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Best Stem Cell Therapy in Ormond Beach, FL at Neo Matrix Medical. It can help restore our body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself that we may have taken for granted as children.

Stem cells shown safe, beneficial for chronic stroke patients | News Center | Stanford Medicine

People disabled by a stroke demonstrated substantial recovery long after the event when modified adult stem cells were injected into their brains.

Fun pictures & 7 observations on the country from Australia trip

What’s Australia like from the science to the country? I enjoyed the ISSCR2018 Annual Meeting in Melbourne on stem cells and regenerative medicine a few weeks back(here is a post on the some of th

TGIF weekend reads: senolytics, new CRISPR, stem cells, & 3 wacky things

Over the weekends I try to catch up on more diverse reading and sometimes come up with a list of stuff I want to get to during this time, but I also put together weekend reads usually on Fridays as [.

Perspectives on uncritical NYT coverage of cardiac mitochondrial transplant trial

One of the reasons I’m a scientist is that I find biology fascinating and admittedly novel biomedical science can really catch my eye, but more recently as a somewhat grizzled researcher, I’ve bec

Update on tomato garden: ups, downs, & stripes

What’s better than fresh “fruit” from your own tomato garden? For the last few years when I think about planning my summer tomato garden, I start months in advance preparing the soil. I had fava

Poll: heritable CRISPR tried in humans in next 10 years?

Heritable CRISPR to be tried in humans sooner or later…or never? Will someone somewhere in the world try to use CRISPR gene editing or related technology to introduce heritable genetic changes into

Surprising reason why human cloning may produce someone else

“If I’m going to the trouble of cloning myself, I want the clone to be a copy of me!” I’m imagining what someone might say if they were told that their expensive and ethically dubious personal

Stem cell news July 2018: RMATs, RTT, MiMedx mess, clinic family ties & more

The year of 2018 has already been a wild one for stem cell news. There are many developments on a variety of fronts. Here are some of the most notable news bites of the last month or so. RMAT Wave. [.

Midterm grades on my top 20 x 2018 stem cell predictions

Every year in December I go out onto a limb and make stem cell predictions for the coming year as I did in late 2017 for this year. Then usually around the 1/2-way point through the year I check in o

A real FDA blacklist: what is it, who’s on it, & should some stem cell clinics be?

I didn’t know until recently that the FDA has a blacklist, which is called the “FDA Debarment List”. You can check it out here. Should one or more particularly egregious unproven stem cell clini

My new Cell Stem Cell piece: too much carrot & not enough stick on stem cell oversight

I have a new Cell Stem Cell piece out today that aims to take stock of today’s stem cell regulatory oversight in the U.S., Japan, and elsewhere including Australia, Canada and India. I use a carrot

Black Beret Life Sciences LLC Appoints Warren Sherman MD as Chief Medical Officer

Black Beret Life Sciences LLC (BBLS), the investment and management arm of the Houston-based Bosarge Family Office, announced today the appointment of Warren Sherman, M.D., as Chief Medical Officer. D

Okyanos Executive Fiona Daniels Takes On Community Leadership Role in Grand Bahama

Okyanos is proud to acknowledge Mrs. Fiona Daniels, Director of Finance & Administration, for her recent installment to the 2018 Board of Directors for the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. W. E. “Ed” Bosarge Receives the 2018 Leadership Award at the World Stem Cell Summit (WSCS) in Miami, Florida

Dr. W. E. "Ed" Bosarge, the Founder and Chairman of Black Beret Life Sciences LLC, was presented with this year's Leadership Award at a gala reception and dinner during the 13th annual World Stem Cell

Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine Announces New Treatment Option for Diffuse Scleroderma Based on STAR Trial Protocol

Okyanos’ new treatment protocol brings hope to the more than 50,000 Americans suffering on a daily basis with diffuse scleroderma, the most severe type of this autoimmune disease. This protocol, whi

Robert Russell Named Director of Physician Engagement at Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine

With the addition of Robert Russell to the executive leadership team, Okyanos creates a stronger hold as the leader in cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy for (Nosocomial) Resistant Bacteria

According to recent studies, about 15% of hospital patients suffer from nosocomial infections. So, what is a nosocomial infection, and what does it have to do with stem cells, you ask? A nosocomial in

Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine to Hold Stem Cell Symposium in Freeport

Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine has announced its First Annual Regenerative Medicine Symposium will take place at the Pelican Bay Hotel in Freeport, Grand Bahama on September 27, 2017. This d

Dr. Vincent Burton Named President of Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine

Vincent R. Burton, MBBS, FRCA, has been appointed President of Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine, which is licensed by the Bahamas’ National Stem Cell Ethics Committee.

Exploring the Potential of Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

In a healthy individual, a layer of cartilage lines the bones, protecting the knee joint from damage. In arthritis, however, chronic inflammation leads to the breakdown of such cartilage often resulti

Cell Therapy for Arthritis – Nancy’s Okyanos Experience

Nancy began exploring the treatment option of cell therapy for arthritis after attending an Okyanos educational event in her area. Here, Nancy shares what intrigued her about the opportunity to harnes

3 Reasons the 21st Century Cures Act Matters to Everyone

US legislators recently passed the historic 21st Century Cures Act, aimed at accelerating approval of stem cell-based therapies for which safety has been established in a wide array of chronic degener

Treating Blindness: Vision Restoration w/ Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells and vision restoration – “I once was lost, but now I’m found; was blind, but now I see” – Amazing Grace What could be a more powerful part of how we define ourselves and our world

Your Diet & Blood Sugar Levels Affect Your Stem Cells

Diet, Blood Sugar Levels, & Exercise Help Stem Cells: Recently doctors have seen that fatty foods aren’t the real enemy in the war on heart disease in this country, and that sugar and refined ca

Can Stem Cells Help Type 1 Diabetes?

Stem Cells and Type 1 Diabetes: I’ve been asked more than once if there was anything that stem cells could do to cure or help fight Type 1 diabetes. Actually, until recently there really wasn’t mu

Stem Cell Transplant Helps Hawaii Professor Live

University of Hawaii associate professor, Cristy Kessler, was suffering from a rare combination of three different autoimmune diseases: Vasculitis, Scleroderma, and Akylosing Spondyliitis. The pain wa

Fetal Stem Cell Treatment: Offering Hope for Babies With Spina Bifida

Spina bifida is a condition in which the baby’s spinal cord doesn’t close properly during a pregnancy. It’s two words that soon-to-be parents don’t want to hear during an ultrasound, (I’ve h

Stem Cell Therapy and Robitussin: Don’t Get Duped

Thoughts on Stem Cells and Robitussin: When a new medicine or product offers great hope, it also attracts attention from the dark, shadowy places of society. This is the case, to a degree, with stem c

Popular Science Predicts Stem Cell Breakthrough in 2013

Popular Science Magazine Mentions Stem Cells in New Year Predictions – While not overly specific, the latest issue of Popular Science has the phrase, “Stem Cells for All” on its cover, and predi


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