants will

Retail store closings about to hit the US

Retailers are bracing for a fresh wave of store closings in 2018 that is expected to eclipse the rash of closings that rocked the industry last year. “Landlords are panicking,” said Larry Perkins,

Top 10 Cities in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s two largest cities were both ranked as top ten cities for first time homebuyers according to           Oklahoma City was ranked second and Tulsa was ranked fifth, othe

Top Northeast Oklahoma Real Estate Properties Sold in 2017!!

The Gardner Home Team has successfully closed a number of residential and land transactions in the Northeast Oklahoma communities of Claremore, Oologah and Owasso.  The Gardner Home Team specializes

Family Offices Making Real Estate Bets

Family offices have seen a slight dip in real estate allocations, but new data suggests they’re still sold on the asset class as an investment target. In a global report from UBS and Campden Researc

Broken Arrow makes USA Today’s best cities list at No. 29

  Broken Arrow is the United States’ 29th best city for residents, according to a story in Friday’s USA Today. Low crime, affordability and a healthy economy all helped the city of about 110,000


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