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My puppy has been great, but he’s starting to tear the house up when we are sleeping.. what should I do?

So my puppy is 6 months old now. He’s a mix between a cane corso/Great Dane/rott/pit. He’s a great puppy. He has been learning very fast and listens very well. We put him in a crate during the d

Dog growled and went after after my wife. Help please!

I'm not sure what to do about this situation but here it goes: We adopted a rott/hound mix (who now sits around 65lbs at the age of 1.5 years) when he was about 5-6 months of age, they had found him

Potty Wake Up Call Help

Back Story: Boyfriend, boyfriend’s dog and I used to stay at his apartment most of time. We’d go to bed around 10 and wake up around 6:30ish. We’d take the dog out to potty right before bed an

Help with a younger dog and separation anxiety

Hey guys so some of you probably saw me post the other day. But I have a 6 month old puppy who’s showing some signs of separation anxiety. Nothing destructive just whining when I first leave. Any

When does the submission/excitement pissing stop?

My dog is 15 months old and stills pees when she is excited or scared. She has been checked by the vet and there's no physiological reason for it. Please tell me there is still hope. Do some dogs ta

Crate Pooping!!

Help! I’ve read a few articles but I’m still struggling. My 3 month old Bernadoodle keeps shitting/peeing in her crate and also eats her shit when in the crate. She doesn’t have accidents in t

Is my 6 week old puppy aggressive? How do we train him at this stage?

Okay, I really need help deciphering my dog and puppy’s behavior. We recently got a 6 week old puppy and he’s mostly even tempered except for when he begins to feel overpowered. With my older do

Is this aggressive behavior ( video footage) ?

Hi guys. My husband and I have a 1.5 year old Shepard mix that we rescued last year (some say GSD/pitbull versus dutch shepard/mallinois but who knows). He is extremely loving and trusting of

Dog won't go potty on walks

Hello, I have a 5 month old puppy. For the first month and half our vet recommended quarantining her to the house for vaccination purposes. During that time she got accustomed to using the backyard/

My mom adopted a 3 year boxer from my rescue. When she came home from lunch the blinds were all torn...

Let me give you a little background: Star (now Sadie) is a boxer mix that I had transported from Texas. She is a doll. She follows you everywhere and has to be touching you. My dad said “nah it’

Got This for My Shelter Friends

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Introducing 6 month old Vizsla to toddler: How to?

I've got a 6 month old Vizsla who weighs about 50 lbs. ​ He's pretty good, and we work every day on his manners. He has met children on walks (from about 2-4months) but hasn't ran into many kids

Dog wont stop peeing near his food bowl when we are away.

He only pees where we put the wet food, and sometimes when we are home he still manages to sneak pee there. I think the reason is because he is hungry and he wants attention there, but it might be s

Work schedule and puppy training

So I’ve been wanting a dog for years. What has prevented me from getting a dog is that I work from 8AM to 5PM and I’m worried that it would be cruel to leave a puppy alone at home all day. Howev

Alternative to clicker training

Hey everyone just found this sub and I love it! I have an almost 2 y/o husky named Emma that we found last year. She had 140+ ticks (took DAYS to find them in that husky fur and for her to let us ge

Rescue with possible separation anxiety help

Recently adopted a rescue, he’s most likely a shepherd mix of some type. Approximately 7 months. Super sweet if a bit clingy. He’s taken pretty well to crate training and has learned a few basic

Roommate sucks at potty training 😭

Help y’all, please. My roommate got her first dog (chocolate lab puppy) he’s about 4 months old (I have a 2 year old dog) This dog WILL NOT GET POTTY TRAINED. We have a yard so I thought it woul

Tips for improving leash reactivity for a blind dog

Hi all! I adopted a blind dog about a year ago. She’s pretty much the best dog ever, except she is leash reactive (barks, spins in circles, lunges) to other dogs. She’s never hurt another dog an

How to read my dogs curled lip facial cue. Non-aggressive, usually during a “sit” or tail wagging Does he just hate having his photo taken? The upward lip curl has always confused me- he’s done it since he was very young too. Usually tail wagging or in “sit”. I

Milo's Parents First Impressions

Listen to Milo's parents' reactions at his drop off lesson. "He's like a different dog."

