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Reformed gang member has infiltrated my turf and refuses to follow the law; I don’t wanna to send him to rehab. How do I get him to respect his new gang?

Okay, so, someone dumped a 1-1/2 old heeled/shepherd mix at my in-laws house, and long story short, now he’s at my house and I am trying to integrate him into our home. He is super sweet, and I t

Puppy Doesn’t Want Treat Given

Puppy does the command but when trying with food as a reward she doesn’t eat it. Should I switch the treat? I have others that I know she likes but I feel this will teach her to just wait for the

I Think My Dog Is Using "Quiet" for Treats?

I'm working on the quiet command with my dog but he has started to just stare at me and bark until I give him the command and he stops and then gets a treat. I'm not sure if I'm over thinking this o

Crate training - first night

On Monday, my partner and I are welcoming a 9 week old Keeshond boy into our family. We're planning on crate training from the beginning and have done extensive research into methods. Here is where

Husky Puppy showing signs of resource guarding/mild food aggression; I'm training her to stop, hoping I'm on the right path.

Got a husky puppy back in May, and so far things have been going swimmingly. She was born March 10th this year which puts her at just over 4 months old, so I think that, all things considered, she's

Advice regarding first walk in the park with adopted dog

My wife and I are looking to adopt a dog from a shelter soon. She has had multiple dogs growing up, but I haven't had the experience (however have always loved them). Early on, I will need to walk t

3 year old American staffy suddenly snapping at me but not partner.

We have had Terry for over a year now. We have grown up with beagles and chihuahuas, this being our first pit bull (even though chihuahuas are like mini pit bulls...)We adopted him as the previous o

Training disaster might have ruined my dogs behavior at home

My beautiful 6 month old rescue puppy is now getting the habit of growling to people going down the stairs of our house, mainly when she is in her bed or with us on the couch. We usually tell her to

My bullmastiff has a high prey drive and is easily frustrated

Hello, I have been working with my mastiff since she was about 3 months old on her socialization, she’s currently amazing with people but when she meets a new dog, she gets so excited and she migh

My dog is only aggressive towards one dog

My dog (labradoodle) is one of the sweetest dogs in the world, he never barks, never bites and doesn’t even whine when he is hurt! But there is one dog (husky/greyhound) in our apartment complex t

Temp Doggo Eats Cat Shit

Background: Dog's owner will be in the hospital for a few months. We were very suddenly tasked with taking care of the dog in the meantime. The dog has zero training or socialization and his owner i

Proper way to stop dog from barking at strangers on walks?

I have two Weimaraners that are about 10 months old. They both do great with people. If we go to the dog park or to the pet store they will happily go up to people to get pet. But when we go on a wa

Changed from a leash to a harness

And now my puppy doesn’t inform me when he wants to go to the bathroom. He’s going on the floor after months of no accidents. Is this normal behavior? Collar to harness* submitted by /u/

Dog sports for dogs good at jumping?

So I am not sure what is available, but my dog is a 50 lb Staffy/boxer mix and she gets a lot of "oohs" and "ahs" at the dog park due to her high jumping. There are small fences/benches inside the d

I need help with attention barking!

My 6 mo poochon is driving me nuts with his attention barking and nipping. I've tried ignoring him, he bites or digs into my feet or legs. I've tried treating him once he quiets down, (and actually

Need help with leash training on walks.

So my girlfriend and I have a French Bulldog. Every walk is a struggle because he wants to pull to every person, dog, bird, etc. I tend to (try) get in between him and the object of his attention a

First Session

We just had our first session with a new trainer, and oh my goodness. I'm absolutely delighted and so excited to help my dogs be better. My dogs have pretty much always been polite, mannered pups. L

My sisters dog ran away and now that she's back is being tormented. How do I bring my anti-professional-training sister back to her senses?

My sister (who is leaving home this year but leaving the dog) has a malamute German Shepard mix who is exactly one year old. Her training has been going ok, only being disobedient at off leash dog p

Help! My dog is scared of my car

So I took my 1 year old dog through a car wash, and ever since she is deathly afraid of my car. She shakes and has her tail between her legs when she's in the vehicle. Any tips on how I can get her

Recalls with Maui

Watch this little guy go!! Natasha and CJ have a ton of fun practicing recalls with Maui in this short video. Long distance recalls are typically a lot of fun for dogs because it gives them a chance

Oly and Castiel Double Down at Busy Rancho Bernardo Dog Park

Oly, a 5 year old German Shepherd Samoyed Mix, and Castiel, a 5 year old husky double down at Rancho Bernardo. They're so relaxed even around so many other dogs and people it's almost like they're s

Long Distance Recalls with Oly

This is a fun video demonstrating Oly's skills coming from far away. Long distance recalls are a great skill for every dog to know especially if you like to go to the dog park or beach or if you hav

Tips for Bringing Your Dog to the Vet

We made this for an online fan who was asking questions about how to get her dog to be more obedient at the vet after her vet fired her and her pup as a client. There's a lot more to it than this, b

Teach Your Dog to 'Go to Bed'

It’s often convenient to park your dog: To crate her while the delivery men bring in your new refrigerator. To  have her hold a down-stay, instead of climbing on you and licking your face, while y

Penny - Beginners Gone Advanced - YouTube

Watch Penny and Sarah show off their skills. A little practice every day goes a long way!

Cats, Partially Explained

As longtime readers and listeners know, The Dog Trainer steps out with other species from time to time, notably that other species our dogs and us often live with. No, I don’t mean our spouses! I

Do You Need a Guard Dog?

Over the years, I’ve had occasional requests to train a pet dog as a guard dog, and I’ve always declined as soon as my prospective client explained what, exactly, he hoped his dog could be taugh

4 (Other) Best Things to Do for Your Dog

                     You already know the best things to do for your dog: Socialize your puppy. Housetrain. Teach good manners. Spay her or neuter him. Vaccinate against infectious disease

My Dog Is Totally Trained, Right?

                “Trained” is a word that should almost never be used in the past tense. Okay, I’ll give you “housetrained” if your adult dog never eliminates indoors unless he’s s

Fostering Dogs

                  No matter how comfortable and well run a shelter is, there’s no place like home – if not a permanent home, then a foster home. Someone fostering a litter of puppies can

How to Choose a Veterinarian

I’m going to take a guess that you’d rather not find yourself poking through Yelp reviews for a good vet the morning after your dog has kept you up all night having diarrhea. (Yes, my insight is

Chilly Dogs: Caring for Your Dog in Cold Weather

The northeastern United States, where I live, seems to be having an actual winter for once, and I’m given to understand the same is true of some other regions as well. Since the weather outside is

Teach Your Dog to Give or Drop an Item

It’s tempting to say that in an ideal world, our dogs would never put anything in their mouths we didn’t want them to have. In the ideal world, dogs don’t scavenge, they never pick inappropriat

Where Should Your Dog Sleep?

Some clients tell me, with pride, that they never allow their dog on the bed. Some clients tell me, with embarrassment, that their dog sleeps next to them. Some clients tell me, laughing nervously, t


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