Summer Travel Nutrition Tips

Traveling with kids can be difficult. From the beaming sun to boredom and discomfort, you are bound to face some obstacles. Additionally, it is difficult to practice proper nutrition while traveling. On the road, or in the air, options tend to be high in fat and sugar. Below we discuss some ways to keep your nutritious practices alive, even when you’re on the move. On the road? Make sure to pack up the coolers with healthy sandwiches, fruits, veggies, nuts, and other healthy snacks. We love blogger ‘I should be mopping’s’ ideas for road trip snack boxes. Having a picnic at a park, or rest stop, along the way with your own pre-packed food can be more fun, and much healthier, than stopping at a fast food joint. While you are there you can take a nice break from the car and stay active with a game of catch, or Frisbee. At the shore? Sure, it’s convenient to buy ice cream from the guy who walks by your beach blanket, but overloading on shore treats like pizza, fries, taffy, and fudge, can ruin your healthy habits. Make sure to bring plenty of water, or even sports drinks to help with hydration. Frozen grapes can be a nice treat to keep you cool on the beach, as well as a pre-frozen protein shake. For meals, steer clear of the boardwalk and try a sit-down restaurant, where you can make better choices such as fresh fish or salads. If you want to try to pack your own lunch, Easy Lunchboxes offers some great options. Hopping on a plane? Traveling abroad or visiting a new state can be an adventure. You can get the kids excited about trying new things and experiencing new sites. However, air travel means several idle hours. Make sure to load up your devices with activities other than movies, such as educational apps and games. Bring plenty of books, for both reading and coloring. For snacks, we like Trips with Tykes ideas for healthy, travel-friendly snacks. Make sure to get up and walk the aisles, and practice some easy stretching exercises on the plane. Travel doesn’t need to mean nutrition goes out the window. Be prepared, and always keep some healthy snacks on hand to make your summer travel easy and nutritious!

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All Eyes on Vision

Eyes. We are constantly using them, and so are our children. The eyes begin to work from the moment your little ones wake up in the morning, to the moment they close their eyes at night. Children’s


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