prostate Cancer: Are PUFAs the reason?

prostate Cancer: Are PUFAs the reason?

Prostate Cancer: Are PUFAs the reason?

If you're concerned about prostate cancer, you'll want to read this. You can avoid prostate cancer just by correcting your diet! Here's how.

Flu May Be Spread By Just Breathing

But the new study finds coughs and sneezes may not be necessary to saturate the air with flu virus.

'Hot' Yoga Is No Better for Your Heart: Study

The researchers noted that Bikram yoga has a global following, and entails running through a sequence of 26 standard yoga poses in 105-degree heat.

Ex-NFL Pros Push for End to Kids' Tackle Football

The group is instead endorsing a program called "Flag Football Under 14," launched by the Concussion Legacy Foundation. The program aims to educate parents and young players about chronic traumatic en

Michael Phelps Opens Up About Depression Fight

The athlete said he wants to tell people about his battle with depression in the hope that it will encourage others with the disorder to seek help, CBS News reported.

Medical News Today: What is panniculitis? Causes and treatment

Panniculitis causes large, tender bumps to form under the skin. They usually occur on the lower legs but can affect other parts of the body.

Medical News Today: Eight cancers could be diagnosed with a single blood test

Researchers have created a blood test that can detect eight cancer types with high specificity, representing a major step forward in cancer diagnostics.

Medical News Today: Flu vaccine: Nasal drops may succeed where shots have failed

Scientists use a novel approach to design flu vaccines in which the body's immune response is preserved and the virus's defense mechanisms are attacked.

Medical News Today: Why you shouldn't put off that Pap test any longer

It's Cervical Health Awareness Month, so we turn to an important topic: the Pap test. What is it, should it scare you, and why should you get it done?

Medical News Today: How to stop racing thoughts

A look at racing thoughts and how to stop them. Included is detail on how to calm the mind and medical options for racing thoughts that are distracting.

Medical News Today: Bikram yoga does not have to be hot to benefit health

Doing 12 weeks of Bikram yoga in a hot room results in similar improvement to vascular health as doing the same program at normal temperature, study shows.

1 in 4 U.S. Stillbirths Might Be Prevented

A stillbirth is the death of a fetus after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Worldwide, most stillbirths occur in low- and middle-income countries. But the United States has higher rates of stillbirth than many

For Supersized Cities, the More Trees the Better

Trees cover an average of 20 percent of the area in the 10 mega-cities in the study and provide about $500 million a year in benefits such as saving energy and reducing pollution, according to the res

Warming up this way – improve your results

Which will provide better performance? I can tell you right now that one reduces performance severely and one greatly improves it! -------Important Message------- New way to self pleasure enhances pot

Medical News Today: What you should know about anuria

A look at anuria, a condition when the kidneys stop production of urine. Included is detail on diagnosis and the potential treatment options.

Revisiting options for improving results of breast reconstruction

Women who choose breast reconstruction after mastectomy but are unhappy with the results have another option: fat grafting, in which liquefied tissue from another part of the body is injected into the

Medical News Today: What you should know about alopecia universalis

A look at alopecia universalis, a condition resulting in hair loss across the entire body. Included is detail on diagnosis and the relationship to stress.

Medical News Today: Coconut oil: Healthful or unhealthful?

Coconut oil is shrouded in controversy. While health organizations advise a limited intake, it is seen by many as a superfood. What is the latest?

Medical News Today: Could Botox stop teeth grinding?

If, like me, you grind your teeth when you sleep, you might be interested in this study. It claims that Botox could help to treat bruxism.

Tide Pod 'Challenge:' Web Fad Brings Big Dangers

There have been 39 reported cases of teens intentionally ingesting laundry pods during the first 15 days of 2018, poison control center statistics show.

Concussion Not Needed to Trigger CTE in Brain

The findings could lead to early detection and improved treatment and prevention of CTE, the researchers suggest.

'One-Stop' Blood Test for Cancer Shows Early Promise

The blood test is dubbed CancerSEEK. It was able to catch cancer cases anywhere from 33 percent to 98 percent of the time, depending on the type.

Scientists Seek a Better Flu Vaccine

Although further work is needed, the scientists hope their approach will lead to an effective at-home vaccine.

Access to safe, affordable birth control is a maternal health issue

When a pregnancy puts the life of the mother at risk, access to birth control is essential. As more women are experiencing medical complications from or with pregnancy or after giving birth, the issue

False alarm in Hawaii: Preparing for the unthinkable

While the recent emergency alert in Hawaii was a false alarm, the potential threat of a nuclear strike does serve as a reminder that it’s prudent to make advance preparations for this or some other

When to worry about your child’s sore throat

Sore throats are common in children, often occurring with colds, but there are situations when a sore throat is an indication of a more serious problem and you should call the child’s doctor.

This common vitamin resists fat gain

Here’s how this common vitamin stops fat from building up in the body. ------Important Message----- Diabetes deemed one the most expensive diseases - but here’s how men are fixing it for $2 In ter

Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is controversial, in part because many people aren’t aware of how and why it is used. Most commonly it is used to ease pain, and doctors need to be prepared for the questions their

Why these Chinese men don’t have prostate problems

Traditional Chinese medicine can fix prostate, scientists agree - this mushroom really does fix prostate problems and even cancer! Here’s what you need to know... ------Important Me

Important: How high is your progesterone?

It may be more important than testosterone. And it may be the only thing that can raise your testosterone safely. ----Important Message----- Big Pharma wants you to believe high blood sugar is THE pro

Have you noticed those weird floaters in your eye?

What are they? Is it something you should be worried about? Here’s the trick to clear eyesight. ------Important Message------- Here’s how to recover your testicles and testosterone even if you’v

This is that plant (that can add decades to your life)

Yes it’s the plant you’ve been hearing about...usually used for diabetes treatment, this 46-year-old plant has this weird and unexpected side effect... ------Important Message------- When I had my

The ghost in the basement

A father struggles to understand the terrible course of his son’s heroin addiction and the loss of a child who eventually died from an accidental overdose.

Rhabdo: A rare but serious complication of… exercise

The condition rhabdomyolysis (known as rhabdo) occurs when muscle tissue leaks its contents into the bloodstream, and can be caused by intense physical activity. Anyone starting a new workout or fitne


Any of us may be guinea pigs for Big Pharma’s new, untested chemicals… ------Important Message------ Four second trick: BANISH performance anxiety in the bedroom? Why does this four second trick w

The flu is here — and so is a new advisory from the CDC

If you have not yet gotten a flu shot, the CDC has issued an advisory for this season that may make you reconsider. The severity of the virus is stronger this year, and while the vaccine may not be as

Huh? Your prostate grows hair on your head?

Two for one? Can this simple prostate “tweak” increase rockiness but cause you to grow a full head of hair? ----Important Message---- Why Men Go Flat (Down There) You know how it who we

5 common problems that can mimic ADHD

While the incidence of ADHD in children has climbed, behavior or concentration problems in a child do not automatically mean that child has ADHD. Doctors and parents should consider these other possib

Another option for life-threatening allergic reactions

For the millions of people with allergies to foods and medications, the availability of another pre-filled epinephrine product provides an option that should mean greater accessibility and lower cost


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