A Way To The Bright Future With Solar Panel

Solar panel electricity is the hottest commodity in the market. When the whole world is poking into available resources of renewable source of energy, solar panel electricity is the best option you could chew upon.

Solar Panel Electricity in Murrieta

Solar panel electricity is the hottest commodity in the market. When the whole world is poking into available resources of renewable source of energy.

Planning a Home Solar Electric System | Department of Energy

There are a number of steps to follow when planning to power your home with solar energy. After choosing which option is best for you to use solar (see step 3), follow the steps afterward that apply t

Efficiency And Safety Of House Electrical Wiring

What Type Of House Electrical Wiring Is Best? Checking house electrical wiring can be a dangerous venture for those without any prior knowledge. Commercial and residential electrical wiring is complet

LED Lighting and Its Impact on Our Life

A LED Lighting Is More Efficient, Versatile, And Lasts Longer The direct energy savings of LED lighting are just one part of the benefit. LED Lighting is, the backstory will leave you feeling even war

Nest vs. ecobee: which smart thermostat is right for your home?

In the past few years, smart thermostats have gone from a niche product to one that’s accessible to most homeowners. If you don’t have them installed in your home already, you’ve probably seen t

Depth of discharge (DoD): What does it mean for your battery, and why is it important?

Batteries are becoming a popular add-on to solar systems thanks to the extra benefits they can offer for solar system buyers. Batteries offer backup power benefits when the grid goes down, increases t

Going Solar is Simple with SunPower App

Getting a home solar quote with SunPower is quick and easy with our app.

Sistine Solar: customized solar skins for your solar panel system

There’s a lot of buzz around Boston-based Sistine Solar, and for good reason: their product allows homeowners to customize how their solar installation actually looks on the roof of their home.

Why Hire a Licensed, Experienced Electrician?

Experienced Electrician Is Here To Solve Your Electrical Needs! An experienced electrician is coming up with a specific guarantee period on their services so that you can make the most of high-quality

Best Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Kitchen Lighting Fixtures Is Perfect For Home Design Ideas One of the most popular kitchen lighting fixtures is the ceiling lights. Kitchen lighting fixtures are also referred as the numbers that come

Visit SunPower at National Automobile Dealers Association Show

Former car dealer Ryan Ferrero discusses why auto dealers should switch to solar.

Guide To Electrical Safety Testing

Why Is Electrical Safety Testing Done? Understanding of what electrical safety testing is about and how to ensure your test results are meaningful. Electrical safety testing is essential to ensure saf

Brighten Your Property With Landscape Lighting

Property With Landscape Lighting Is A  Good Option Along With A Driveway The goal of property with landscape lighting is only seen the effect of the light, not the light source itself. Most outdoor

Efficient Lighting System

What Is An Energy Efficient Lighting System? The development of energy efficient lighting system is essential in today’s scenario. Its flexible, beautiful, and energy-efficient lighting system is a

Ways to Save Money on Household Bills

How Expensive Those Household Bills Can Be Budgeting household bills is an important step when two people get hitched or shack up together. Learning how to save money on your household bills is smart,

A Complete Guide to 7 Renewable Energy Sources

Did you know the ocean is one of 7 types of renewable energy sources? Learn about them all in this week's blog.

Home Energy Saving Tips A Room by Room Guide

Home Energy Saving Is A Priority Tips to save you energy and money in the home energy saving is about more than saving money. Home energy saving is indeed a good lesson that you can teach your kid to

The Best Angle For Your Rooftop Solar What You Must Know

A Rooftop Solar Is A Future Rooftop solar is economically viable and will provide a significant return on investment. Rooftop solar is increasingly cost-effective for homeowners, business owners, and

Is My House a Good Candidate for Solar?

Homeowners thinking of going solar have a number of considerations. Here are five key questions to ask during your decision making process. 

Adding Solar Can Increase Your Home Value

Selling or buying a solar home? Learn how the experts assess what it's worth.

Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Solar isn't just for hippies. Learn the truth behind some misconceptions about the pros & cons of solar energy.

Why You Should Go Solar in 2018

Four reasons why postponing your home solar installation may cost you money in the long run.

Home Solar Savings Make for a Happier New Year!

We recently asked some of our home solar customers to share with us on Facebook how much money

Unique Solar House is a Bridge Over Water

Check out Bridge House, a unique modern green home that's literally a bridge over water.

Potential Solar Tariffs Would Likely Cause Loss of U.S. Jobs

SunPower's CEO testifies that potential solar trade actions that President Trump will soon consider could result in the elimination of U.S. jobs.

A Way To The Bright Future With Solar Panel Electricity

Solar Panel Electricity in Murrieta Solar panel electricity is the hottest commodity in the market. When the whole world is poking into available resources of renewable source of energy, solar panel


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