Preventing and Thawing Frozen Pipes

Although Texas homeowners enjoy generally mild winters, we still recommend taking precautions to keep your pipes from freezing. When water freezes, it expands. In the unfortunate case that your pipes do freeze, you are likely to experience complete breakage or irreparable damage to your home water system.

Preventing and Dealing with Frozen Pipes |

Preventing and Dealing with Frozen Pipes

Preventing and Thawing Frozen Pipes

Preventing and Thawing Frozen Pipes Although Texas homeowners enjoy generally mild winters, we still recommend...

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Baker Brothers Energy Saving Tips Featured On Local Dallas TV

Earlier this week, Baker Brothers Plumbing Air & Electric along with our expert, Bradley Hehn,  was featured on WFAA Dallas on location in Rockwall TX. In the news story, Hehn explains some tips

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Baker Brothers Earns Angies List 2018 Super Service Award

Baker Brothers Plumbing, Air & Electric Earns Their Tenth Angie’s List Super Service Award for Excellence Since 2006 DALLAS February 8, 2019 — Baker Brother Plumbing, Air & Electric (Baker

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Save Time & Save Money: 5 Tips for Your Most Efficient Move Yet Moving. Most people dread the thought of it, and everyone faces it at least a couple times during their lives. If you’ve done it b

Keep Your Drains Clean With Baker Brothers

Clogged Drains, Pipes Keep North Texas Plumbers Busy The biggest culprits in kitchen drain issues are dumped cooking oil, grease and food buildup By Larry Collins Published Nov 26, 2018 at 4:45 AM |

For Your Safety and Security: Baker Brothers “Meet Your Technician” Service

Baker Brothers Plumbing, Air Conditioning and Electrical has been providing great service to the DFW Area since 1945 and we see it as our duty to provide all of our customers with a safe and secure se

Baker Brothers Is Adding Electrical Services

Baker Brothers Plumbing, Air & Electrical Services The company is adding electrical services for both home and commercial to its menu of services. DALLAS, July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Baker B

How To Turn Off Water Heater & How to Drain Water Heater How to stop your leaking water heater while you wait for your plumber. These easy steps will help curb damage to your home. For everything else, call Baker Brothers! Baker

How To Save Money and Energy this Spring

How To Save Money and Energy this Spring With spring’s sudden arrival and summer just around the corner, most Texans are already mentally preparing for the extreme heat and the higher energy bills t


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