Best Video Editors Compared

Reviews of the best consumer level video editing software choices available offering a guide to choosing the right video editor for your needs.

Best Video Editing Software Reviewed Summarized and Compared

Concise summaries of the best consumer level video editing software choices available offering a guide to choosing the right video editor for your needs.

Pinnacle Studio: video editing software & screen recorder

Create movies that make an impression with our sophisticated and easier-to-use video editing software—Pinnacle Studio 21. Work faster thanks to a newly redesigned and simplified interface. Discover

FREE Effects: Like Filmora on Facebook for Free Martial Arts Effect Pack!

Like us on Facebook and Download the Martial Arts effect pack now: a thank you for being such a great community, we are giving away our new Martial Art

How To Convert Portrait Video to Landscape!

Do you have footage filmed vertically you want to Learn to convert your portrait videos to the landscape format. hold their phones horizontally and end up with the footage in an aspect ratio that is

How To Make A YouTube Channel in 2018! -- A Step by Step Guide

How To Make a YouTube Channel in 2018? In this guide for beginners, we’ll break down the best way to create your channel for success step by step!If you need an awesome video editor for YouTube, Tr


How do you remove audio from video? It's fast and easy with our video and audio editing software. Try it FREE: will be times where you will want to do this because maybe th

A Leap for Faith

The catalyst for Faith Granger? A hot rod. Back in 2006, the then-singer/songwriter, artist, and producer took a break from the music industry and bought herself a 1932 Ford roadster. And it was love.

Commercial Use of Music Maker Sounds and Loops

Here we explain what you need to know about publishing your songs.

The Friday Roundup – Cinematic Lighting, Jumps Cuts and Camera Hacks

Cinematic Lighting Techniques One of the current catchphrases that seems to be circling around at the moment is “cinematic.” There has been a lot of talk about adjusting frame rates to shoot more

What Is VR and What Does It Mean For My Business?

Find out some of the ways you can implement virtual reality into your business to enhace your marketing and keep ahead of the competition.

The Friday Roundup – Night Shooting, Audio and Split Toning

5 Tips For Filming at Night Given the fact that most people shooting video at the consumer level of the market are going to be doing so on the basis of auto settings in their devices, shooting at nigh

The Friday Roundup – Color Matching Cameras, YouTube Updates and Gimbals

Matching Shots in Resolve 14 Camera Matching Tutorial Late last year a few of the usual suspects in the world of consumer level video editing began introducing “shot match” modules into their resp

Creating Stunning Panoramic Photos

Keep reading to find out how to create panoramic images with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer and Xara Designer Pro X in no time at all!

Artist Interview – Bill Evans

Bill Evans about SpectraLayers Pro, performance restoration and his work with virtuoso artists.

The Friday Roundup – Editing Work Flows, Hyperlapse and YouTube Tips

Prepare for Hyperlapse! Another post this week on taking your timelapse footage up a notch and turning it into hyperlapse! Ooh! Hyperslapse, it sounds so exciting! Anyway simply put, a hyperlapse is j

The Friday Roundup – Storytelling, B-roll and Cinematic Tips

How To Get The Best B-ROLL One of the great advantages we have in living in the digital age of video is that we don;t have to worry too much about the quantity of footage we take. Battery life is alwa

Black Friday Deals From Corel: Act Now, Save BIG!

Psssst – have you heard? We have some amazing Black Friday deals waiting for you at! If you’ve been holding out all year so you can save BIG, now is your chance to score huge discou

Rethinking Design with CorelDRAW on Microsoft Surface

With a ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence tool called LiveSketch, CorelDRAW is redefining how to create vector illustrations on Windows. In Shanghai at the Microsoft Surface Pro event this week,

CorelDRAW’s New LiveSketch Uses Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize How Graphics Professionals Create Vector Designs

It’s been an exciting time for our team as we’ve recently released the new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017! If you haven’t yet downloaded the free trial, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to

Try NEW VideoStudio X10: Discover Easy, Exciting Video Editing!

Hi VideoStudio Fans & Video Editors! Are you ready to push your boundaries in creative movie making? I’m Saema – Public Relations Manager for video editing products here at Corel and I’m e

New Plugin Transforms Your Photos in CorelDRAW, PaintShop Pro, AfterShot & More!

Ready to discover a whole new world of possibilities that will transform your photos into something magical? Meet the NEW ParticleShop and bring the power of Painter‘s amazing brush technology to


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