Things You Need To Know About Circuit Breaker Repl

Circuit breaker replacement is one of the most important electrical upgrades you can invest in.

Things You Need To Know About Circuit Breaker Replacement

Circuit breaker replacement is one of the most important electrical upgrades you can invest in. An electrical upgrade will also help

Tips for Troubleshooting Your Circuit Breaker

A home circuit breaker is an important component of electricity safety, given its role in protecting the electrical wiring system from overheating. Learn how to properly troubleshoot problems with you

Optimizing Solar Power System Performance by Sizing Solar Inverters

Solar Power System Can Be A Great Way In Saving Money In Murrieta The solar power system is connected to supply electricity at a junction known as breaker panel. The three components of a solar power

Halogen Lighting Installation

A Halogen Lighting Is Super-Efficient In Murrieta! When it comes to energy savings, halogen lighting is the smart choice. A halogen lighting is tested for safety, to ensure it is appropriate for vario

Compact Fluorescent Lighting Installation

A Compact Fluorescent Lighting In Murrieta! Compact fluorescent lighting is energy-efficient, but those bulbs contain toxic mercury, which makes them less environmentally sustainable than LEDs. Colore

Connect(); announcements

We’re announcing a bunch of new things at Connect(); this week.  It’s an exciting time.  Connect(); is an annual developer event where we focus particularly on improving the overall experience f

DevOps at Microsoft – lots of videos

My team is responsible for many of the engineering tools we use at Microsoft (affectionately called the One Engineering System or 1ES – paralleling Satya’s “One Microsoft” mantra).  As part o

DevOps @ Connect(); 2017

I am excited…There will be lots of news…at Microsoft Connect(); 2017 happening Wednesday Nov 15th in New York City. Please join the live stream starting at 10:00 AM EST for Scott Guthrie’s keyno

Safety And Security With Advanced Smoke Detectors

Advanced Smoke Detectors Are Made To Alert You Of A Fire In Murrieta! Caring for advanced smoke detectors is a quick and easy task. Disposing of your household smoke detectors is safe and easy. Chang

Visual Studio Team Services in Hong Kong

Today we opened a new VSTS instance in Hong Kong – the Azure “East Asia” region.  This adds to our instances in US, Europe, Brazil, India and Australia, giving us reasonably short distance acce

Facts About LED Power Supplies

LED Power Supplies Are One Of The Most Popular Items In Murrieta! LED power supplies are rapidly advancing compared to conventional incandescent and fluorescent lighting. When the LED is degrading ov

Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 3 available

Today we released the final build of TFS 2017 Update 3.  This release follows the release candidate and addresses all the customer feedback we have gotten and all the issues we have found in extensiv

Electricity Safety Tips At Home

General Electricity Safety Is Important In Murrieta! Remember, living better with electricity safety is the key. Home electricity safety is not something that should ever be taken lightly. The energy

Oh my – some dashboard candy that is life changing

A month or so ago we opened a Visual Studio Team Services instance in Canada and yesterday it occurred to me to wonder how that was going.  I sent mail to someone who “owns” that scenario and aft

VSTS Update – Oct 30

This week we started our sprint 125 deployment.  You can read the release notes for details. I won’t comment too much on the new capabilities this sprint.  There’s a bunch of nice stuff but not

What Are the Different Metal Conduits?

Flexible Metal Conduits Can Be Installed In Most Of The Same Places In Murrieta! Metal conduits is an excellent mechanical protection of cables and electrical wires. The earthing on metal conduits is

Solar Lights: Clean, Efficient, and Cost-Effective

Solar Lights Can Be A Great Alternative In Murrieta! Having the best outdoor solar lights is a great energy saving way to bring light into your home. You should not worry about the bad weather because

Using an Electrician Is an Essential Part of Home Electrical Maintenance

Is A Home Electrical Maintenance is useful In Murrieta? Home electrical maintenance is ensuring that all the connections with the electrical panel are secure. Home electrical maintenance can prevent a

Home Wiring Technique

A Home Wiring In Murrieta! Home wiring is not a do-it-yourself task that should be undertaken unless you are confident you know what you are doing. The biggest danger that comes with bad home wiring i

Team Foundation Server 2018 and SQL Server

About 6 weeks ago, I wrote a post announcing the availability of TFS 2018 RC1.  In the comments, there ensued a sizeable conversation about the requirement for SQL Server 2016 or later (rather than a

VSTS Update – Oct 9

This week we are deploying our sprint 124 work.  You can get all the details in our release notes. I’m running late this sprint so I’m going to keep my summary short. The biggest change this rele

TFS 2018 RC2 is available

Today we shipped the second release candidate for Team Foundation Server 2018.  If all goes well, this should be the final release candidate.  We’ll make sure that all the issues you report are ad

Things You Need To Know About Circuit Breaker Replacement

Circuit breaker replacement in Murrieta Homes Circuit breaker replacement is one of the most important electrical upgrades you can invest in. An electrical upgrade will also help avoid electrical haza

Circuit Breakers: We’ve got what you need – All Manufacturer’s

Circuit Breakers: We’ve got what you need.  MIDWEST sells reconditioned, used and new Circuit Breakers.  Call today at 800.803.9256!

Basics of Circuit Breakers in Layperson Terms

Basics of Circuit Breakers in Layperson Terms Equipment that needs electricity to operate doesn’t know the difference between normal electrical current and dangerous electrical current. Normal elect

Surge Suppressor Fires, Circuit Breakers, and Varistor Conduction

A customer called MIDWEST because some of their surge suppressor strips had caught fire underneath office workers’ desks. The surge suppressors had integral circuit breakers in them for over current

High Voltage Oil Circuit Breaker – A look inside the tank

Have you ever wondered what the inside of an old high voltage oil circuit breaker looks like? Maybe you have driven by a utility substation and saw three large round tanks hanging on a frame with high

Image of Circuit Breaker Main and Arcing Contacts

  When discussing circuit breakers, we like to have good images to show the difference between the main contacts and the arcing contacts. When a circuit breaker opens, the main contacts should open p

Circuit Breaker – POJ with perfect test results

Sometimes MIDWEST’s Engineering Technicians in our Switchgear Shop like to do what the Engineers call “Play.”  The technicians call it serious research.  Sometimes their adventures are quite w

Cutler Hammer Circuit Breaker Trip Indication

  MIDWEST gets lots of phone calls from folks desperate for a little technical help. Sometimes they know very little about electrical equipment, circuit breakers for example. These are the most diffi

Seeing Is Not Believing – Barrels of Junk Circuit Breakers

This is another blog on MIDWEST’s barrels of junk circuit breakers. More specifically it is about the difficulty of not believing something you can’t see. This human factor can frequently be a cha

Circuit Breaker Reset Tests

A customer called MIDWEST to ask why we did something called a “Reset Test” on his circuit breaker. He said he has had circuit breakers tested by switchgear service companies for nearly 30 years a

Arc Blast Damaged Westinghouse PC32000 Molded Case Circuit Breaker

If you want to see a good picture of a large circuit breaker that has been damaged by an arc blast, look at the pictures with this blog. The breaker was a Westinghouse PC32000 molded case circuit brea


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