Best Video Editors Compared

Reviews of the best consumer level video editing software choices available offering a guide to choosing the right video editor for your needs.

Best Video Editing Software Reviewed Summarized and Compared

Concise reviews and comparisons of the best video editing software choices at the amateur or semi-pro level available in 2018. A quick guide to choosing the best video editor for your needs.

Pinnacle Studio: video editing software & screen recorder

Create stunning movies with our sophisticated video editor! Choose the new Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate for maximum video editing power with new Color Grading controls, Three- and Four-Point Editing, M

Sports Day Pack | Filmora Effects Store

Playtime is now! This pack celebrates kid’s games with colorful flags and bright cartoons.

Green Screen Tutorial - The RING Effect (How To Come out from TVs)

Try Filmora: Come out of TVs like in the Ring Movies. Item Checklist:2 Green ScreensLighting or SunlightTV with Green DisplayShots:You’ll need to take two shots. Your green Sc

The Friday Roundup – Transitions, Trippy Effects and Syncing

Pro, Prosumer, Consumer? Over the past 15 years or so in the field of digital video the separation between professional cameras and editing software and their consumer level equivalents has become som

5 Green Screen Tricks in UNDER 60 Seconds

Try Filmora: Here are 5 Green Screen Tricks in 60 Seconds!1. Coloring Green or Blue on the Wall2. Green Screen Man Disappearing using Chroma Key3. Green Sunglasses filled with g

How to get CINEMATIC FOOTAGE with your PHONE

Try Filmora: Get Cinematic Footage with your Smartphone! There are a lot of times when Im out and about and I see something that I want to film but I don’t have my camera! In

The Friday Roundup- Drone Shots, Gimbals and Polarizers

Welcome to this week’s Friday Roundup! So by way of explanation what you would normally expect to see as the lead image in the Roundup would generally be an image doctored by me to make a lame joke

How to Edit Videos for Instagram

Try Filmora: Filmora has social media compatible aspect ratios including square (1:1) and portrait (9: 16), which makes it perfect for any of you who want to edit videos for Ins

The Friday Roundup – Camera Basics, 4K Tips and Drone Shots

Super Camera Basics for Video: Shutter Speed, Aperture, & ISO One of the key steps you can take if you are looking to up your video game and lift it out of the “home movies” level is to start

The Friday Roundup – Magix Updates, Free Emojis and Content Management

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Updates About two years ago German Software manufacturer Magix decided to abandon the yearly update cycle on some of their products. What that meant was that their consumer level

Pinnacle Studio 22 Review Part Two

  So first of all in case you haven’t read page one of this review, we probably need to clarify something when it comes to writing any Pinnacle Studio 22 review. This is a big program, and by that

The new sound of Music Maker!

Music Maker gets a new audio engine!

The new Samplitude Music Studio

More creative freedom for musicians and bands. Check out our overview of the latest features!

Gravit Designer joins Corel’s portfolio

Hello Corel community! Earlier today, Corel announced the acquisition of Gravit Designer, a leader in the web-based graphics design space. Over the last few years, the team at Gravit has developed a

How do I record my screen?: Screen capture in just 4 steps!

Learn how easy it is to record your screen or capture a part of your screen with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro.  

Taking an action camera to a festival

Our ultimate tips and tricks for a trip to a festival with your action camera.

We present you the winners of the ACID Pro 8 “Show Off Your Studio” Contest

We've chosen the winners of the ACID Pro 8 "Show Off Your Studio" Contest. Congratulations!

Black Friday Deals From Corel: Act Now, Save BIG!

Psssst – have you heard? We have some amazing Black Friday deals waiting for you at! If you’ve been holding out all year so you can save BIG, now is your chance to score huge discou

Rethinking Design with CorelDRAW on Microsoft Surface

With a ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence tool called LiveSketch, CorelDRAW is redefining how to create vector illustrations on Windows. In Shanghai at the Microsoft Surface Pro event this week,

CorelDRAW’s New LiveSketch Uses Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize How Graphics Professionals Create Vector Designs

It’s been an exciting time for our team as we’ve recently released the new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017! If you haven’t yet downloaded the free trial, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to

Try NEW VideoStudio X10: Discover Easy, Exciting Video Editing!

Hi VideoStudio Fans & Video Editors! Are you ready to push your boundaries in creative movie making? I’m Saema – Public Relations Manager for video editing products here at Corel and I’m e


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