Anza & Daphne at Camp

Anza & Daphne show off their recall and walking skills in this quick video.

Multiple Dog Training Session

This is what a lot of our mornings look like at camp. It's so fun to work with dogs at every stage of the learning process and see how they react and respond to each other. We're able to work with

Teaching A Husky To Come Long Distance

Whoever said you can't get a husky off leash? See how well Milo is able to come when we call him. He runs over a football field, straight to us!

Walking Off Leash With A Husky

In this video CJ walks Milo off leash at a local park. Milo is very attentive to CJ making the off leash walk possible. Make sure your sound is on for tips and tricks.

Creating Calm By Providing Structure

Check out how quickly we were able to create calm for Bailey by giving her a job to do during her lesson. Dog training doesn't have to take forever!!

Recall Progression With Arya The Pit Mix Puppy

CJ and Natasha work Arya the pit mix puppy through increasingly more difficult recalls. She does a great job at coming straight to them and paying attention at the end of each recall. The place cot

Arya's Midterm Lesson with Andrea

CJ and Arya's mom, Andrea, meet up in the middle of her camp program to go over some basics and catch mom up to speed for an easier transition once Arya goes home. Arya has come a long way in a shor

Kennel Work With Kitty

We noticed in the first few days of training that Kitty liked to hang out fearfully in the back of her kennel. We teach her how to be confident and come to the front to make it easier on us and safe

Luke & Leia's Lesson

In this quick clip, CJ explains how gradually increasing the challenge for your dog will lead to great results!

Teach Your Dog to 'Go to Bed'

It’s often convenient to park your dog: To crate her while the delivery men bring in your new refrigerator. To  have her hold a down-stay, instead of climbing on you and licking your face, while y

Penny - Beginners Gone Advanced - YouTube

Watch Penny and Sarah show off their skills. A little practice every day goes a long way!

Cats, Partially Explained

As longtime readers and listeners know, The Dog Trainer steps out with other species from time to time, notably that other species our dogs and us often live with. No, I don’t mean our spouses! I

Do You Need a Guard Dog?

Over the years, I’ve had occasional requests to train a pet dog as a guard dog, and I’ve always declined as soon as my prospective client explained what, exactly, he hoped his dog could be taugh

4 (Other) Best Things to Do for Your Dog

                     You already know the best things to do for your dog: Socialize your puppy. Housetrain. Teach good manners. Spay her or neuter him. Vaccinate against infectious disease

My Dog Is Totally Trained, Right?

                “Trained” is a word that should almost never be used in the past tense. Okay, I’ll give you “housetrained” if your adult dog never eliminates indoors unless he’s s

Fostering Dogs

                  No matter how comfortable and well run a shelter is, there’s no place like home – if not a permanent home, then a foster home. Someone fostering a litter of puppies can

How to Choose a Veterinarian

I’m going to take a guess that you’d rather not find yourself poking through Yelp reviews for a good vet the morning after your dog has kept you up all night having diarrhea. (Yes, my insight is

Chilly Dogs: Caring for Your Dog in Cold Weather

The northeastern United States, where I live, seems to be having an actual winter for once, and I’m given to understand the same is true of some other regions as well. Since the weather outside is

Teach Your Dog to Give or Drop an Item

It’s tempting to say that in an ideal world, our dogs would never put anything in their mouths we didn’t want them to have. In the ideal world, dogs don’t scavenge, they never pick inappropriat

Where Should Your Dog Sleep?

Some clients tell me, with pride, that they never allow their dog on the bed. Some clients tell me, with embarrassment, that their dog sleeps next to them. Some clients tell me, laughing nervously, t


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